It’s Tricky: Baggy Jeans & Curves


I’m trying to lean in to the baggy jean trend, but it does not come easily to me. Those Free People Barrel jeans the entire team is obsessed with? (Scroll through our feed and you’ll see that shape pop up again and again and again.) I tried ’em. Didn’t love ’em.

I do like them on other people, though…and I think the problem with finding a pair of “baggy” jeans I like is my booty.

To be clear, I don’t think my booty is a problem (I’ve learned to fully embrace my curves), but it does make finding certain styles of jeans more difficult…like baggy jeans.

The Search for Baggy Jeans That Work For Curves

jeans (28) | boots | similar cardigan

While discussing the baggy jean trend at one of our recent meetings, Kat mentioned that in order to get the actual baggy look, those of us with curves need to size up 1-2 sizes and then cut off the extra length…and…I’m just not going to do that. I’m not convinced I like the super baggy look enough to commit to all of that.

That’s not to say I can’t embrace a trend and try to make it my own. I’m all about experimenting with trends as long as I can find a way for it to work for my body and fit my style.

So I set out to find a pair of baggy jeans that I actually felt comfortable in…a pair that’s – dare I say – sexy? And after trying a number of different options, I found some!

2 Pairs of Baggy Jeans That Work For Curves

1. Citizens of Humanity Loli Mid Rise Baggy Jeans

The winners were these mid rise jeans from Citizens of Humanity. (These were my first pair from Citizens and I love them!) Here’s how I dressed them up for a night out recently, and I think this is my ideal version of the baggy jean trend…somewhat sexy even, right?

jeans (28) | boots | bag | cami | similar lace top | belt

Because my butt fills out so much of the extra fabric, they look much different on me than on the model. They almost look low rise on me (they have an 11″ rise in front), but the fact that the rise is higher in the back (14″) means that my butt is fully covered.

Shop the Jeans: Nordstrom (also in a lighter blue wash, pictured below), Bloomingdales, Shopbop, Revolve

The fabric is soft, the denim is stretchy, and that rise is perfection.

jeans (28) | boots | similar cardigan

And although they’re baggier than the jeans I’m used to, they still show off curves and give shape to the booty instead of hiding it – some baggy jeans go straight down from the butt, but these don’t. They kind of cup the cheeks to enhance the curves.

jeans (28) | boots | similar cardigan

The 32″ inseam means I have to wear heels with them, but I’m pretty used to that and like the length heels add to the legs. (My typical heel height is under 3″ and they work with those!)

Citizens of Humanity Loli Mid Rise Baggy Jean in Palazzo Wash

This is the exact same fit and style as the darker grey pair above, but in a lighter blue wash, palazzo. (I asked you guys which color to keep on Facebook and most of you said the dark grey.) It’s a bit easier to see how the booty is still defined even though the legs are baggier with this lighter wash. I loved both but kept the dark grey!

jeans (28) | cami

2. Rag & Bone Featherweight Logan Jeans

Shop the Jeans: Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s

So these obviously look a lot different on me than on the model, but I’m still getting a bit of a baggy vibe with them. My butt fills out more of the fabric, and the waist of the jeans still kind of gives shapes around my hips. (Some baggy jeans are just straight up and down – see below.)

jeans (27) | boots | similar cardigan

And the fabric, you guys?? Rag & Bone’s Featherweight fabric is nothing short of amazing. I first came across this deliciously soft and lightweight material when searching for a denim maxi this fall and immediately fell in love. The key is the Tencel lyocell fabric the cotton is blended with. I’ve been obsessed with this fabric since first discovering it back in 2020 (thanks, J.Crew!). It’s such a soft material that anytime I see a piece is made from it, I know I’m going to love it. (Case in point? This denim jacket that I wore with all the things last spring and summer.) These jeans are 61% cotton and 39% Lyocell, so although they aren’t stretchy like the Citizens pair above, they’re super soft and lightweight and incredibly comfortable.

jeans (27) | boots | similar cardigan

The rise is 11″, the exact same as the Citizens pair, so maybe I’m onto something…11″ is perfectly mid-rise to me, long enough to completely cover the bum but low enough that they’re decidedly different from all of the higher rises in my closet. And like the Citizens of Humanity pair, the butt is defined with these, too.

jeans (27) | boots | similar cardigan

The raw hem on these make them super easy to cut to the exact inseam you want. I haven’t cut these yet, but I may graze just a bit of the length off so they don’t drag on the ground.

Two Pairs Of Baggy Jeans That Did NOT Work For Curves

1. AGOLDE Clara Jeans

Shop the Jeans: Nordstrom, Shopbop, Bloomingdale’s, Revolve

The funny thing about this pair is that depending on which website they’re on, they’re described as both low and high rise…the exact same pair. The rise is just over 10 inches (which is probably more mid-rise than anything), but the problem for me is the lack of shape.

jeans (28) | cami

They’re definitely more straight up and down than the pairs I liked. So while they fit my butt (I couldn’t size down and squeeze it in), they were too wide at the waist.

jeans (28) | cami

This pair was definitely not made for curves…but would be a great option for straighter bodies!

jeans (28) | cami

2. Rag & Bone Featherweight Sofie Wide Leg Jeans

Shop the Jeans: Saks, Nordstrom, Revolve, Bloomingdale’s

Although these were made from that deliciously soft lightweight material I love, the fit was just all kinds of no for me. (The model is 5’10” though and I’m 5’4″ so that obviously makes a huge difference.)

jeans (28) | cami

The leg opening was over 5 inches wider than the Rag & Bone pair I loved above, and the inseam (34″) was laughably long on me. These were definitely the baggiest pair on me, and a perfect illustration of why I don’t like the true baggy look on me. They tend to hide any shape instead of showing off any curves and just look…comical IMO.

jeans (28) | cami

I couldn’t size down in these either because the butt was actually tight, which you can see in the pic above…but too loose in the waist at the same time. Again, another good option for straighter girls!

jeans (28) | cami

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Stay tuned for a post on how I’m styling the best baggy jeans that work for my curves!