I Tried 18 Of Anthro’s Top-Rated Pieces: Are They Actually THAT Good?


This little Anthropologie “project” of mine (i.e. ENORMOUS Anthro haul, try-on, and comprehensive review) started with the wildly popular Somerset dress. I suspect many of you have heard of this dress. Many of you may actually be kind of SICK of hearing about this dress. It gets a lot of attention on the “internets” and gets over a thousand good reviews on Anthropologie’s site.

I’ve been up many a late night scrolling and wondering…is this dress really THAT good?

Spoiler…it is, but with some caveats. Keep scrolling for my pros, cons, and if I’d actually wear it.

Anthropologie Top Rated
Somerset Dress

dress (xsp) | more Somerset | heels.

Anthro has a lot of other cult favorites too. Like the Collette pants that come in a million different fabrics, textures, and lengths and return fully stocked each season in slightly different iterations. And there are 21 different variations of the top-rated Bennet buttondown…seriously, 21!

Anthropologie Best Sellers “Haul”: A Comprehensive Try-On & Review

My feelings about these top-rated, top-selling, “must-have’s” of Anthropologie fluctuate between skepticism and intrigue. I found my late-night indulgence of scouring these reviews increasing. It culminated in one questionable late-night decision to order pretty much ALL of Anthro’s top-rated pieces. I wanted to see for myself if they’re REALLY that good.

Lucky for me… this questionable decision ended up working out for creating this “Anthro Haul” try-on and review.

This really is one of my favorite parts of working with The Mom Edit…trying all the things and reporting back to you guys, hoping to save you some time and effort when shopping. Especially if you, like me, have been eying some of these pieces and wondering about the feel of the fabric, how these pieces fit, and what they actually look like when they’re not being worn by a 5’11, 22-year-old model.

So, here’s a sneak peek of my favorite piece from my try-on and then keep scrolling for allllllllllll the details from my HUGE Anthro haul.

Anthropologie Haul Side-TIe Poncho

At Anthro: poncho (xs/s)
Not at Anthro: jeans (29) | top (s) | sneaks

Top 5 Takeaways From My Anthro Haul

Ugh…I hate the word “haul”, but I recognize that this little “Anthropologie try-on project” isn’t so little which definitely makes it more of an Anthro haul than a fun little try-on. I went a little overboard but figured if I was going to do it…I might as well REALLY do it and be nice and thorough.

Worth It? Anthropologie’s Fan Favorites (Pros, Cons, & Fit Notes)

For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs, with 32 bust and curvy hips/butt. And here’s your warning…this is a monster of a post. I have a lot to say about almost everything I tried.

1. Alani Cashmere Mock- Neck Sweater

Anthropologie Haul Alani Cashmere Mock-neck Sweater

sweater (sp) | trousers (29p) | sneakers

Pros: I was really surprised with this one. It’s just a basic cashmere sweater, but I love it! The cut of the sleeves feels just right and the cashmere is drapey and soft. A nice easy-to-wear light weight and the neckline is mockneck, but not too fussy. Also 8 really pretty color options. I’m keeping it for sure and know it will get worn on repeat.

Cons: You can tell it’s not the high-quality ultra luxe heavy cashmere of Jenni Kayne or Nadaam, but I’m okay with that.

Fit Notes: I don’t always do petite for tops and sweaters because I often like the extra length, but I like the petite in this one for a boxier shorter fit with wide-leg pants.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely!

2. Kit Wide-Leg Denim Utility Trousers

Anthropologie  Top Rated Kit Wide-Leg Denim Utility Trousers

denim (28) | more Kit Trousers | top (xs) | boots

Pros: LOVE LOVE LOVE these as a polished denim option. Would be perfect with a blazer or blouse if your work setting allows jeans, but you want a more polished denim look. Added HUGE bonus: It has a cute cincher buckle on the back to get JUST the right fit. Especially helpful for those of us who often have gaps in the back of our jeans. Petite, tall, and standard sizing.

Cons: Hmmm…tough one. These are pretty great. I guess the button detailing at the top probably isn’t for everyone.

