Anthro Sale: Take 40% Off Already Reduced Items (Here’s What To Buy)



Anthropologie is having a MASSIVE sale:  take an additional 40% off already reduced sale merchandise (the discount shows up automatically in your basket on checkout).  As you might imagine, things are moving fast, so without further ado…..

Anthropologie Sale Edit





  1. OMG I just ordered those Paige jeans two days ago – at the $119 price. 40% off that? Will they do a price adjustment before the merchandise is even in my hands (it’s shipped, arriving next week)


  2. Shana, I really like the idea of some of the wide leg pants showing. My husband thinks that the “mom crop” would go great with high waist wide leg pants, but at 5’2″ also similar sized to you, how do you pull off wide leg pants without looking overwhelmed? Also only 2 months post partum so hoping that the mom crop with the high waist nurses well/hides pooch sufficiently. And if it could be done with flats, cause infant and toddler…

    Like with from your FP recommendations.

    Trying to decide what to get for an awesome date/weekend look from all the sales!!!! Thanks!

  3. Am I an idiot? Are there specific recommendations from the sale? If so, I can’t find them… I can’t click on anything except the link to the Anthropologie sale itself.

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