Look at Pax, giving me the business.  Per usual.  But the little stinker started Kindergarten – today – and even though we drive each other nuts, I was a wreck.  My Little Chubbies is neither little or chubby these days, and part of me feels like My Work Here Is Done.   Thank You And Goodnight.

Of course that’s not really true…but having your youngest (YOUNGEST!!) start school certainly marks the end of an era.  Maybe I’ll start drinking more.


Each year when the kids start, I totally ignore the 90 degree issue and insist on finding “school shoes” that can withstand winter.  (I’m originally from Michigan, it’s how we do.)  The thought of sitting in a classroom all day wearing snowboots gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I’m looking for something warm-ish, but not overly so.  (Of course, last year Raines happily wore this pair of snowboots on the daily without complaint, but I always feel like There Could Be A Better Answer.)

I think I found it:  Warm, but not too warm (this find is still firmly in the shoe category, rather than the boot category), and – bonus – the kids can get them on/off themselves.  Do you know how hard it is to find shoes for an 8 year old that don’t tie???  #momfail #shutup











Outfit Details

RAINES  (the older one): 

tee: Chaser Ice Cream tee

jeans: Hudson Kids ‘Jude’ Straight Leg Jeans (these are skinnies – totally don’t get the name)

shoes: Ugg Theron High Top Sneakers (we flipping ADORE the pop of blue – such a cool design choice – and the fluff is only at the top, so it’s not overly warm)

backpack: Herschel Supply Co Kid’s Backpack in Milky Way

PAX (youngest): 

tee: Chaser tee (sold out, but if I had seen this shark tee OMG.  Amazing.)

jeans: Hudson Straight Leg Jeans (Pax was mad that they weren’t as skinny as his brother’s.  Sigh.)

shoes: Ugg Rennen High Top Sneaker (the fluff is only at the top, so it’s not overly warm)

backpack: Comic Backpack


tee: Sincerely Jules ‘Super’ Tee (size M)

jeans: AG Skinnies (chopped ’em off myself thankyouverymuch)

shoes: Ugg Janie Clog Sandal (now 50% off!!)

watch: Mike’s – I stole it, haha.

sunnies: Le Spec Le Smirking volcanic tortoise (totally obsessed with these, btw.  And under $100.)


Shop My Fav Fall-to-Winter UGGs

Here are my top picks for back-to-school shoes that will last for most of the winter.  Many of these pairs we’ve had in years past…..we’re pretty hardcore UGG Australia lovers in this fam…


I’m curious: what do your kiddos wear to school all winter?  Do they wear boots all day long, or just deal with sneakers in the cold?  We did hiking boots one year but the laces almost killed me.  I’m always looking for fresh ideas here – what do you do?



A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  I’m always thrilled to share products we truly love, and UGG Australia is always a no-brainer for us. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for the continued support of The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.



  1. Here in Canada (!), our kids wear winter boots to school and inside shoes at school, usually runners. This is in elemtary school. Our winter footwear has to be good to at least -30C! There’s no 2-birds-with-1-stone for Fall/Winter school footwear.

  2. I use shoeps on my sneakers – they’re these rubber/silicone snap on things you use to replace your laces to turn your sneakers into slip ons. I really like them. I mean, I can tie my shoes, but it’s such a hassle to have to untie and retie them every time I take them off for day care drop off.

    Here, in Sweden, kids don’t wear shoes indoors in school – at least not until high school. So we had snow boots for outside, and just socks on inside.

  3. As a mother and teacher in Maine I’ve noticed most kids wear boots to school and change into sneakers at school. They have to wear boots to play in the snow, and they need sneakers for gym class- my daughter’s elementary school sends home reminders about having a change of shoes that way kids aren’t sitting around in boots. I work at a middle school and during the winter the halls are lined with Bogs and Bean boots. Bogs seem to be the boot of choice for kids here.