Fit Notes: The regular length is perfect for boots and heels on me, and the petite length on me is great for sneakers. If you’re taller, I would definitely go with the tall length. Remember I’m a shortie at 5’2. I’m typically a 29 in MOTHER denim for reference, but the 28’s fit in these.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely!

3. Cecily Fit & Flare Sweetheart Dress

Anthropologie Haul Cecily Fit & Flare Sweetheart Dress

dress (sp) | heels

Pros: My husband loved this dress on me. It really is a super cute style…so many details I love — the adorable cap-sleeves, the pretty neckline, the button detailing, fit & flare silhouette, and vintage-y vibe. The fabric is pretty amazing as well. The “only-at-Anthro-magic fabric” does exactly what it says it does…stretches and sculpts like magic. The black is classic, but the patterns in this dress are fantastic as well.

Cons:  Too form-fitting for my personal style.

Fit Notes: Was happy with the size small petite. I may have liked more room in the bottom half of the dress, but then I think it would have been too loose on the top.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Nope. Not my personal style.

4. Somerset Maxi Skirt: Faux Leather 

Anthropologie  Top Rated Somerset Maxi Skirt Faux Leather

skirt (s) | more Somerset skirts | top (xs) | boots

Pros: LOVE that they’re taking faux leather and softening the style by pairing it with the beloved Somerset tiered skirt. I am NOT a faux leather gal, but I figured if I ever was going to try the look, it would be in a feminine silhouette like this one.

Cons:  The small felt too snug in the hips and I wanted it to drape more. Need to try a size medium instead. Not sure what I would actually wear with this if I kept it.

Fit Notes: Sizing runs different from the Somerset dress. I wear an XS-petite in the Somerset dress, but need a size M in the skirt.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Probably not. Not easy enough for me to style.

5. Mariel Long-Line Cardigan-Coat

Anthropologie Haul Mariel Long-Line Cardigan-Coat

coatigan (os) | jeans (29) | tee (s) | sneakers

Pros: Great colorways (love the rust and olive) and has a nice heavy-ish warm feel for those days you REALLY want to cuddle up in your jacket.

Cons:  Shana LOVED the super oversized look with giant cuffs, but I think it’s a little TOO oversized for me, and unfortunately it only comes in the one size. I like the J.Crew Ella better.

Fit Notes: One size only – which typically doesn’t work for my 5’2 frame.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Nope.

6. Somerset Maxi Dress

Anthropologie  Top Rated Somerset Maxi Dress

dress (xsp) | more Somerset | heels

Pros: I will give it to the reviewers, this is a REALLY pretty dress. I love the way the cinched waist looks and the tiered skirt in addition to the beautiful patterns. Loved that it was easy to wear without having to worry about a special bra or special undergarments for smoothing. It arrived, and I immediately wore it to a baby shower the next day. It’s absolutely perfect for events or occasions where you want to have a bit of a more conservative vibe..planning on wearing it to an upcoming Bar Mitzvah service and is perfect for any church occasion too.

Cons: It’s definitely on the conservative side (even for me) and doesn’t really take any fashion risks. It’s quite simply a pretty dress. For this reason, I actually really wanted to love the Bettina dress instead with it’s oversized modern cool-girl look, but the Somerset dress looked much better on me and is a much safer dress.

Fit Notes: Size down. I have small shoulders and bigger hips and would normally wear a small, but the xs petite fit perfectly.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely! Already have.

7. Bettina Tiered Shirt Dress  

Anthropologie Haul Bettina Tiered Shirt Dress

dress (sp) | similar clogs

Pros: I saw a woman on the street wearing this dress a bit ago and she looked ah-MAZING! So effortlessly cool and chic. This is the dress I was MOST excited about ordering. It looked like a total “Linzi” dress that would be my perfect fall transition from my gauzy maxis I wear on repeat all summer long.

