It’s THE Spring Sale: All Things Cute & Comfy (As Chosen By The TME Editors)


If you’re still searching for some wear-around-the-house stuff…you’re in luck. Nordstrom’s Spring Sale (up to 40% off) is happening now, so we decided to pull together a little post of our favorites.

We’re hoping our picks are good for a little mood boost. Personally, I need to at LEAST window-shop for some summery things to stay positive and keep looking forward to happier (warmer) days ahead! Shana’s favorite straw tote ever is on sale and that’s exactly what I had in mind.

But don’t get me wrong…I’m not completely over the cozy pieces, either. I’ve been living in my Barefoot Dreams sweaters (like this cardi) and I could easily be swayed into adding this robe to my collection. (Yes, I have a small robe collection…you could say I came prepared.)

Here’s to happy sale browsing, window-shopping and *almost* the weekend.

The Nordstrom Spring Sale: Comfy & Cozy Style Essentials + Cute Video Call Outfits

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Laura’s Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

Hey, friends. I hope y’all are hanging in there. I went with mostly comfy pieces here, but that blazer and white jeans (with stretch no less) get me excited for the future…or at least conference calls, amiright? You know your resident Pacific Northwesterner had to throw in The North Face raincoat, too. It also comes in black and yellow, and gah….maybe I need a sunny bright raincoat, friends? Would that help? Much love to y’all out there. xo

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Jess’ Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

Hey guys! First of all, sending all my love to you all. I hope everyone is hanging in there right now and has their people to talk to when times get extra tough — that’s the one thing that really has gotten me through this so far. (And don’t forget we are here for you, too). All of my picks are comfy, cozy pieces — I definitely just bought A LOT of loungewear from this sale. So scroll through for what I actually bought, plus a few more of my favorite picks. Love you guys! Stay safe!

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Scotti’s Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

Hey, friends…I kept my picks under $50 (with the exception of this sweater) because I kinda feel like that’s where we all are right now. Give me comfort, give me cozy and give it to me for less. I do have to shout out a couple pairs of jeans, though, because if you are interested in investing in some really good denim, right now is a great time to do it if you have the means. These flares are super flattering (and come in a couple of different washes), and these grey jeans from PAIGE are a soft, wear-with-everything pair that look especially great on curvier bodies. But, if that’s not of interest to you, here are some stay-cation-at-home loungewear options under $50. (Also, I know I keep saying this on repeat, but it really does help me feel better…we’re all in this together. ALL the love to you.)

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Cam’s Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

So, even with these weird times, I am looking forward to socializing again, going to random fun events…and that is why, even though I chose mostly comfy things, I made sure to add in a sprinkle of ridiculously pretty dresses. We all need some pretty in our lives, amiright? Cheers, dolls.

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Shana’s Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

I’ve had several requests from readers for more affordable pieces…so I made sure all of my picks were under $100.

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Gwen’s Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

I have some wear now, wear later kinda pieces I’ve been eyeing up and now many of them are marked down. You may notice some of the prices get a bit wonky (and don’t reflect the sale price) so I included them in the captions. I am suuuper close to hitting buy on this cardigan. I could totally see myself wearing it for conference calls now with my favorite white tee, and later on chilly summer nights down the shore. Hope everyone is hanging in there. Xo.

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Em’s Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks

My getting dressed strategy these days is to don a sports bra — something bold and flashy makes me feel more hip than schleppy — a comfy sweatshirt and jeans (so, you know, I feel like I’m least making an effort at getting dressed). And then, when the mood strikes for an at-home workout or some movement outside of the house later in the day, I swap out the jeans for leggings or running tights. Easy. Everything here supports that model, right down to the pretzel earrings (I know they’re hearts, but let me have it), which are so cute and playful and perfect for everyday wear. Hope everyone’s doing well, friends!

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