Athleta Dressing Room Selfies (Laura Reviews Their Fit & Style)



Hello out there! Easing into your New Year’s workouts? I’m trying to be active but not beat myself up if I don’t get around to the perfect workout everyday. Here’s to more self-compassion in 2016!

Sooo….any other recovering perfectionists out there? I have to remember my main form of exercise right now is chasing around a toddler and that probably burns a decent number of calories!  In addition to toddler-wrangling, I’ve also really been enjoying Yoga With Adriene’s 30 Day Bootcamp. Granted, I’m only on Day 5 and *should* be on Day 20…but…

Athleta.  I did try on lots of great workout wear at Athleta (and got a parking ticket while doing so! Doh).  It was worth it because they surprised me with some seriously good finds. If you haven’t shopped or perused Athleta before, they offer a mix of athletic wear and everyday clothing with a sporty-vibe.

One thing to note: I found their overall sizing really generous. I had to size down at least one size for pretty much everything I tried on. The sales associate let me know this as I was shopping, so that was really helpful. For example, I usually hover between and Small and Medium in general, but was a solid Small here, sometimes an XS. I will put the size at the end of each description, just for reference. Shout out to the helpful ladies at Athleta in the Pearl! Thank you so much for assisting me!

By the way, this post is not sponsored. It’s just me telling you what I think about the fit and style of their clothing. Here we go:

Workout Wear

I found some great pieces for working out. I really loved their leggings. I tried both high rise and mid-rise, long and capri and they all felt very solid in construction and were great at holding in the mama tummy. They offer regular, petite and long lengths, too. I only tried the regulars, but think I might check out petite length for the full length leggings. I would definitely give their pants a try, among a few other pieces below…

bluepantstop | jacket | pants

Chi Top – Liked this for a basic, racerback workout top. The gray is nice with the bright pants. Size S

Spotlight Half Zip – This is one of the few tops I really liked. I’m wearing a small in this and it’s not quite as fitted as the model on the website’s is. If you really like fitted for running, you might size down even more. Size S

High Rise Quest Chaturanga Capri – I really really love this blue. Their capri pants also hit at a nice spot on my legs, I think. This is the high rise and it was a little too high rise for me, but this color is so good I would go with it! I also tried on the regular Chaturanga Capri and loved that rise better on me. Size XS


pants tank | bra | leggings | joggers

Uppercut Tank – I liked this tank. The back is so lovely. It really shows off a cool sports bra and that pop of color is perfect. I don’t usually buy matching workout sets, but if it were in the budget right now I would buy this top and the leggings. So good! Size S

Full Focus Bra – This bra was good. It’d be great for anything but a heavy workout, depending on your bust size, of course. I’m typically a 32D, for reference. XS (seem to remember it being on the tight side though)

Fadeout Chaturanga Tights – The coolest things I tried on. I love these and wish I could’ve taken then home. I still keep thinking about them. So rad. This pant is one that gets really great reviews. Size S

Techie Sweat Ankle Pant – These were great. They are really soft and comfy and would be good for a yoga workout or to wear as loungewear, of course. They’d be great to pull on over shorts after a workout, too. LOVE the fabric/print. Size S


bralette | leggings

Barre Up Bralette – …and this is the part where I hope you don’t have a giant computer screen. Ha! I loved this combo though so I sucked it up and posted it but generally, in my mind, leggings are not pants, y’all. This bralette is really great, though. The length of it is kind to the top of the belly area and would be perfect for a pilates or barre class…yoga or dance, too. This green is so good, as well. S

High Rise Mesh Tight – These are really cool. Again, the rise is a little high for me, but with this top I think it’s actually good. If you click through to see the model you can tell she has a longer torso, so for those of you that do these would be perfect, I think. It was tough to get a good shot of it, but there are cool mesh cutouts on the sides of the legs at the bottom. Love that it’s subtle. S


Crackle Chaturanga Tight – These are rad. They are on sale, so they may not last, but super cool and fit well. They would be a cool workout pant or a substitute for faux leather leggings.(Sorry for the weird angle on these 2 pants, but you couldn’t see the detail very well in a mirror pic). Size S

Excursion Tight – I LOVE these. I want to go back and get them. These are the only thing I tried on in a medium because that was all they had. I think because of the diagonal seams though you might want to stay true-to-size. These fit well. Super cool for hiking or just wearing everyday.


top | capris

Limitless Hoodie – I liked this pretty well. I feel like maybe I should have tried an XS. They offer it in that amazing green that the bralette and mesh tights come in, too. I think maybe that would’ve been more to my liking. I love the thumbholes and mesh on the wrists, though.

Quest Chaturanga Knicker – Hmm. Knickers? Ha…but these are the capris I liked better than the high rise. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the rise, but these are a nice mid-rise. They still hold you in well and feel secure, but are probably a better fit if you don’t have a long torso, IMO.


So, my face in the previous photo shows how I felt about most of the tops I tried on. Maybe I picked up the wrong sizes or something, but I don’t think their tops necessarily flattered me. I think I would have needed some petite sizing in their tops? Not sure. They seemed to have quite a few cute-looking-on-the-hanger options, but when I put them on…I don’t know.


sweatshirt | hoodie

Just meh. Maybe I paired them incorrectly. I am super picky about tops though. These looked really good before I put them on.

Jackets & Coats

I was, however, completely pleased with their selection of jackets and coats! I’m such a sucker for a good jacket. They did not disappoint and this is not a company I would’ve gone to for coats before this post.

