August Friday.



Well, here we are.  August.  How did we get here?  I can barely remember the day of the week these days, much less account for a very blurry July.  (There's a reason they don't want you driving on narcotics, Mamas.  A very good reason.)  Thank you all so much for your continued support, love, and prayers.  I meet with the oncologist on Monday, so am keeping my fingers crossed.

Now.  Onto some fun.  I've been meaning to do a Friday post for a while.  I've a little list of things I wanted to share, and some answers to questions from Instagram (@shanachristine).

A while ago, a reader sent me this link to an Etsy shop full of super-cool belts and buckles.  She's been using these belts to make her summer momiform more interesting.  Thanks, Suzanne!

Have you noticed the retro sneaker trend?  I think I just found my pair.  And Lena demonstrates so perfectly how cool sneaks can make an outfit.  She pairs hers with a simple tee and comfy skirt.  Done.

Did you catch Refinery 29's street style beach edition?  Yeah, there are a few models in there, but most of their snaps are of normal-sized beauties with some seriously cool ideas for beach cover-ups.  More like this, please.

Chaucee demonstrates how real gals can rock a 70's style jumpsuit.  Her picture literally took my breath away.  Holy sexy, batman.

I'd love to be more organized, but it feels like a totally unattainable goal (especially now).  However, the Modern Mrs. Darcy makes a darn good case for this book, which is an organizing book written for people with ADD.  AKA…moms

Oh!  I got my big 'ol box of Nordstroms goodies and wanted to report back.  First of all, the Joe's ankle boots are insanely soft and comfortable. You could easily wear those babies without socks.  Also, that juniors baseball sweater is Fall perfection.  It's my new answer to a boring cardigan.  And you know those kind of oversized, fashion coats?  The Sartorialist is forever shooting them – they look like they are maybe oversized and vintage?  Anyway, I've been staring at this one and it's part of the sale and is kind of fabulous but I just. don't. know.  Thoughts?

A few of you gave me a hard time about Abercrombie and Fitch from this article.  At the time, I rolled my eyes.  I mean yeah, their stores make me break out in hives from the unabashed douche-baggery, but I figure that most of these fast-fashion houses are in an ethical gray area.  Well.  It turns out that the guy who owns Abercrombie may actually be the biggest douchebag of them all.  I stand corrected.  But THIS???  Is the Best. Response. Ever.  Kinda makes me want to pose topless in my Abercrombie shorts and mastectomy scars.  BAM.

Oh!  Lastly, the instagram q's:


1.  This insanely awesome circuit board for kids is the Snap Circuits SC-300, ages 8-18.  However, there's enough simple projects that even R (age 5) can play with some help.  This thing has entertained him for two days straight.  And is currently on sale for $39 (down from $65 – yikes!).

2.  Remember this yumminess??  My friend Jess finally posted the recipe for the pesto.  It's cilantro, arugla and almond based.  Oh, baby.  I've been eating one of these every day for the last week. 


That's it!  Enjoy your weekend, Sweetpeas!  More next week…




  1. Thank you for acknowledging that Mike Jeffries doesn’t deserve the air he breathes. All of the anti-bullying efforts for teens are useless when guys like this have a “bully” pulpit supported by the masses. This is the guy who EMPOWERS the tormentors, fueled by the profits he derives from peddling overpriced schlock produced by underpaid and ill-treated labor. It’s a no win. Thanks for linking the other bloggers photos – awesome!
    Ok can you tell that this dude pisses me off? 😉
    I’m going to breathe deeply and let my heart rate subside now. Have an awesome, stylin weekend with your fam!

  2. Like Ginny above, talk to me about the sizing on that baseball sweater. Because I need one. So perfect for fall layers, and the perfect blend of classy and cute.
    Thanks so much for the mention! Giggling at moms and ADD. Because exactly.

  3. Ok, I’m still working on breathing deeply. Sorry for spazzing out there. Some people just get under my skin.
    On to more important things, like Nordies…

  4. One more Friday tip for you, Shana, and all us mamas addicted to the ease of online shopping: H&M opened its US online shopping site this week! (And, no, I am not an H&M shill… I just love their inexpensive fashion pieces and parts!)

  5. I ordered both a small and a medium and ended up keeping the small.  HOWEVER – either one worked.  The M fit a little more slouchy, but it's not like the small was super tight or anything.  Clear as mud?  I'd say pretty true-to-size. 
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  6. Ginny, I wouldn't have noticed that it was juniors.  I ordered both S and M and kept the S….but it's forgiving enough that the M would work ok too.
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  7. Same for me. Ordered the medium, but ended up exchanging for a small. I’m 5’1” and normally wear between a 6 and 8. You’re right, Shana, it is fabulous. Thanks for the recommendations; how is it that you can be that good even while you are medicated?

  8. Thanks for the links, even if I have a couple years to wait before my LO can use those awesome circuit boards. I also enjoyed the response to the Abercrombie comments – right on! It reminded me of this video I saw on the same topic, ie to re-define their brand (although there seems to be more controversy with this second approach):

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