Anniversary Sale Final Weekend – The Best of What’s Left


Gang, the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is drawing to a close.

(insert the sound of a thousand, fiscally-responsible partners sighing in relief)

Are you sick of clicking on things we love, only to realize they’re sold out?  SO ARE WE.  (If there is something you’re still dying over, keep stalking.  I’m constantly seeing previously sold-out items bounce back into stock.)

Anyway, on the off chance that you saved your Nordstrom Anniversary sale shopping to the bitter, bitter end, we’ve rounded up the best of what’s left.  At the time of writing, these pieces are all fully stocked….or very nearly fully stocked.

The good news is that there are some serious favs among the list.  Good luck!


Here are a few pieces that I’ve either already brought home and love (and they’re re-stocked)….as well as a few additional items that caught my eye.  I’ll be throwing up a few more photos of these pieces in action on my IG (@shanachristine).


Can you tell I love a good neutral? Blacks and tans..FOREVER (and I don’t mean the drink). I like to use sales like this one to stock up on some nicer basics that will last. Check out my favorite 6 pieces below:


Obviously I’m ready to skip straight past August and into Fall and the Anniversary Sale is my favorite way to update my Fall and Winter wardrobe essentials without going broke. Here’s my top 6 picks:


Ah, gray. Does it even count as a color? I’m not a gal who wears much white, so I think gray is my go-to alternative. It goes with everything and shows less dirt. A win in my book. These two pairs of jeans on my list are amazing finds and it’s awesome they are still in stock.


I’m so excited some of my favorite sale picks are left, from beachy home finds to make summer last forever to graphic pops to cool, updated wardrobe workhorses well under $100.


It’s currently 58 and raining, so all of the cozy comfy things are calling my name.  Leggings, soft sweaters and fun shoes–staples that I wear alllll the time are still in stock!


Fall can’t come any sooner. I’m from Colombia but not from the warm cities. Bogota’s weather is like spring/fall. Good jeans, nice biker jackets and ankle boots are my favorite things to buy.


Not ready for summer to end.  Not at all.  My favorite buy from this sale are the towels!  12 kids running around in a rainbow of colors, each with their own towel tied in their own sarong style…nothing is more fun to see on a hot summer day!  We’re working on so many home projects right now and picked up some fantastic items in the sale that we can’t wait to place!!!  Stay tuned for how we work them in!  If there are 2 things I’m looking forward to about fall, they are:  1)  a reasonable excuse for a mom to treat herself to new fashion kicks!  How else would one get the kids to school on time?  and 2) date night with J in all his amazing fall guy picks!  Enjoy the last of all of it! xo


There were so many good things to choose from…and I had to restrain myself from buying the whole lot that I tried on. It was harrddddd. That said, there were some things that were worth the purchase (and I literally am looking forward to that first semi-chilly day so that I can dawn some of it). Anyways, below are some of the items still in stock that I think are must-haves for this Fall & Winter – pieces that will be your go-tos all season long.


Happy shopping!

– Team TME


  1. I’ve tried three times to purchase a BlankNYC moto jacket. Each time the order was processed, and then an email popped up that they couldn’t fill it. Worse than that, the first time I ordered it on pre-sale, they emailed me FIVE days later to tell me it cannot be filled. How is that even possible? I’m disappointed in how this sale went.

  2. This sale was so disappointing this year. The same thing happened to me too with ordering then 5 days of radio silence only to be emailed that the order was cancelled. So then I’d go back online and see exactly what was cancelled available to order. Redo the whole process. Annoying. When stuff finally arrived I ended up returning 90% of it. Everything was just ok…not great. And definitely not worth all the hype.

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