Anniversary Sale 2019 #DressingRoomSelfies: Tiarra’s Picks


Where has the time gone? It’s already my second year of covering the anniversary sale! I’m SUPER-excited that I’m a cardmember this year; I shopped Early Access, so I hope you’re ready for my edited collection of looks for literally everything you have going on in a given week. From date nights to chillin’ on the couch (no judgment if the Netflix and chill IS the date), and everything in between, I’ve got you covered. 

Before we start, here are all my style stats:

  • Typical clothing size: 10/M/L (All items TTS unless size up/down indicated; I can generally size up/down one size)
  • Typical shoe size: 9 (All items TTS unless size up/down indicated; I can generally size up/down half size)
  • Height and Body Shape: About 5′ 3″ and curvy

OK, let’s get to it, happy shopping! Ask me any questions in the comments or on Instagram @BeingTiarra.

1. The Only Slacks You’ll Need for Work

Seriously, these high-waist, tie waist slacks (rust-colored & black) are perfect for work. Strong start to the Anniversary Sale & every work day of the week.You know I love anything with a tie waist, especially if it’s a little dressier for work. These slacks were so good, I had to try them in two colors. I sized up to a 12; the description says TTS, but you may want to consider sizing up if you’re curvy. 

Outfits 1-2: I loved the simplicity of the wrap top, but I’d have to wear with a cami for work. It’s also a little short, but works well with all the high-waist silhouettes I prefer. The wool coat is stunning in person. Size down at least one size; the medium was still roomy on me, but seemed OK, buttoned, especially if I’m wearing a bulkier sweater.

Outfits 3-4: Surprise, surprise, I think I prefer the pants in terra cotta. It’s a perfect fall color. The square-neck tank is so flattering; perfect to wear now or in the fall with the tweed blazer. The blazer is gorgeous; you have to check out the gold button detail.

Seriously, these high-waist, tie waist slacks (rust-colored & black) are perfect for work. Strong start to the Anniversary Sale & every work day of the week.

Outfits 1-2: Wrap top (M) | Slacks (12, TTS) | Plaid coat (M, size down) | leopard pumps (1/2 Size down; 8.5)

Outfits 3-4: Tank  (M, TTS)| Slacks (12, TTS) | Blazer (M, TTS) | leopard pumps (1/2 Size down; 8.5)

2. Great Dresses for Work

Outfits 1-2: I can’t forget the dresses! I love that I was able to find a flowy dress and a bodycon dress and style them both for work! I honestly hate this dress when I put it on, but after styling it, I really loved it. The waist cinch is flattering and the hanky hem added length without swallowing me up, as some flowy dresses can. The boots and blazer gave it more structure and polish for work, and the colors all complement each other. It’s selling fast, so if it sells out, try this dress for a similar flowy, floral vibe. It’s fully stocked as of Saturday morning

Outfits 3-4: Listen, don’t sleep on the bodycon dress for work. As long as you go for a midi length (or longer), and darker colors and/or prints, you can throw literally any blazer, jacket, kimono, etc., over and it and be all set! I mean, how fun is the pattern? It will be great for if you’re prone to falling into a seasonal color slump like I usually do. It’s TTS, I’m wearing a medium. I styled it with a soft, oversized cardigan. 

The Anniversary Sale has us drooling for dresses just right for work. Flowy florals & slinky midi bodycon dresses say ‘boss’ all day. Snap ‘em up.

Outfits 1-2: Dress (10, TTS) | Blazer (M,TTS) | Boots (9, TTS)

Outfits 3-4: Dress (M, TTS) | Sweater (S, size down) | Boots (9, TTS)

3. The Denim I’m Wearing Everywhere

Leopard Skinny Jeans

 As much as I love print/color, animal print pieces can be iffy. I’m glad I tried these jeans. I sized up to a 31 because I’m size wasn’t stocked, but my usual 30 would be perfect, so I’m saying TTS. I was impressed that they weren’t terribly long…that happens a lot at my height. I was surprised how much I loved these. I didn’t take them home, but after seeing the pics, I’m pretty sure they’ll be in my next shopping bag.

Oh hey, leopard print skinny jeans. Where has FRAME been hiding you? Denim is always 1 of the great gifts the Anniversary Sale has to offer us.

Outfit 1: Jeans (30, TTS)| Silk shell (M, TTS)| Wool coat (M, TTS)| Flats (TTS, 9)

Outfit 2: Jeans (30, TTS)| Tank (M, TTS)| Blazer (M, TTS)| Boots (TTS, 9)

Outfit 3: Jeans (30, TTS) | Cashmere Sweater (M, TTS)| Boots(TTS, 9)

Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans

Well, Ex-Boyfriend jeans, to be exact. These jeans have a lower rise than I typically go for, but I still loved them. The fit was perfect. The were already cuffed, which was cute and different for me. They’re not too rigid, so they’re comfortable for my fellow curvy girls. I also like that they’re not too distressed, so I can wear them to work.

Team TME is crushing hard on the AG Ex-Boyfriend jeans. Cuffed, cute & not too rigid, they’re certainly a star of the Anniversary Sale.

