Ankle Boots For Mamas Who Miss Uggs



While I was home this summer, I wandered into Getz's…and came back out with these shoes.  

I know!!




They have a furry lining.  I was powerless to resist.


These have been the shoes I've reached for over and over again.   These are the shoes I wore on my first real walk, post-mastectomy…

Lookin' pretty torn up there, S


….and the shoes that, despite the heat, I managed to wear all through August and September.


They've been to countless Kindergarten drop-offs and after-dinner walks…


(wearing: Madewell Bien Fait sweatshirt, leather shorts c/o i-Ella, Sanuk Bedouin boots…and R's outfit c/o Fab Kids)


…and I realize (I do!!) that they are dangerously close to so-ugly-they're-cute.  


Ask me if I care.   *cough*furry lining*cough*


Last weekend, we went apple picking.  Well…us and my furry ankle boots and every other family in the Philadelphia region.  We get no points for originality, I know.  I found myself getting inexplicably annoyed that I had to wait for the hayride.  SOMEONE JUST GET ME A HORSE.

In any case…Mike ignored me until we reached trees, and then all was well.



Oh and Pax ate roughly 12 apples that he found on the ground.  




shirt: old Stylemint…similar hereslightly cheaper…or cheapest

jeans: Rag and Bone…in a similar wash

boots:  Sanuk Bedouin ankle boots

hat:  Dakine Remix Knit Hat c/o Casualties in Marquette, MI (Thanks, Jess!  It's my new fav.)






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  1. No, they aren’t ugly at all! I love them! Bonus that they are comfy. Furry lining? Sold!
    I especially love the black shorts/black shirt outfit.
    And you look fantastic!
    And next time, go to the orchard during a weekday, not on the weekend. (I work at an orchard, crazytown on weekends, beautiful and quiet on weekdays.)

  2. I finally got a pair of Minnetonka ankle boots- the ones that Madewell is selling right now. They’re not furry on the inside, but they fee like slippers and they’re surprisingly rugged. I love them!

  3. Okay I’m caving. I need the Bien Fait sweatshirt. Did you size up? I’m normally an XS but unsure of the fit. Thank you! Also – you look fabulous!

  4. and now I’m super tempted to buy the frye quincy woven boat shoe! Because you always need a pair of those for the snowy winter right? shoot, my hubby is going to question this one. Shoot! Is everyone an enabler on here πŸ™‚

  5. B – they are Rag and Bone that were on crazy clearance at Bloomies this summer. I’ve been looking everywhere for you, but can’t find them anymore. Gah!

  6. Love the Fryes. Whoa. And I’m with KAS – everyone IS an enabler here!!! Did u see the link to the furry leopard TOMS??
    I no longer feel any guilt for shopping enabling. You guys are the best. I mean the worst. Worst!! πŸ™‚

  7. Found the Sanuks on 6pm for less than thirty dollars with no furry lining. Maybe last years model? The savings is always welcome but I’d rather have the furry lining! Thx for great ways to style them too! Agreed above that I need the sweatshirt if only its not sold out

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