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Putting together this college shopping list post gave me major nostalgia for those (comparably) carefree days, especially since we just had our annual summer girls weekend. The rush of making insta-friends in those heady, scary, amazing first days of college (and keeping them for the past 20-something years!) is life-changing. But for incoming freshmen, especially those living away from home for the first time, the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a simplified list of dorm essentials and some fun extras to make the transition to college life a little smoother.

College Bedding Sets

Since most people don’t have twin XL sized beds at home, it’s easier to buy bedding for college in a set rather than looking for that odd size for sheets, comforter or duvet, etc. Here are some modern, stylish ones that cover lots of different styles from boho to prep. What better time to try a new style than college, when your “adult” identity is in its baby stages? (TBH, at nearly 40, mine’s still forming!)


College Laundry + Shower Essentials

Even though the kids these days can check their laundry’s status via smartphone app, they’ve still got to tote their dirty clothes to the laundry room/laundromat. Here are some chic laundry storage picks, plus shower caddies and towels since they all fall under the clean-up category.


Dorm Storage

Things can get messy in a hurry with two (or more!) people sharing a tiny dorm room. Start them off on the right foot with a place for all the things.


Dorm Kitchen Essentials

Just the basics – our dorm kitchen had a sink, microwave and possibly a toaster. These small space sized picks bring a little touch of home, or at least fresh brewed coffee when they wake up.


Dorm Decor

Fun little extras to add some personality to those four white, plain walls. Surely we can do a little better than raggedy bikini girl or boy band posters, a la my college days…


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