#TreatYoSelf (Or Someone Else): 25% Off Anthro Home Gifts


There’s one thing I am managing to relish right now — making our home especially fun to look at, live in and just be in. I’ve always gotten a lot of joy out of curating our home with little knick-knacks and old furniture I find along the way. Now though, more than ever, I have really been able to pay attention to all of it a lot more (well, more so forced — ha — either way…). It’s been fun!

Anyyyway, while I usually do the majority of my home decor purchases at secondhand shops, online marketplaces and discount stores (i.e. HomeGoods, etc.,) I do, upon occasion, find myself able to acquire a few things here and there from places such as Anthropologie. aaaaahhh. The majesty! The beauty! The excitement! Those precious, random times that I can, are when there’s a…wait for it…SALE.

Anthropologie Home Gifts Sale: #TreatYoSelf (Or Someone Else)

Well, ho ho ho, Christmas has come early for Cams! Anthro has a sale going on right now (for only 2 days!) on their best-selling home gifts. They call them “gifts,” which is nice (and I would totally recommend any and all as gifts) but today, I am saying “best-selling home items FOR MEEEEE.” I apologize to anyone who thought they’d be receiving a gift from me anytime soon, but right now I really feel the need to shower myself with one, two…or 12.

I think we can all agree that now is the time to be a little selfish with this kind of sale. I mean, don’t leave me hanging out alone on this selfish monkey bar, peeps. Join me!

So, yeh. I think there’s only one thing left to be said here…


Anthropologie's best-selling home gifts are right on time. They say gifts, which is nice, but I'm saying  home & kitchen decor items FOR MEEEEE. #TreatYoSelf


1. Floral Bear Honey Pot – Have to have. Too cute! I will quickly discard of the boring honey bottles we have in our cupboard. I will now be finding reason upon reason to ingest honey.

2. Rifle Paper Co. Monogram Mug – I have been waiting for these mugs to go on sale, so it’s happening. Now, do I go with my initial or last name??

3. Market Dish Towels – Can never have enough dish towels…and these come in a pack of four, both sets in lovely pale blues or pinks.

4. Capri Blue Jar Candle – The volcano scent is a favorite! The candles I have now are getting low, so…! A great excuse to add to cart. Not that I needed one.

5. Jardin Plant Mister – I like to pretend I’m a plant lady.

6. Face Pot – STOP. Too much. Need. Imagine a little baby plant poking out the top or a small bunch of fresh flowers. Eeee!

7. Rifle Paper Co. Tea Towel – This has to be mine. I love how it will add some interest to our peacock-ish blue cabinets in our kitchen.

8. Leah Goren Marcella Vase – Those knick knacks I was talking about? Yeh, some of my favorites are mini vases and containers.

9. Rifle Paper Co. Journals, Set of 3 – I can always use new journals.

10. Bamboo Melamine Serving Set – We have needed a set, so YES.

11. Remi Spatula – We have a boring black and red one (blah). We shall now have a more cheery version!

12. Airy Gauzy Throw – I mean, how does one say no to this?

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