Local Love In My New Favorite Outfit, Reading A Book About Hugs (psst: high-waisted skinnies….)




Mike and I had a day-date last weekend, in honor of my birthday.  We started with a long brunch at Kennet's, where I had, quite possibly, the best mimosas and pancakes ever (we're talking fluffy cornmeal pancakes with local, house-cured bacon cooked right in, sitting in a puddle of real maple syrup with a fried egg on top).  I mean seriously.  The restaurant was also dead right around 11AM (in a romantic way, not a creepy way) on a Saturday, which means that next time we'll bring the kids.  But they have a wood-fired pizza oven, and try to source ingredients locally, so if you haven't been….GO.  You won't be disappointed.

It was a magical day.  Day dates are our favorites because…well, because we're not tired.  Instead, we spend the day wandering around, holding hands, perusing boutiques, sitting in coffee shops and having loooong brunches where we walk out tipsy.  And than we wander around looking for Philly's best coffee. 

It's basically our life, before kids.  

We also found THE most amazing bookstore:  Joseph Fox.  My favorite bookstores have a cozy feel (check), knowledgeable staff (check) and – here's the most important part – a really well-edited selection.  I want someone to show me the books I didn't even know to search for on Amazon.  You know?

Their kid's selection was small but inspiring.  We're talking arty books for kids that I've never seen anywhere else, new twists on old classics, and ingenius picture books that get kids thinking about life's biggest questions.  



And I felt oh-so-glamourous in my high-waisted skinnies.  My belt is too loose, and these jeans do look better with pumps, but I loved it all anyway.  I'm most comfortable in an outfit that's a little 'off'.  Perfect outfits always make me feel like I'm wearing someone else's clothes.

BTW – Mike spotted my necklace at a local boutique, Sugarcube.  It's macarame, so it's durable and comfortable and I've been wearing it with everything



necklace:  local, Sugarcube boutique…but love this one or this one on Etsy

tshirt:  sold out J.Crew tee…similar from JCrew or oooo…Pardon My French for only $25.

denim: MiH Nouvelle High Rise Straight Leg Jean…have also heard good things about Madewell's

bag: Moop Paperback

belt: sold out JCrew, but I flipping LOVE this one

wig:  my usual, Henry Margu


I'm still messing around with how to style these jeans (you'll be seeing soooo much more of them), but there was so much interest, I thought I'd post a preview.  And I'm sharing a few of the gorgeous books found at Joseph Fox here






  1. Oh my gosh, that first picture with the t-shirt, necklace and a peek of bright lip is KILLING me I love it so much. While I wear statement necklaces to work all the time, I’ve never thrown one on with a printed t-shirt… which is about to change. LOVE the look mamma!

  2. Day date! Honestly, this idea has never occurred to me. But it’s brilliant! Our dates were always after a long day of work or kids or, God help us, both…which means we were too tired after the date to do what we should have been doing instead of sleeping.

  3. Those jeans are great! You somehow look edgy without looking sloppy (which I find is hard to pull off!)
    And the brunch sounds delicious. I just made a note of Kennett. Can you recommend a kid-friendly dinner spot in Philly? We’re coming in (from D.C.) for a little overnight family getaway this weekend, and taking our toddler to the Please Touch museum. Afterward, we want to eat someplace tasty and interesting where a little one won’t be out of place or unwelcome. Thanks in advance!

  4. I am loving high waists these days! Tames the pooch in the front, and no need to pull them up in the back before sitting on the floor with the kids. These are a bit more than I like to spend for jeans, but the PPW just may convince me!

  5. Those jeans look great. I love the casual/glamorous vibe of the whole outfit. Have you tried Mother jeans yet? I tried on a few pairs today and am thinking about getting some. I love the vintage-y washes they have, and the high rise styles.

  6. We love ‘day dates’ too. Our favorite is to go to our usual little mom n’pop restaurant for a late breakfast, stop at Starbucks, and then wander around Barnes & Noble or attend open houses in our area … yes, we’re those annoying people who have just come to check it out. Haha!

  7. I am so in love with that necklace! I wish I could wear big bibs like that but when you have a large chest 95% of the time they look “off” and not in a cute way!

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