What If The New Denim Jacket…Is Still Denim?


Gang, I’ve been getting really tired of classic denim jackets. So much so that mine has been packed away for almost two years now. And while I keep flirting with the idea of busting it out again…maybe, at some point, for that one outfit, cause I have it, stored away?

Nah. It’s not going to happen.

Few things lately can make my outfit feel more dated than a traditional denim jacket. And while some swear by an oversized denim jacket for a fresher fit – which, ok, it definitely is – it’s still not my top choice. Too close, perhaps, to the traditional? Too breezy to really be useful as a device to warm up outfits? Or maybe I’m just too inclined to wear fleece?

are denim jackets still in style?
2017, the last time I was happily wearing a classic denim jacket

I haven’t wanted to wear a denim jacket – of any kind – for a hot minute. And, up until very recently, I haven’t cared! Unlike those gap-toothed grins on my tiny little guys….I have missed my denim jacket zero.

Recently, however, as I was breezing through IG (as one does, late at night), I came across this video on Mara Hoffman’s channel. It features this denim wrap coat:

mara hoffman denim coat worth it?

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

I was smitten. It was one of those moments of unexpected inspiration – elevated pulse, euphoria, etc. Now this denim jacket was a piece that truly felt fresh. So cool! So effortless! So freaking chic! I ordered it immediately – and, of course, because it’s Mara Hoffman, it’s amazing. High quality, super soft denim, a dream to wear (also available in plus sizes). It is, also, however, a bit too long and/or slightly overwhelming for someone who is just under 5’3″. That, coupled with the wrap-coat detailing is giving Girl In A Bathrobe, so unfortunately it is not a coat for me.

mara hoffman denim coat review

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

But! I have faith that someone out there can rock the hell outta this coat – and when they (you?) do, think of me gratefully.

In any case, this particular denim coat/robe got me thinking about denim jackets again, so I went in search of something that would fill that particular hole in my closet, while also scratching this new Mara Hoffman-shaped itch.

It turns out that I do love a denim jacket…just not the traditional kind.

Denim Jackets Are Boring: Try Denim Chore Jackets or Trench Coats Instead

After a bit of searching, I was able to find two(!!) styles of denim jackets that feel really fresh: Denim Chore Jackets and Denim Trench coats. Both give me the same feelings of excitement that the Mara Hoffman coat does, and both have surprised me with their usefulness. Laura also happened to find a denim blazer that gave me a happy little jolt when I saw it on her, so I’m including that at the end for completeness. We are nothing if not thorough.

1. Denim Chore Jacket: Sezane

sezane denim belted jacket outfit

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

This jacket, the second I tried it on, made me audibly gasp. It’s soft, stretchy, and comfortable, yet with enough heft to actually feel like a jacket. And while many chore jackets read too much Farmer Shana At The Barn, this one has a 70’s vibe that I’m deeply into.

sezane denim jacket review

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

This jacket is sustainably made from 98% organic cotton, 2% elastane, and runs a bit big. I’m typically a size 6 in most Sezane tops, and am wearing a size 4 in the jacket.

Bottom line? Love – I highly recommend this jacket! And I need to do a whole little styling sesh with this one SOON. I have majorly high hopes for dresses, in particular: Mini, midi, maxi this jacket can conquer.

ps. Sezane seems to have the coolest denim jackets, period. Readers have raved about Sezane’s Will jacket – now available in denim – which could be styled very similarly to the one I’m wearing. And GOOD GRIEF this newly-released Sezane denim patchwork bomber is everything.

2. Denim Chore Jacket: GAP

are denim jackets still in style 2024

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

If your first thought is that this jacket doesn’t look quite like its photo…I agree. However! It works! It has a similarly cool 70’s vibe as the Sezane jacket, yet is a fraction of the cost. It’s 100% cotton, tho, so not quite a stretchy & comfy as the Sezane jacket. That said, for $54, it’s a solid option. And has all of the styling possibilities as the Sezane jacket.

gap denim shirt jacket

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

3. Denim Trench: Reformation

reformation denim trench outfit idea

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

Next up, we have Ref’s epic denim trench coat. This piece is, well, too long on me, but seems easier to alter than the Mara Hoffman. It’s made from a really lightweight & soft denim, and I LOVE how this piece drapes.

what size reformation denim trench

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

The fit in the shoulders is impeccable, the sleeves are nice and long, and the details are exactly right. It’s why this piece looks so darn good on.

reformation denim trench review

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

I suspect I won’t get much wear out of this coat once summer really hits, but for spring? It’s freaking perfect. AND I know I’ll be wearing the heck out of it all fall.

4. Denim Trench: Amazon

is the amazon denim trench worth it?

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

I’m not typically an Amazon fashion finder, but I’ve gotta admit that this denim trench is pretty darn good, and suuuuper similar to the Ref trench, above.

amazon women's denim trench coat review

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

While it doesn’t have the lux fabric of the Reformation trench nor the drape, this piece is soft, comfortable, and feels really well made.

amazon denim trench coat review

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

Shockingly, this coat is thirty-six freaking dollars. $36!!! I can hardly believe it. I ended up keeping the Reformation coat simply because I do like the fit and fabric better – and I love Ref’s sustainability mission – but if the Ref coat is more than you want to spend, this Amazon coat is a very solid option.

Here’s a quick side-by-side of Ref on the left, and Amazon on the right:

amazon denim trench vs. reformation denim trench
Reformation Denim Trench, left vs Amazon Denim Trench, right

Ref Trench (s) | Amazon trench (s)

5. GAP Denim Blazer

denim blazer outfit

blazer (m) | vest (LP) | jeans (8) | sandals

I’m not really a blazer girl…but I’ve gotta admit, there’s something deeply cool about this one. I think because it skews so casual, but in a decidedly 70’s kind of way. Feels much fresher than the typical denim jacket.

6. A Few More Options Worth Mentioning

denim trench nordstrom

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

The denim trench above is from Belle & Bloom at Nordstrom. It’s a little roomier than the others, and I found the details a little too overwhelming on my short frame. But even so, it still looks pretty darn good (which speaks to how freaking cool this trend is). Also happens to be 30% off right now!

jacket (s) | tank (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

Lastly, this denim trench is from Bardot. Reviewers warned that it runs pretty big and…yup. It does. But the color is a fun, vintage blue, and – once again – it still looks pretty good, even though the details are a bit overwhelming.

What do you guys think? I’m pretty thrilled with this completely fresh take on denim (and have worn that Sezane jacket out several times already). This is basically the most prepared I’ve ever been for fall.

are denim jackets still in style?

jacket (s) | jeans (different wash) | boots | Cliff & Soph bag

Not bad, right? More soon.