Cons: For fall and winter, the shoes to go with this dress are tricky. If it was summer, I’d happily wear this dress with my Birk sandals. The clogs above are too heavy, but simple flats weren’t working for me either. Thinking I may need flats with some sort of embellishment or maybe sneakers. I’m wearing the small petite and it is VERY VERY oversized… contemplating ordering the xs petite to try b/c I SO want to love this dress as much as everyone else does.

Fit Notes: Very oversized.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Maybe, but I want to try a smaller size and with different shoes.

8. Arlowe Bell-Sleeve Sweater

Anthropologie  Top Rated Arlowe Bell-Sleeve Sweater

sweater (s) | denim (28)

Pros: The green is really pretty and it’s soft and comfortable and I’m sure will look fantastic on some of you guys. Nothing at all “wrong” with this top.

Cons: I don’t like it. Hmm… I suppose more detail would help. It’s just not my style. The bell sleeves aren’t for me and I felt super silly in this top. It just never looked right. Tried it on with black pants as well, but….no. Not for me.

Fit Notes: Was happy with my usual size S.

Would I Actually Wear It?  No Chance.

9. Pilcro Side-Tie Short-Sleeve Poncho

Anthropologie Haul Side-Tie Short Sleeve Poncho

poncho (xs/s) | jeans (29) | sweater | sneakers

Pros: SUCH a fun piece! I’ve been wearing it on repeat. Over leggings and a sports bra, over parachute pants, over jeans with tees and sweaters underneath. I love finding pieces like these at Anthropologie that are interesting and different from what the other retailers are showing.

Cons: Only available in one color. I personally love the tan, but I know it’s not for everyone, so I wish it came in other colors too.

Fit Notes: Happy with the xs/s. Oversized, but not overwhelming.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely! Been wearing on repeat.

10. Naomi Ponte Wide-Leg Flare Black Pants

Anthropologie  Top Rated Naomi Black Work Pants

pants (8P) | top (s)

Pros: Fit well and comfortable. If you’re looking for this style of simple go-to pants (especially for work), these feel nice on, are stretchy and thick-ish, and I’m always a fan when pants come in petite, tall, and plus sizing.

Cons:  These felt a little meh to me. Right now, If I’m going to wear a full-length black pant, I’m drawn more to the oversized trouser look. I really like Madewell’s drapey trouser or if those are too baggy, these at Nordstrom have an in-between vibe and are Ponte).

Fit Notes: Wearing an 8 petite and they work well for flats, but should have gotten regular length for boots/heels.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Probably not, but I’m not in an office every day.

11. Collete Cropped Wide-Leg Ponte Pants

Anthropologie Haul Collette Ponte Pants

pants (28p) | more Collettes | sweater (sp)| boots

Pros: I’ve owned these pants for a while now and am quite happy with them for a crop wide-leg basic black pants option. They fit well, are comfortable, and come in standard, tall, petite, and plus sizing. Go Anthro go! I also love that once you find the size that works for you, there’s a HUGE variety in materials, colors, patterns, and length.

Cons: Can’t think of any! I guess they’re not SUPER exciting, but they’re a great basic black pant if you need a pair.

Fit Notes: Nice and stretchy, so even though I’m more of a 29 these days, the 28’s still fit me.

Would I Actually Wear It? Absolutely! They’ve been serving as my primary crop black pant option for a while now.

12. Kit Wide-Leg Utility Trousers

Anthropologie  Top Rated Kit Wide-Leg Utility Trousers

trousers (29p) | more Kit Trousers | top (xs) | sneakers

Pros: I have always been hesitant to wear white (cream/natural) pants, but THESE I love! This style is so cute and fits my shape really well. I wore a 28 in the denim, but wanted the lighter cream/white color to have a more relaxed fit. Because these have a cute cincher buckle in the back, I can wear the 29 and not have a gap in the waist. So good!

Cons:  Colors sold out fast in this style. Since the Kit style, though, is a top-rated product, my guess is they’ll come back.

Fit Notes: I’m happy with the 29’s in the lighter color and petite to wear with sneaks, but could have done a 28 if I wanted them a bit more fitted (I’m typically a 29 in MOTHER denim for reference).

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely!

