Anniversary Sale 2019: Top 20 Fun Home Finds


So not all wishes come true after all. I wished for more art in the 2019NSale. I didn’t get my wish; no wall art in this year’s sale. But…I did find all of these fun things! Hey Nordstrom, maybe next year more wall art? For now, we’ll call most of below 3D sculptural functional art and just enjoy them because they are fun. And, on sale.  xoxo, A 
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1/  Acacia Wood Paper Towel Holder Fun, easy way to add something pretty to your kitchen counter. All our kitchen counters need a little more love than they likely get. Start here.

2/  Hello Lovely Yes, this nice phrase to hear in my own mind every morning is why this is on my bathroom vanity keeping my face creams organized.

3/  Peri Home Panama Stripe Shower Curtain Promise not to get mad at me? Please? Sold out. For obvious reasons. OK, wishing for a restock. Or…I’ll do you a solid on the stripe shower curtain…you can also find it here. Amazing. OK, we all feel better now, right? And it’s on major sale there too. So just, Whew. Saved.

4/  Cheese Knives Beautiful Gift, or…a lovely way to say, “tonight we eat the special cheese.” Simple pleasures, right?

5/  Wine Rack Well hey there, beautiful!!! Add this to your counter, open shelving, bar, or bar cart for a little extra in the best of ways!

6/  Forged Cheese Spreaders Double Triple Ugh. Also sold out. Sorry. Wishing for restock, soon, please N?

7/  CLEAN Bathmat We may as well just make the point, right? Simple fun! And part of a potential set, more fun to be found.

8/  Fez Bath Mat Well isn’t this fun? And isn’t it always more fun to have a great bathmat? Better ways to start your days!

9/  Chunky Bouclé Hey there, chunky goodness in a throw blanket you can throw just about anywhere!

10/  Lazy Susan Nothing lazy at all about this beautiful marble Susan. She’s just gorgeous. And hard working.

11/  Large Round Acacia Wood Serving Tray Just bring me ALL the big wood boards and trays. Starting with this guy!

12/  Small Forged Iron Bowl For the collecting and displaying of all the everythings, well. Such a simple easy piece. Especially set on anything wood or marble.

13/  Missoni Tabata Hand Towel Ooo those perfect Missoni stripes! Perfect easy accent in a powder room!

14/  Missoni Wilfred Hand Towel It’s long and deep, my love of Missoni. The brand, though, isn’t an inexpensive one. Their hand towels are an easy way to bring their beautiful spirit into your home, more cost effectively.  

15/  Striped Pillow Cases Fun way to throw a pop on an otherwise all white sheets bed!

16/  Camo Throw Ugh. Sold out too quickly. OK, our next wish is for a restock? Let’s all wish together. You can’t hide from us camo, we see you, we’ll find you.

17/  Marimekko Fokus Fokus Grasshopper…on how fun these sheets are. I’d deviate from my all-white rules for these. And I’ll steer clear of fokus vs…well, you know where I was going with that.

18/  Diptyque Travel Candels 18 is my favorite number.  And these are my favorite candles. Ever.

19/  Faux Mink Fur Slumber Bag No joke, this was my key to transitioning my kids from cribs to beds and getting them to stay in them. My mother gifted them similar one Christmas and they LOVED them. I threw them on top of their made beds, and they just loved the soft cuddle safe place that they created. And they are great for family movie night, and sleepovers and pillow forts too. Greatest gift ever.

20/  Wide Mouth Bottle with Straw Lid We all need to drink more water. Let’s just do that. It’s good for us.

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So fun, right? Who needs wall art anyway? P.S. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the team’s faves and our full NSale coverage here!

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