Baby Jogger Stroller Review: City Tour LUX


Let’s talk about my new favorite daily stroller, the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX – does anyone else swear by it too? This stroller has been awesome to use during my pregnancy, especially in these later months when everything hurts and lifting ANYTHING heavy is not fun (and that, unfortunately, includes Greenlea).

Like an umbrella stroller, it’s lightweight (19 pounds), but the seat can face forwards or backwards, and the basket underneath is capable of lots of storage — which is awesome when you don’t want to carry anything. It’s actually easy to fold and unfold (Zack can do it one-handed; I’m not as coordinated), and is ultra-compact to fit in the trunk of my car (in addition to groceries, bags, etc.).

Greenlea just turned four and loves it – and when the new baby comes we can buy a foldable pram or car seat adapter and glider board for her to make it a double stroller. This one is going to get a lot of use.

Greenlea loves this stroller too. She HATES being too hot, and the canopy blocks the sun for her when it’s too intense. The seat can recline all the way back and, in fact, she actually SLEPT in this stroller for hours one day. This girl, who doesn’t nap, and who had NEVER napped in a stroller before, slept in this one for hours. I mean, that’s pretty amazing. The front part of the seat can be adjusted up or down (in the pics above it’s up, in the pics below it’s down), which makes it even more comfortable for your kiddo. Sometimes a pregnant mama needs to put her feet up. This stroller has been used a few times for that purpose, not gonna lie.


Maternity Maxi Dress (similar), Copper Birkenstocks, Bag, Earrings

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX, c/o, also available at Amazon and Nordstrom

For Travel

I’ve now flown a few times using this stroller. Zack is usually with us, but once it was just Greenlea and I (at 33 weeks pregnant). Thank GOD it’s lightweight and (truly) easy to fold. You can separate the seat and the frame, but you don’t have to…which makes it so easy to check it at the gate of the plane and open it back up after landing. It folds right up to fit through the baggage screening, too, so it doesn’t take extra time during security. It was a lifesaver when our flight was delayed — I could pack all of the bags on it (under it, etc.) and rest my feet on it when they started to swell up. If you fly a lot, this stroller is perfect for your family.