An Easy Way To Dress Up Your UGGs


It seems to me that there are UGG lovers and then there are UGG haters. I mean, am I right?? Well, so on that note…I happen to be a lover, believe it or not. I wasn’t always, though! Ha. No. There was a time when I definitely sneered at the thought of them and disapproved of their “UGG-ness”, but…then I went to college further up North, in the mountains, no less (where the Winters are bloody unbearable). All I could do was shut up and wear a pair…and now I can’t stop. They’ve made their way into my Winter line-up (and I don’t hate it).

Recently, I was introduced to the UGG Mini. Oh, hey hey! I had been strictly on the UGG Classic Short train for years, but I may never go back to them now. I think they work better with the majority of what I wear on a daily basis, which recently has been my favorite skinny jeans, a white tee and the coolest long cardigan. In fact, once I found that out it’s been hard to reach for anything else to throw on at 6:30 am, when its cold and I’m still half asleep.

the best levi styles for women

ugg classic mini chesnutchesnut uggs and wine backpack

cool stylish ugg outfit

dark blue sweater duster

custom carrie name necklace

midnight blue long cardigan

levi skinny high rise jeans

outfit details

necklace: Custom ‘Carrie’ Name Necklace – this Carrie style necklace has been my favorite for years now. I love it.

earrings: Nickel & Suede Leather Earrings – my pair is a blue-ish teal, I think ( I got them a while ago). These look very similar. I really love all of my N&S earrings, by the way. Very lightweight and come in many different colors.

sweater: Cable Stitch Long Cardigan (heather blue, TTS) – comfortable, warm, gorgeous color…it’s a great statement, too. I think that it definitely uplifts the UGGs from very casual and boring to something more interesting and even chic. Dare I say that when UGGs are involved?


OH, and I found some other pretty long cardigans (and one a bit shorter) that would definitely help to dress up a pair of UGGs…

top: The Luna Coalition Soft Vintage Pullover (TTS) – the softest top I have ever worn. I wear it with allthejeans. It also comes in grey.

jeans: Levi’s 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jean (I always size up in Levi’s, wearing size 28) – I can’t get enough of Levi’s. I like the feel, the fit and the look. I have 4 pairs now.

boots: UGG Classic Mini II (chestnut, wearing size 10, but realized I should have ordered one size down…UGGs seem to fit pretty big) – these fit better and look better than other UGG styles, in my opinion. I was going to get the tall style, thinking it would be warmer and more fit for Winter, but S told me that they do not fit well over jeans, so…that was a no. I opted for the mini after hearing that and I am happy I did. Again, I’d size down by at least a half…if not a whole size.

FYI: S mentioned these UGG Ami Winter Boots. They are definitely different from the classic UGG, with a bit of platform and seam down the side. Also, I have had the Classic Short Boot for years and years (love the light brown color)…and they have served me well. I’ve had them for at least 9 years…and they are just now on their way out the door. No joke. They last.

backpack: Sole and Selene Carpe Diem Nylon Backpack (wine color) – so. Ladies. I am about to make a statement that’s almost unbelievable, BUT…I think this backpack rivals my beloved navy blue Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack. I know. *gasp* I love this thing. It has great pockets and a divider inside for keeping things (semi) organized. It’s amazing…and it comes in black, olive, grey and the coolest blue.




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Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.