Attention!! Nine West Is Having a Huge Sale


Nine West is having a killer sale right now.  Here are my favs:


For Date Night


1.  Mainstay Bootie, $69 

I have a similar pair, and they end up being my date night option 99% of the time.  Any sexy heel that hides a pair of smartwool socks is going to win almost every time.  (I also wore these to work – they can even make cords look cool.)

2. & 3. Coral Booties, $59

A more walkable version of the bootie above.  The black is a no-brainer, but I really love the look of the taupe, too.  Perfect for all of the lightwash denim I wear.  

4. Caress Classic Round Toe, $49

Only a few of the colors are on sale, but the leopard print is one of them.  I love the sexy heel height, and the reviews say it's comfortable!  (The dark green suede is also on sale for $29…hmmm….)

5. Miracl Platform, $49

You really can't go wrong with red suede pumps.  Especially with a platform heel and cute round toe.  This is the shoe version of happy socks.

6. Tairette Boot, $49

This boot looks like a knock-off from a fabulous Michael Kors bootie a few seasons back.  Love these.  I'd wear them like this


For Play Date


7. Sloane Pull On Boots, $39

This boot comes in other colors, but this rich, dark brown is my hands-down favorite. 

8. Buckleit Booties, $39

A vegan-leather option in a perfect shade for spring.  

9. Twopiece, $29

The cutest little flats. I'd wear them in the spring with destroyed denim and lipstick, and in the summer with cut-offs and a white tee. 

10. Tieler Boots, $59

Yup.  These are the perfect tough-girl boots for chasing the kiddos around.  


Also?  We were just talking about using white bags in winter…I kinda like this one (on sale for $59)…or maybe this pale gold metallic cross-body (on sale for $99).  Lastly, I love the pop of blue on this date-night clutch (on sale for $39).

Happy Shopping!





  1. Okay…so I originally had five pair in my cart (we will not discuss the fact I have an entire shoe CLOSET in my house). I narrowed it down to two. I really want one of the pair on your first list, but they don’t have them left in my size. sigh…
    Code NWEMS314 works for an additional 15% off your order. Also, if you have an ebates account, you can earn 3.5% back (I think FatWallet is 4% back if you are counting every cent). And a shoprunner account gets you free two day shipping, so they will be on your feet before the snow on the ground melts!

  2. I love this post and most of the shoes in it however, I don’t know what kind of pants to wear with any of these boots (besides what you already paired). For instance, I love any of the Play Date options but what kind of pants would you wear with them? I admittedly have a J-Lo type body (smaller frame on top and a pear shaped bottom) and I think any sort of skinny jean would enhance my pear shape (which I’m trying to de-emphasize at all times!) Any advice? I love your blog and point of view:). Thanks!

  3. Just bought #10! Also used the coupon code, so paid less than the sale price, even with shipping and tax. YAY! Thanks for the head’s up on the sale 🙂

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