Rock view Vest – Loved this. I talked about this in the raincoat post. This would be such a great piece to have out here in the PNW to wear with bulky sweaters. Size S

Outbound Jacket – Love this, too, for a nice go-to rain coat. Comes in yellow, olive and navy. All are good! Size S



Drippity Jacket – Besides the really dumb name, I love this jacket. A perfectly packable raincoat for warmer temps. This is soft and comfy and would be a great airplane jacket, too. It seems to me like a more causal version of a trench coat. That green, too, is so good. Size S

Down With It Jacket – The fit is so good on this. I may return for this coat because I could use a good warm coat with a hood. Love it. The drawstring waist really makes it more flattering. It’s a soft fabric that isn’t too shiny, too, which I like.

Downalicious Jacket – Oh my, Athleta, with the cheesy names. But this coat is super cute. If needing a hood is not an issue, this would be a great choice. It’s warm, but not too puffy. Love the taupe color I tried on. It looks way better in person than on the website. (Jeans are old leggings from Target, but these from Express look similar and good, Y’all know the boots).

Overall Take-Away

I’m really glad Shana asked if I would check out Athleta. I was pleasantly surprised with their selection and I will keep them in mind now for certain items. (Their online reviews are pretty helpful as well.)

Leggings: Best of all, I loved their leggings. They are a little more than I would typically spend on a pair of leggings, but they fit really well and have some great color options.  They hold you in and feel like they are constructed well.  I found both workout leggings and everyday wear leggings that were all rad. The chaturanga tights gets really great reviews, in the mid rise or the high rise. People love these things. Beware though that any colors that do have cotton in them at all may not stay put for all-day wear, according to one review. Most of the colors though are made from their PILAYO fabric and that fabric seems to hold up really well, according to reviewers.

Jackets: Really good jackets and coats. It seems like the coats and jackets fit petites a little better than their tops do.

Sizing: The sizing issue was interesting. I’m not sure if it’s due to vanity sizing or what, but just keep in mind the generous sizing when you go or order online, especially.

Sales: There were quite a few items in the sale area at the store, and online I’ve noticed. I don’t think they offer the insane number of coupon codes that Gap does, but they seem to have a decent number of discounted items at any given time. Right now the sale on coats is good, you guys. Many are half off.

Shop the Boutique


Have you tried Athleta out? Let me know what you think of durability of their workout gear, if you’ve tried it. I like the fit so much that I hope it holds up for the long term! Until then…






  1. Love their leggings (more than lulu!) – also, the Studio CYA sweatshirt is amazing, soft and comfy, very flattering. If you have an “in” with anyone at Athleta, can you ask them to make the fade tights in petite, please??

  2. Everything I have has held up great. I do air dry all of my athletic clothing. And if for some reason it didn’t hold up, I would just take advantage of their lifetime guarantee!

  3. Yeay! So glad to see an Athleta review! We don’t have one near us, and the few things I’ve ordered are totally hit-or-miss. I do have a few pairs of black pants from there that I love – had them for years and they totally hold up and keep their shape. I also love their Glory bra – it’s the best high-impact bra for us. . . ahem. . . well-endowed gals. I’ve had a hard time finding tops I like there – the fit is weird for me. I do love the Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt. It’s surprisingly flattering for a sweatshirt. 🙂

  4. Great post! I love Athleta and the durability makes the price point pretty reasonable IMO. I also hang dry all my workout clothes. I now have additional pieces that I wasn’t aware of to obsess over…drippity jacket, techie sweats…

  5. I have been shopping at Athleta since before they were bought out by gap. I have several things I have owned (and used several times a week) for years that have held up great. Just last month I finally broke down and replaced my favorite pair of capri leggings because after nine years they were starting to look pretty faded. That particular pair still hasn’t lost it’s shape though. I know they’re expensive but the fit is just so good and their clothing lasts FOREVER!

  6. I can’t say enough good things about Athlete leggings/running tights. I have very jiggly “saddle bags” and they are the ONLY tights I will wear. They really hold you in. I have tried on all the sport brands, Nike, Brooks, etc, none compare. At first I scoffed at the price. But they really are that much better. If you take care of them they will last.

  7. I got some great deals on super cute casual dresses from Athleta last summer. But my favorite purchase from there has to be a black skort. Yep, a skort. I wore on a weekly basis during the summer. Perfect for taking the kids out and about

  8. I love athleta- I’m currently wearing this pullover 1/4 zip fleece that has really cute quilting details on the yoke and down the arms – perfect for a super casual snow day at work. I’m tall, and I really appreciate that their pants and dresses often come in tall lengths. At some stores, everything is a capri on me!

    Althelta is also without a doubt my favorite place to shop for swimwear. I think their style is a little sportier than jcrew, and often has better coverage, especially for people who actually SWIM in their swimwear! Their online selection is better than whats in store, and they have things in all colors and sizes- I’d love to see Athleta as next year’s swim review.

  9. So excited to see an Athleta post! I am currently wearing my Metro high-waisted leggings and one of their Pure Tees, so soft, comfy, and perfect for everything. Personally, I really prefer the high-waisted pants, as the mid-rise ones tend to hit me right in the spot to showcase the “mommy-tummy,” whereas the highwaisted ones totally give a slimming effect. Anyway, thanks for going to try stuff on and sharing!

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