  4. My kid shoe of choice lately is the brand Plae. No winter boots needed here in Houston, so these shoes take us year round (our school doesn’t allow sandals). What I love about this brand is 1) they hold up very well, so well that I have no problem expecting the younger child to wear them as hand me downs 2) when it’s time to hand them down you can let the younger child chose their own customized Velcro tabs ($5-10) to make them their “own” 3) machine washable 4) cute styles, comfortable, easy on/off, etc etc. I guess they’re a little expensive, but worth it if you have two children who can wear them.

    • Christy, thanks for the recommendation of Plae. Love it! Shana and team, Y’all have great readers! So many good comments on here. Cheers!

      • Samantha, you’re welcome! They also have a growth spurt guarantee, if your child outgrows them in 30 days they will give you a size up (or something like that). I’d buy them through their website (tons of choices) unless you can find them on sale somewhere.

  5. Love the pick of your sweet boys! Mine are in high school but this brings me back to when they were requiring Velcro. We, too, were required to supply inside shoes and snow boots for outside play. Somehow my daughter has convinced her friends to tie her shoes for her because she can’t be bothered, jeeze!
    Also having trouble resisting the sale on your clogs. Enjoy your few hours of quiet!

  6. Here in Canada, all the kiddos have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes – year round. Plus, at our school, they need a second pair (!) of indoor shoes for before- and after-school daycare. This may stem from the very Canadian quirk that it is rude to wear your shoes in the house – so the idea of kids not taking their shoes off when they enter the school is very odd. Plus, considering we walk to school in snowy -20C (that’s -4F), the kiddos are all in massive boots for 4 months of the year – so there is no other way.

    It is the cost of all of this footwear on growing feet that kills me!

    PS On your recommendation last year, we bought Bogs for winter boots after being unable to dry out the inside of the Sorels overnight – but we got them later in the season when it was more slush than deep cold – curious if they will be warm enough for January temps! (I bought them super-big so they would last this year!

    • Hey Marnie, we got a pair of hand-me-down Bogs for our littlest a couple years ago. Life changing. We zipped out and bought them for our oldest as well since he has this brutal habit of walking on the inside edge of the heel where there is no rubber. Thus ruining the boots. We are also in Canada (Ontario) and the kids feet were both plenty warm. I bought some for myself for yard-duty and fun outside. Awesome!

  7. We wear Bogs for the commute in the Chicago slush and change into sneaks at school. Also love Uggs for the cold, dry days. I LOVE these Uggs sneakers. Both boys will be getting a pair this year for sure!

    Side note…I have those Uggs sandals and LOVE them. They go with everything. However, the side strap came undone, exposing a very pokey nail. I bought a second pair…exact same thing. What gives? Have you had this issue?

  8. After my oldest learned to tie his shoes, I offered both of my kids $5 if he would teach his sister how to tie hers. She learned real quick. 😉

    Now I’m off to see if ugg makes those sneakers in ladies sizes.

  9. This is great, I think I’ll get my 3 year old the pair that Pax is wearing. Thanks! And to answer your question, my kids have loved wearing their snow boots all day at school/daycare. I’m with you, though, it seems uncomfortable to me. We also buy See Kai Run leather high-tops for Fall/Winter, but it seems the kids gravitate to the snow boots anyway.

  10. Agree with most other comments – here in Michigan my boys wear boots (Bogs) to and from school and keep a pair of sneaks in their lockers to wear indoors. They are required to have boots for outdoor recess but aren’t allowed to wear them indoors or for PE, they have to have sneaks.

  11. My girls love Primigi boots. I look for the gore-tex boots with Velcro closures. They are warm, waterproof enough, wear like sneakers for gym class, and snow can’t get in at the top. Win x 4!

  12. These are adorable. Since there are no reviews yet on Nordstrom, what are your thoughts about how these will be for daily wear with a Northeast winter? I’m worried about ruining the suede on the side once the snow hits.

  13. Ohmygosh your boys are so beautiful! I have blondies of my own. So sweet…and I need that ice cream shirt in my size (cuz ice creams a food group!). My daughter wears a uniform so she’s got limited (sorta) school shoe color options. She wore high-top moto style zara boots with fuzz inside all last winter. They are treaded so nice for running and soft leather but more sneaker-ish would have been better. But uggs have been our easy no sick boot in the past. love. great post!

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