Outfit 1: Jeans (TTS, 30) | Wrap top (TTS, M)| Blazer | leopard pumps (1/2 Size down; 8.5)

Outfit 2: Jeans (TTS, 30)| Sweater (TTS, M)| Oxfords (TTS, 9)

Outfit 3: Jeans (TTS, 30) | Wrap top (TTS, M)| Boots (TTS, 9)

4. What I’m Wearing For A Casual Family Day

Outfit 1: Good American Flares

I love all the flares I’m seeing lately, even if they are a bit long for fellow shorties like myself. I know I can cut a few inches off, but that just feels like a whole thing to me. Other than the length, the fit is really good. They’re stretchy and high waisted and made my butt look amazing. Only the 8 was stocked; I would’ve liked to try my usual size 10.

Outfit 2: Spanx Crop Flare Denim Leggings

Soooo, the is my first time trying Spanx denim and I LOVE them! TBH, I already had on Spanx, so they were hard to pull on, but gosh, they fit my waist like a dream and were the perfect length. They have a raw hem and bit of a dip-dye treatment about six inches above the hem, which is kinda cool. And, of course, the crop/kick-crop is definitely on trend. I’ll go ahead and say these were my fav (non-leopard) denim of the day. TTS, I’m wearing a large.

Outfit 3: Raw Hem Miniskirt

This miniskirt was only stocked in 29, so I was nervous, but the fit was great. I’m sure my usual 30 would work, too. It has just enough stretch, so it forms to my curves, instead of moving with every step, like more rigid skirts do. The raw hem keeps it casual. I styled with my new fav chunky sweater for balance.

Outfit 4: High-Waist Dad Jeans

I swear I’m always grabbing the wrong Topshop size. I needed the US 8-10, but ended up with a size or two larger. Anyway, this is me holding the waistband of the jeans because I loved them so much, even though they were huge. I’ll be looking online for my usual size. I was surprised at how much I liked the large holes. I’m really going for more relaxed denim this season. I love my skinnies, but dad jeans are a good switch up. They’d look cool in the fall with fun tights. 

Outfit 5: Leggings

Everything is stretchy, lightweight, forgiving, comfortable…all of that! The leggings are higher waisted than I recall of last year’s version. I could see this drapey jacket adding some feminine edge to my outfits this fall, and even on chilly evenings now. It, and the T-shirt are TTS, wearing M.

Outfit 6:Raw Hem Miniskirt (again)

Same denim mini, different sweater. The sweater is TTS and cozy. not quite as soft as the striped turtleneck sweater, but it was a nice basic-ish option. Even I can appreciate a neutral outfit!

Outfit 7: Adidas Tracksuit

I had to do it, LOL. I love Adidas. I grabbed the sneakers first and was super-excited to see both pieces of the tracksuit stocked in my size (M, TTS). I’d probably wear them as separates…styling the jacket with the leggings, but hey, the full look is great, too. Perfect for running after the kiddos or running errands.

Spanx cropped flare leggings, raw hem miniskirts, high-waist dad jeans & athleisure = so many casual-chic outfits to take home from the Anniversary Sale. Cha-ching.

Outfit 1: Sweater (S, size down) | Jeans (TTS, 30) | Boots (TTS, 9)

Outfit 2: Sweater (M, TTS) | Jeans (TTS, L)| Boots (TTS, 9)

Outfit 3: Sweater (TTS, M) | Skirt (TTS, 29/30) | Boots (TTS, 9)

Outfit 4: Sweater (size down, S)| Tee (TTS, M)| Jeans (TTS, US 8-10) | Boots (TTS, 9)

Outfit 5: Jacket (TTS, M)| Tee (TTS, M) | Leggings (TTS, M) | Boots (Size down, 8.5)

Outfit 6: Sweater (TTS, M)| Skirt (TTS, 29/30) | Boots (Size down, 8.5)

Outfit 7: Track jacket (TTS, M) | Track pants (TTS, M) | Sneakers (Size down, 8.5)

Spanx cropped flare leggings, raw hem miniskirts, high-waist dad jeans & athleisure = so many casual-chic outfits to take home from the Anniversary Sale. Cha-ching.

5. What I’m Wearing for Date Night/Girls’ Night

Yep, you’re looking at my second mini skirt of the sale! This was one of my fav pieces/looks. I love how it goes from sexy to casual with a few small changes. I sized up to a 31 and still had to wiggle it over my hips. It wasn’t even tight, just the cut was difficult to pull straight up. It fit comfortably at the waist and didn’t ride up when I walked, so it’s a keeper. There’s something so incredibly chic about a suede skirt. 

Style the suede [BLANKNYC] mini-skirt with a striped sweater for play or a mock turtleneck & blazer for work. The Anniversary Sale has us craving fall staples already!

