When I’m Feeling Uninspired, I Go To Anthropologie (A Try-on)


Oof. Winter, eh? This time of the year is tough for feeling inspired when it comes to fashun, because I really just want to wear my sweats everyday. But alas, not only is it my job, but it just makes me feel better to put together ‘real’ outfits. I’m all for hibernating a bit when it comes to winter, but last week (maybe because it was my birthday week) I wanted to be inspired! So, off to Anthropologie I went.

It might be the unique brands they carry, or honestly just the store itself (always so pretty), but I’ve just always loved venturing to Anthro when I need a wardrobe refresh. It’s my mom and I’s favorite place to go when she visits, and has been for years. And I also love that they carry brands that offer wider ranges of sizes (and hoping we can see more of that in the stores again, please!)

Bright Colors, Fun Pieces + Fresh Silhouettes At Anthropologie

Anthropologie try-on, denim jacket, barrel jeans, white boots

Jacket (S) | Jeans (30)

First off, I think I’ll head back in a few weeks and do a full denim try-on. I didn’t see many of the slouchy, baggy, wider-leg options (besides this GEM of a pair I tried) that I am seeing on their site in my store yet. I could tell they were doing some spring updating in the store, so I will return.

But what I did find was super fun and leans a little bit towards Copenhagen vibes with the colors and some of the shapes, so you know I loved that about my trip. It’s always tricky for an in-store try-on to know which shoes to bring; I adore my white boots, but should have brought along some sneakers, too. Some of these outfits would really shine with a great pair of Sambas mixed in.

What did I bring home (you always ask)? I bought the (dare I say PERFECT?!) black Colette pants and the super fun barrel leg trouser jeans I mentioned above. I wanted to bring home the boyfriend jean jacket but I think I need to cull the ol’ collection first haha. These Pilcro jeans also had me wanting them (love the wash and the shape) but I was on the fence about their length.

Here’s everything I tried on, if you want a quick list, but below I’ve got more pics and details!

1 | THE Best-Fitting Black Pants For Spring

anthropologie try-on, maeve colette pants, black pants, blue sweater, white boots

Top (M) | Pants (29R) | Boots

Hold the phone, horses, whatever you prefer but WHY have I not tried the famous Maeve Colette pants until now?! Gahhh. They are truly like a hug to put on and I felt so good in them.

This pair is in a poplin-type cotton blend, perfect for spring and warmer weather, but totally wearable now (aka not too heavy, not too light). Here’s a black denim pair that’s great for all seasons in the exact same cut, too. I didn’t want to take these off. I never find pants that make me feel like that! True to size.

anthropologie try-on, maeve colette pants, black pants, blue sweater, white boots

Top (M) | Pants (29R) | Boots

2 | The Coolest Barrel Leg Trouser Jeans

anthropologie try-on, trouser jeans, blue sweater, white boots

Top (M) | Jeans (30) | Boots

Haha turns out Shana and I both bought these Pilcro Full-length Relaxed Barrel jeans with our Aquarian bday discounts. And you can see why. HOW freaking cool are they? I wasn’t sure I was on the horseshoe/oversized barrel leg jean trend until I tried these on. They have just the right amount of drape, but yet still good structure, and I love the trouser-like waistband.

I sized up as I typically have to do in any kind of trouser/pleated waist style. So freaking good. Going quickly in some sizes, but I’d recommend petite if you’re shorter than 5’4″ (my height) or plan to wear flat shoes with them.

anthropologie try-on, barrel jeans, blue sweater, white boots

Top (M) | Jeans (30) | Boots

3 | The Boyfriend Jean Jacket I Want To Wear On Repeat

denim jacket, patch pocket jeans, cuffed jeans, dressing room selfie

Jacket (S) | Jeans (29)

This is a piece I really wish I had brought home. This Pilcro Boyfriend denim jacket is cut uniquely and wound up being so cool paired with various jeans. I’m all about finding a good denim-on-denim combo this year and gah…maybe I should have gone for this.

I’m realizing this wash is one that works beautifully with a variety of jean washes. I love cut of this one, boxy on top and a bit slimmer through the waist. So good. Runs a little big, but size up if you want it to feel even more oversized.

denim jacket, barrel jeans, white boots, dressing room selfie

Jacket (S) | Jeans (30)

4 | Two More Jeans Also Worth Mentioning

Both pairs of these jeans below were super fun to try on, but there were just some smaller details that I wasn’t sure would work with the vibe I’m feeling around denim these days.

A | Pilcro The Wanderer Mid-rise Relaxed Leg

gray sweater, patch pocket jeans, white boots, dressing room selfie

Top (M) | Jeans (29)

The stitching and paneling on these Pilcro Wanderer jeans is sooo cool. I feel like maybe the relaxed-leg description is a stretch here, but perhaps that’s because the other pairs I tried were truly loose/barrel styles. I was unsure if I wanted this slim of a fit right now, but gah, how cool are they if you do?

Side note, this top was super cute if you want a non-basic sweatshirt and I loved the sleeves rolled up. They do have a little pleat detail at the cuffs that is fun, too.

Below I show the jeans cuffed for another styling option. They do run a little big. I could have gone with a 28 here. The waistband is super comfy and the stretch is great but they still have structure, which I prefer. I think I’d definitely style these more with sneakers or sandals for spring.

denim jacket, patch pocket jeans, cuffed jeans, white boots, dressing room selfie

Top (M) | Jeans (29)

B | Pilcro Heritage Curve Mid-rise Barrel Jeans

heart sweater, barrel jeans, white boots, dressing room selfie

Sweater (M) | Jeans (30)

I love the shape and details on this pair of jeans, but wasn’t sure about the length. I’m having trouble finding the same wash on the site, but they’re here in black (which I love) and here in a slightly different wash that also seems to have very subtle differences in the details. Both are called the same fit as I have on here though.

These ran small for me and though the length is a little more cropped than I’m wearing now, I think they’d be great for spring + summer.

denim jacket, striped button=up shirt, barrel jeans, white boots, dressing room selfie

Jacket (S) | Shirt (M) | Jeans (30)

5 | A Fun (But Cropped) Baseball Tee

cropped baseball tee, barrel jeans, dressing room selfie

Tee (M) | Jeans (30)

This tee has super cute details and would be easy breezy for summer, but it was a little too cropped for my liking.

6 | That Heart Sweater

heart sweater, striped button-up shirt, wide-leg jeans, dressing room selfie

Sweater (M) | Shirt (M) | Jeans (my own – 30)

Admittedly, I would like this combo better if they had had the blue striped shirt in my store (haha I joked that I could wear this for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day and then again for Christmas) but the concept is fun. And I’m a huge fan of trying out layering anytime you can.

7 | Those Neon Pants

denim jacket, yellow track pants, white boots, dressing room selfie

Jacket (S) | Pants (M)

These Daily Practice track-style pants caught my eye in the front part of the store after I had picked up the denim jacket. But, while they’re fun, the fit just wasn’t quite right (I have trouble with pull-on pants being too long in the rise) and they’re a little thin for my own preference. What I do love is this color with blue denim. I’ll be searching for something else to fill that spot in my closet!

As always I hope this was helpful in providing a little inspo for you all, too, right now! I did have fun doing an Anthro try-on since it had been so long and I totally recommend perusing their site and trying a few things if you need a little pick-me-up right now, too!



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