Athleta Try-On: Festive, Cool and Sexy


It’s been a while since I allowed myself to go into Athleta to just ‘look around’. I do a walk-by often and peek in to see if color schemes have changed or if the mannequin in the window lures me in.

You see, I have a serious problem with buying athletic/athleisure since I actually live in this stuff. I spend my days and nights in these clothes therefore I can easily justify that I NEED this new legging and I NEED that new sports bra. I mean, how awful would it be if my students noticed I was wearing the same leggings week after week…?

Trying The Best of Athleta: Metallic Leggings, Matching Sets & More

The minute I walked in Athleta’s door, I knew I was in trouble. The display tables had never been so beautiful. The jewel-toned colors, deep greens, reds, and purples with metallics, sparkles and shine! Oh my, they had me at hello. I quickly found a ton of great things to try and share here. And I must warn you, some of these pieces are only made during the holiday season and then gone forever. That’s right… gone. So, if you want it, I’d jump on it now. Cause who doesn’t want to kick off a new year with some new activewear?

Let’s kick it off with my absolute favorite set:

1. Elation Shine Tight and Solace Bra

Athleta try-on for women. Elation shine tight and bra top.

Leggings (s) l Bra (m)

I immediately went to the Shine table and O.M.G. these leggings, this sports bra. They are the most gorgeous sparkling bronze. Athleta calls it Toasted Brown Shine. These pictures don’t do it justice. It is my new favorite set and I will wear it everywhere! If you like comfort with compression, this legging is for you. The fabric is buttery soft but still holds everything in, comfortably. This sports bra feels great with its medium hold. I like the strappy back and it matches my Sparkly Toasted Bronze leggings. This set is beautiful, has edge, and I seriously feel like a sexy superhero in this outfit.

2. Cozy Karma Hoodie Sweatshirt

Athleta try-on. Cozy Karma hoodie sweatshirt.

Hoodie (m) l Leggings (s)

The color grabbed me first. It’s the perfect red sweatshirt, especially for the holidays. I loved how it had a relaxed fit but was still tailored at the waist. You know how some loose-fit sweatshirts can look frumpy? This is not that. The pleasant surprise when slipping it on is the faux fur-lined hood and pockets. That detail looks and feels luxurious. I have to admit, I’ve worn it every day since buying it. I won’t tell you how many days that is…lol.

3. Coaster Luxe Jogger & Coaster Luxe Recovery Sweatshirt

Consider this a warning! If you walk into Athleta just to look and not buy then Do Not Try on these joggers! I had no idea. Again, I was attracted to that beautiful deep green color plus, I needed a new pair of joggers. So I tried ’em on and WHOA! When I pulled these joggers on I was shocked by their comfort. I was not expecting them to feel the way they did. Heaven wrapped around my legs. (Not even exaggerating!) I actually stood there for a few seconds in disbelief. How could these joggers feel so good? There wasn’t a second of debate. No waffling. It was a must. I must have these joggers!

Athleta try-on. Coaster luxe jogger and recovery sweatshirt.

top (m) | joggers (size)

They have a comfortable high waist, wide waistband and fit nicely. The color is lovely and did I mention how comfy they are? This matching sweatshirt is equally great. It’s called the ‘Recovery Sweatshirt’ and need I say more? I also love a top with thumb holes, especially in the colder weather. This set would get a lot of wear together and as separates.

4. Salutation Stash Tight

Too much red? Nah! This shade feels beautiful and festive. When my daughter Gia was scrolling through all my Athleta selfies she stopped at this one, “This is my favorite outfit, mom.” So there you go. It’s teen-girl-approved (you know they know).

Athleta try-on. Salutation stash tight.

sweatshirt (m) | leggings (s)

These leggings are ultra high rise, soft, and medium compression. They’re perfect for the winter months as I walk through the city from drop-offs, to the fitness studio, to errands. The Salutation line is my favorite for a reason — a great legging, in a great color (Clover Berry) that makes you feel happy and look great.

5. Elation Shine Tight and Matching Solace Bra

bra (m) | leggings (s)

Same set as my first top pick, in black. You already know I love the shine line at Athleta (both the leggings and matching bra). I tend to wear lot of black, especially when it’s a legging. It’s easy, flattering and can go from day to night in a snap. But sometimes a plain old black legging is just boring. This is when you have to grab leggings like these. They make me feel like I’ve upped my black legging game. They feel bold and stylish all without getting too far outside of my comfort zone. (And they’re super comfortable, too.)

6. Presence Sweatshirt

I am always looking for something to throw on that is quick, easy, and still looks nice. This sweatshirt (it’s way more like a shirt than a sweatshirt) is just that. This is the sweatshirt you need to throw on first thing in the morning to walk the dog, the sweatshirt to throw on after the gym, or on those Need To Be Comfy But Wanna Look Cute Days. This shirt is soft, pretty and cozy. I love the cut-out on the back which, definitely adds some flavor to a normal long sleeve.

top (m) | pants (6)

I paired the sweatshirt with my favorite of all time Athleta pants, The Brooklyn Wide Leg Pant. They are on sale right now and I am praying they come out with more colors because I will buy them all and live happily ever after. Even if you think you aren’t a wide-leg pant girl (like I once mistakenly thought I was) give them a try. And… they definitely fit with our cute and comfy theme we’ve got goin’ on.

7. Cozy Karma Sweatshirt Dress

dress (s)

Last but not least, the Cozy Karma Sweatshirt Dress. The very nice women working in the Athleta store on Walnut St. in Philadelphia suggested I try this on. They made this suggestion as they watched me Oooo and Ahhh when trying on the Coaster Luxe Joggers. This dress has almost the same vibe but not exactly. It is soft and feels really nice on but it is thicker than the Luxe. I can definitely see myself curled up somewhere in this. I can also feel myself dripping in sweat as I’m curled up somewhere in this. You guys. This dress is really warm. You would be fine, more than fine wearing this in winter. Throw on some tights and boots and you probably don’t even need a coat. Yes, it’s that warm! So, if you run cold or live in a cold area I recommend this sweatshirt dress.

The Athleta Pieces I Tried and Loved!

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There were many other fun things to try on, more colors, shiny puffer vests, mittens, matching hats and even dressy holiday pants. I need to go back and try on the rest. I hope you found this helpful and that you get a chance to check out some of these outfits. I promise you won’t be disappointed.