Outfit 1: Silk shell (TTS, M)| Blazer (TTS, M) | Suede skirt (Size up, 31)| Leopard pumps (8.5, Size down 1/2)

Outfit 2: Striped sweater (TTS, M)| Suede skirt (Size up, 31)| Oxfords (TTS, 9)

Outfit 3: Sweater (TTS, M) | Suede skirt (Size up, 31)| Oxfords (TTS, 9)

6. What I’m Wearing to Dress Up a Little

TBH, these outfits could fit in a number of the other categories, but IDK, they just felt like they belonged together. You know those times when you want to be a little dressed up, but also very comfortable and not overdressed? Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking for this outfits. Layer a chunky sweater over a midi dress, or roll with a jumpsuit and jacket. You can’t go wrong either way.

Midi dresses & jumpsuits put a li’l xtra oomph in our outfits, so we’re stocking up at the Anniversary Sale. Flats & booties in our carts, too!

Outfit 1: Sweater (M, size down)| Dress (M; size up) | Chelsea boot (8.5 size down)

Outfit 2: Jumpsuit (M, TTS) | Flats (9, TTS)

Outfit 3: Jumpsuit (M, TTS)| Jacket (S, size down) | Flats (9, TTS)

7. What I’m Lounging In At Home

What’s your lounge style? Classic or modern? If it helps, I want you to know I really wished the sales associate could scan these while I had them on so I could just walk out the door and take a nap in the car. They were comfy, I was tired…Long day, y’all. These are definitely the kinds of cozy clothes I want come home to.

Cozy loungewear & classic pajamas are some of the best Anniversary Sale picks we recommend. Super-soft deliciousness? YES, please.

Outfit 1: Pajama set (M, TTS)

Outfit 2: Sweatshirt (M, TTS) | Joggers (M, TTS)

8. Another Look at the Shoes

This shopping cart contains walkable leopard pumps, studded chelsea boots & comfy oxfords. Anniversary Sale Early Access has its perks!

This shopping cart contains walkable leopard pumps, studded chelsea boots & comfy oxfords. Anniversary Sale Early Access has its perks!

Leopard pumps: I almost didn’t get these, but I’m glad I did. They’re the perfect walkable height and very comfortable. I sized down 1/2 to 8.5.

Studded Chelsea boot: If a combat boot and Chelsea boot had an even more stylish baby, it would be these comfy boots. I sized down 1/2 to 8.5.

Oxfords: OMG, so comfy. I think this may be my new fave brand ever. I love how good they looked styled with my outfits. TTS, size 9.

Black suede flats: A staple for work and beyond. A pointy toe is easy to dress up or down. TTS, 9.

Running sneakers: My old running shoes are getting an update! These are comfy and the gold is so cool. Sized down .5 to 8.5.

Suede boots: Probably my fav shoe purchase of the sale. A stacked heel that isn’t too hard or high. The color is perfect! TTS, size 9.

9. My Fav Jackets of the Anniversary Sale

Outerwear — some of the most coveted pieces in the #NSale — moto jackets, faux fur bombers & camo coats are on our list. #DressingRoomSelfies

Outerwear — some of the most coveted pieces in the #NSale — moto jackets, faux fur bombers & camo coats are on our list. #DressingRoomSelfies

Outfit 1: Moto jacket (M, TTS) | Silk shell (M, TTS)| Wool slacks(M, TTS)| pumps (8.5, TTS)

Outfit 2: Fleece-lined jacket (M, TTS)| Sweater (M, TTS) | Suede skirt (31, size up) | Oxfords (9, TTS)

Outfit 3: Wool coat (M, TTS) | Silk shell (M, TTS)| Leopard denim (30, TTS)| Flats (9, TTS)

Outfit 4: Faux fur longline bomber (M, TTS)| Jeans (30, TTS) | Wrap top (M, TTS) | boots (9, TTS)

Outfit 5: Star/camo coat (M, TTS) | Jeans (L, TTS) | Sweater (M, TTS)| Boots (9, TTS)

Outfit 6: Blush moto jacket (M, TTS)| Jeans (30, TTS)| Sweater (M, TTS)| Boots (9, TTS)

Shop My Top Women’s Picks In The 2019 Anniversary Sale


Welp, that’s all she wrote, and I’m just getting started! Which looks did you love? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @BeingTiarra so we can talk all about it. I’ll be pretty dang exhausted this weekend, but, let’s be honest, I’ll still be scrolling the ‘Grams. See you there! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the team’s faves and our full NSale coverage here! May the #Nsale odds be ever in your favor!



  1. I bought those Pikolinos oxfords too. My favorite shoes I tried on. Love seeing your ideas for how to wear them. I’m an 8-8.5 but got size 39 because the 38 was a tad snug near the toes.

  2. I am obsessed with those Pikolinos booties. They are so freakin’ cool! And I’m so glad the Sam Edelman heels are included. I have a pair from a few years ago that I’ve been trying to get re-heeled. (Shoe repair people are kinda hard to come by these days, though!) I may just ditch them and get these! Love them!

  3. Tiarra, we missed you! Glad you’re back publishing more regularly, always look forward to your posts. Your hair looks super cute in this pics, it’s gotten so long!

  4. So nice to see someone with similar curves posting.. I ordered the Emily denim skirt and thought no way it would work on me, but it totally does. Thank you, Tiarra!! <3

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