So…hey there.  My week started with the longest-ever Alexa drop in – to harass my bereaved mother to go to Greece with us this summer (I think I won?) – and then went downhill from there.  If you follow me on IG (or IG stories, anyway….I’m barely hanging on to social media these days) you may already know that Raines, Pax, Mike AND I all had lice.


I’ve never had lice in my life, and we’ve survived so many school outbreaks over the years that I actually thought we were immune.  NOPE.  I’m now practically a lice expert thanks to The Lice Lady – no really, ask me anything – and Pax spent most of last night looking at lice (saved from our treatments) under the microscope.  Anyone want a quick post on what I learned?  (Philly locals: Ilene from The Center for Lice Control in Havertown is kiiiind of amazing.)

But I mean…thank god Pax pulled his microscope out AFTER we were treated. Otherwise it would’ve been a full body, crawling-out-of-my-skin-while-screaming freak out.

Last night, as I crawled over the mountain of laundry to throw yet more pillows into the dryer…I tripped.  I tried to catch myself, but there was so much crap on the floor that I came down all wrong (SO much wrong) and…broke my toe. Like some Calamity Jane in a bad sitcom.  Happily it wasn’t the same toe I broke last summer….unhappily, it’s even more black-and-blue than before.

But….I’ve done this drill before.  Expect to see lots and lots of sneakers over the next few months. Ugh.

The laundry is calling, so I’ll keep this short.  Here are a few fun links….

Swim, on sale.  Shopbop’s huge Spring sale is still going strong – have you shopped it yet?  And while many pieces have sold out, the swimwear is in pretty good shape.  I just bought this Solid and Striped bikini – the fluttery bottom is kind on a softer stomach.  You can see all of our favorite swimwear picks from the Shopbop sale here.

Darn you, Shopbop.  And if you’ve already shopped the sale, but just want onnnne more thing….get on a chat with a Shopbop customer service rep.  They’ll treat multiple small orders like one big one, so you don’t miss out on the discount.  For example…I can’t stop thinking about this fancy tshirt dress by IRO.  So cute with a pretty bra (like this old standby) and sneakers OR heels.  Shopping. Enabled.

Speaking of sneakers…..I had forgotten to put the sneakers I picked out from the Shopbop sale into our article.  Oops.  They’re below.  But then I came across these Nikes and YES.  Love those, too.


Two of my favorite things, in stock….I’m still working on that Forever Wardrobe article.  And while I was struggling with the angle for a bit, I’ve decided to keep it really personal.  Which means….instead of being generic, I’m focusing on what my forever pieces are (and they certainly don’t have to be yours).  It feels more authentic that way.  ANYWAY…two items in my forever wardrobe are slip dresses (I’m forever and always a 90’s girl) and statement jackets.  My favorite slip dress was just restocked at Fleur du Mal (it’s pricey but STUNNING…also on sale at Shopbop, actually)….and my go-to statement jacket is this jacquard bomber that’s currently 50% off at Maje.  I’ve been wearing the heck out of it over jeans and tees….or little black dresses, too.

Both sad and funny.  I lost a good 20 minutes going through this insanely clever Female Character Flowchart.  She’s right, though.  Writers need to do better than fall into some stereotypical trap.

The news is still depressing, but at least Dick’s has balls. Dick’s Sporting Goods announced this week that they would no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21, and that they are removing assault weapons from all of stores, including Field and Stream.  “When we saw what happened in Parkland, we were so disturbed and upset,” said Edward Stack, CEO of Dick’s.  “We love these kids and their rallying cry, ‘Enough is enough.’ It got to us.”  Know who else is on board?  Walmart.  Hell yeah.


Happy weekend….


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  1. I’m a lice expert too – I feel your pain! We now use a preventative shampoo and I have a preventative essential oils spray as well. And our house smells of tea tree oil from the diffuser!

  2. Shana! hey does that maje true to Maje size?..the last shirt I ordered from them (the long sleeve black one with mesh..that you have)..was really small…I normally wear a size 2 with them..thoughts?

  3. Lice. Ugh. Brutal. Fairytales shampoo and spray and tea tree oil should be kept on hand. And hair pulled back in school. We had them FOREVER two years ago. And with seven heads in one house, I felt like I had a full time job checking heads. Good luck to you! Hope it passes quickly! And denim Tretorns?!?! ? 1992 is calling me back right now!

  4. We are going to Greece this summer too! Via Germany, so any tips on packing for two different summer climates would be greatly appreciated. Also sharing of any great tips for Greece would be wonderful!

  5. We dealt with lice for the first time in the spring. We got my daughter heat treated. Expensive but good because I just couldn’t see them, and didn’t want them to spread or come back if I missed eggs. Bad eyes. Frustrating. But just to let others know, our lice guru said they aren’t bothered by tea tree oil much anymore. Switch to peppermint. And the fairytales too. Been used a lot and they’ve adapted.

  6. Our lice outbreak was 6 years ago, and I still have to shake off the crawling skin sensation when I think of it! Our washer broke, the hubs was away, I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Yes, life could be so much worse, but in those moments, yikes!
    I feel your pain, and I’m sending you serenity!

  7. I wish the FBI and that Sheriff would have done something (anything!) before the shooting given that they were told this guy was planning an attack and was called to the house about 40x beforehand. Dick’s raising the age to purchase a weapon will only get them sued.

  8. I’ll be 50 in May and had lice for the first time this year thanks to my 14 yo daughter ?‍♀️ You are very, very brave to check that $h:t out under a microscope!

  9. Sitting with my head smelling like lavender and Tea tree oil wishing you’d get on that lice post… ? My kid alsgj requested a microscope slide. *barf*

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