Author Sara Spence

‘House Cool’ After Kids?

Having the passion and the drive to keep things looking ‘cool’ around the house after kids is a little bit of an obsession for my husband and me. I guess I should define our thought of ‘cool’ – a modern, neat, functional interior that you enjoy and you’re not tripping over toys (all the time) and can have the toys put away within a matter of minutes, if needed. We strive for this and while wanting to give our son all the toys and space to play he can handle, we need to be able to sit back in the evening after he goes to bed and not stare at the Hot Wheels track and cars, books, blocks, drums – you get the idea. Of course, it’s up to us to actually get the stuff put away but away is a relative term meaning you have to have a place to put it that doesn’t look out of place.