Weekend 3.9


Pax’s last competition before Nationals is tomorrow and we are LIMPING to the finish line. Technically, we won’t know if he makes Nationals until next week (invites start coming out on March 15), but I think his chances are pretty good. Once again he wanted to qualify for the all-around, which, for snowboarders means qualifying in GS, Slalom, Bordercross, Slopestyle (aka jumps and rails) and Half-Pipe. The kid has been so freaking busy, so freaking focused and is now, like, about to melt down. He’s just physically and mentally exhausted.

Raines, on the other hand, is having the time of his life. He’s been working on his tricks all season, hanging with his buddies, and feels zero pressure to qualify for Nationals. He’s got his goals, and the expectations of others – or any external accolades – really don’t seem to be a factor. Like, ever.

It’s wild how two kids can be so…different. It seriously makes my head spin. They’re less than 3 years apart, and while we don’t parent them exactly the same (they are very different kids), our parenting is certainly more alike than different!

To be honest, I sometimes feel like “parenting” is just “trying different stuff”. And it helps when I remember that my goal as a parent is really just support. I don’t want to change who they are, I just want to make sure they know exactly who they are. And also that Mommy wants to forever and ever kiss their sweet faces and squish them in the biggest hugs and OMG LOVE THEM LIKE CRAZY.

That’s all.

Oh, WOW: The coolest bag for spring. But I’d wear it year-round, too, and oops – it’s in my cart.

WOW AGAIN: Adidas just launched these special edition Sambas and they’re SO FREAKING FUN. (Also, if you haven’t yet seen our team video on Adidas Sambas, check it out here).

The sneakiest trousers. Athleta’s Brooklyn Heights High-Rise Wide-legs are, in a word: genius. They’re elastic-waist, come in regular, tall, petite, and plus sizes, and are bananas comfortable. But the best part is that they have enough trouser details that they honestly look like…trousers. I was going to buy some trousers, hem for sneakers and now…I’m just basically going to wear comfy workout pants. Same same. (I tried a few different sizes, but am keeping the 6 petite.)

Let’s talk fisherman sandals. I’m usually not a fan, but then I saw the Free People version. I think I love them? (In black?) Also at Revolve and Nordstrom. The only downside is that they’re more flat than sandal, and might be too hot in the summer. Which…is how I come full circle every time fisherman sandals are trending: still no. Are you guys into this style? Am I missing something here?

Fav sweats, on sale. GAP’s cargo sweatpants and matching hoodie (the set I literally own in two colors, black and gray) is – finally!! – on sale. I’ve literally been waiting since the fall for GAP to mark these pieces down – they’ve been exempt until now. I’m picking up another black hoodie (Nieve chewed the collar on mine) and will probably snap up a pair of matching sweatshorts, since I’ve gotten so much wear out of the sweatpants.

Throwing leggings into the ring. Laura has been on a quest to find leggings that don’t roll down (part 1, part 2 – she’s so freaking funny FYI), and I think I stumbled upon a pretty great contender: Athleta’s Interval Stash Tight. I bought the the ‘dark lapis blue’ in my usual size small, and while they are annoyingly hard to get on…they seem to stay up really, really well once on. There’s a hidden drawstring at the waist and I think Laura might be right about a drawstring being the key. They’re tighter and more compressive than most Athleta leggings, but once I wrestle them on they really do seem to stay up.

A top to wear with leggings. I don’t really wear leggings as Real Pants these days, but I do often find myself running around in them after a workout. In those cases, I either wear my usual cropped puffer OR go in the opposite direction and wear a couple of longer layers. These longer layers almost always start with Zella’s Relaxed Long Sleeve Slub Tee, which just came out with a bunch of new colors. I’ve owned both the black and white for years, but am now eyeing up ‘Green Glimmer’ and mayyyybe either ‘Thunder’ or ‘Cayenne’.

Once more, for the people in the back. I know I talked about these GANNI pants last week, but they arrived yesterday and – I don’t want to overstate things – but they might be the coolest pants I’ve ever bought. They’re lightweight & parachute-y without being cold & swishy. They seem to go with everything, and the stitching makes them look so freaking good. They’re too long for me (I’m just under 5’3″), but I’m either going to mess around with cuffing/rolling, or just hem them for sneakers.

Good jeans. These jeans – from 7 for All Mankind – have a darn near perfect spring wash. It’s that old faded blue, but they get it exactly right – not uniform, and a little more faded on the thighs. These jeans are also 100% cotton, with an 11″ rise so they’re basically denim Goldilocks (not too low, not too high).

With this rain jacket. I’ve been eyeing up Lole’s Piper Rain Jacket – a longtime favorite of mine – in the new color, ‘Limoges’, which is a stunning blue. Would look especially cute with those lightwash jeans, above.

Two cute dresses. This bright, flirty little dress is the one of the sexiest 100% cotton dresses I’ve ever worn – it’ll be coming on vacation with me this summer – OR, if anyone is heading to Italy (or just want to channel La Dolce Vita), this dress (in ‘black motif’) is 100% the vibe.

Eating crow. I’ve been saying that Golden Goose sneakers were dead for ages now (in my defense they started doing this – I just can’t) but then I tried this pair. Dammit, they’re good. Retro vibes, so freaking cool on, and I had forgotten that the Golden Goose sole is alllllmost orthopedic. Look out, Dansko.

Let’s roll. I’m swooning over the bike baskets at Goodee, handwoven in Ghana (from locally-sourced straws, no less). There’s a bunch of colors & patterns – all are gorgeous.

Off to watch Drops of God with Mike. We’re hooked.




  1. I heard today from an author on simplicity parenting that parenting takes different roles as kids age from governer>gardener>guide.

  2. Just wanted to tell you you’re a Rockstar mom and have them best taste in clothing..I’ve been with ya since theg beginning and I just adore you S!

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