Finally, Modern Nursery/Playroom Artwork . . . Thank You Avalisa!


    As part of my constant quest to cuten up my little one's nursery (is it even called a nursery anymore? she's 18 months old, hmmmm . . .) I decided it was time for some artwork.  I have always loved the canvas wall art by Avalisa so I finally decided to splurge and purchase one.  From abstract and letters to animals and "things that move", Avalisa's masterpieces are sure to liven up your little one's room with her bright colors and simple designs.  We purchased the panda bears in brown in the largest size (28"x28") and use it as a stand alone piece in the corner of the room.


But, there are many coordinating sets that you can mix and match.  For example, pick a color and run with it:

blue truck pattern light blue airplane blue car pattern

or maybe try a variety of your little one's favorite animal:

lilac bird silhouette purple bird nest purple bird silhouette

you can even go a little abstract!

green 110   brown pink 90 Fla_zoom_20071205103537

    Don't forget to take advantage of the different sizes and some creative displaying (the avalisa website has great examples).  The Avalisa website even has a sale page that currently has a bunch of different options available for half price!  Whether its stand alone or in groupings, these paintings are sure to spruce up any space.



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