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I have a love-hate relationship with 3/4 length sleeves.   I love them because they are perfect for showing off an amazing cuff bracelet.  I hate them because it’s a warm day (and I would rather wear short or sleeveless) or it’s a cold day, and I’m wishing I put on a full sleeve.  But I love them again because they are arm-flattering – they make your arms look longer and slimmer (and cover up any upper arm flab).  But I hate them again because the are annoying to layer under a long sleeve sweater (the sleeve always bunches).  And, let’s face it, the 3/4 length sleeve has had it’s moment.  So unless you are just coming out of a 4 year shopping freeze, chances are your closet is filled with 3/4 length tshirts, henleys, cardigans and jackets.  So how to revive this slightly tired style, and make it winter appropriate?   Long fingerless gloves.

Ok – I admit, fingerless gloves conjures up images of certain 80’s pop stars, which invariably reminds me of my worst fashion choices ever (big bangs, unflattering high waisted pegged jeans, jelly shoes, etc etc etc)….but WAIT.  Like most things, when something comes back into style, it comes back in a much improved fashion.  Gone is the lace and the scary neon colors.  This time around the look is cozy-cool, and very mom friendly.  Wear these with all of your 3/4 length sleeve shirts or jackets or layer them over a long sleeve T.  It’s an easy way to add a little extra style to your fall wardrobe, and will transition nicely into winter. 


Both and have great cashmere long glove offerings. 

Pictured above left is the Cashmere Long Fingerless Glove from shopbop’s own Bop Basics line for $55.  I like the basic Dark Heather Gray, but this glove also comes in a really great red or cream. 

Standard Style is carrying Vince’s Dip Dye Glove (above right), $125, which is also 100% cashmere.

Both pics above are great examples of how long fingerless gloves can cozy up a basic long sleeve T while adding an extra dose of style.

If you want something a little more budget friendly, try a pair of handmade long gloves….each pair below is only $18!


The Extra Long Reversible Gloves in purple at left are by hannahsas, and are fully reversible.  One side is purple with a slight butterfly pattern, the other is a darker purple color.  The Long Red Snowflake Arm Warmers are perfect for the holidays, and are by Trixie Xchange.  Both are available on

The last pair of long fingerless gloves (aka arm warmers) are the Stripey Arm Warmers in Gray by MTcoffinz, found at  These super cozy arm warmers are made of fleece, and come in a bunch of different stripey colors, as well as other fun patterns.

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