13. Bennet Buttondown Shirt: Sheer Edition

Anthropologie Haul Bennet Buttondown Shirt

shirt (xs) | more Bennet shirts | denim (28)

Pros: Photo doesn’t do this top justice. It has a really pretty sheen in person that’s not too flashy, and I love the variety of fabrics and styles this top comes in. Total laid-back elegance vibe.

Cons: Fit is a little tricky. I would have typically worn a small, but it was just too oversized on my 5’2 small-shouldered frame. I also would have typically ordered a peitte in this type of top, but I like the length of the regular sizing. Nice that they have standard, peitite and plus sizing options in many of the styles.

Fit Notes: Wearing xs and happy with the fit.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely!

14. Pilcro Asymmetrical Ribbed Top

Anthropologie Haul Pilcro Asymmetrical Ribbed Top

top (s) | denim (28)

Pros: Fun, interesting top (similar vibe as some of the designer tops out there this season) at a really good price point.

Cons: Fabric is fine, but nothing special. It’s a little short for a true tuck-in–comes untucked. Need to wear either a strapless bra or a bra with a very wide-set strap.

Fit Notes: Wearing my usual size s and happy with the fit.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Probably not –not really my personal style.

15. Carys Mock-Neck Sweater

Anthropologie  Top Rated Carys Mockneck Sweater

sweater (xs) | denim (28)

Pros: 18 different patterns/colorways in this guy!!! Very soft, not at all itchy, comfy, a nice mediium weight, and I love the HUGE variety in patterns and prints. Some really fun ones.

Cons: The fit isn’t great on me. It’s not quite oversized, but it’s a little too long to wear untucked …so…it leaves me just not knowing what exactly to do with this style. Maybe I should have gone with petite? Or maybe I should have gone with my typical small sizing, so it would be more oversized? With the current size, it’s just kind of inbetween and a bit boring.

Fit Notes: Runs big. I’m wearing the xs above.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Maybe, but I’m not especially excited about it.

16. Maeve Black Mock-Neck Shell

Anthropologie Haul Mock-Neck Shell

top (xs) | more colors/fabrics

Pros: WOW! This looks great on its own AND under all the coatigans. I literally just added to cart the metallic ones (in both gold and silver) in addition to the red in the regular fabric.

Cons: It’s short, so if you don’t want your belly to show size up.

Fit Notes: I’m wearing an xs here and it’s too small. Snug in the bust and a little too short for my comfort, so I’m ordering a S in the other colors.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Absolutely! But I’m ordering the size S.

17. Blair Baby Tee: Cropped Racerback

Anthropologie Haul Blair Baby Tee Racerback

tank (s) | denim (28)

Pros: GREAT fit. And GREAT price point. I like wearing this type of tank with high-rise baggy trousers or as a workout/dance class tops. Love the fit.

Cons: Wasn’t wowed by the brown color…was hoping it would be deeper. May order white or the pretty blue.

Fit Notes: Wearing usual size S and like the fit. I don’t mind a tiny bit of belly in these types of tops (especially if I’m wearing them with a truly high rise pant), but it’s definitely on the shorter side if you’re looking for no belly action.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Sure.

18. Melie Bianco Brigitte Large Satchel

Anthropologie  Top Rated Melie Bianco Brigitte Large Satchel

bag | sweater (sp) | denim (28)

Pros: Really pretty color and cute style. Fit perfectly over my shoulder and holds all the stuff.

Cons: Quality was disappointing. I’ve gotten spoiled with a similarly styled Clare V woven bag that just feels MUCH higher quality and a bag I plan on keeping and wearing forever. This bag from Anthro is totally fine, but just didn’t feel like a high quality bag I would have for a long time.

Would I Actually Wear It?  Maybe, but probably not. I admit I’m a a Clare V bag snob and would prefer to buy a used Clare V on eBay, the Real Real, or Clare V’s resale shop instead for a similar price.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you guys on if you own any of these pieces and your own review/thoughts on if these pieces really are THAT good. Or…if you have a second, chime in on which of the pieces I tried that you like. I’m still making my final decisions on what I’m keeping.