Banana Republic Blew My Mind And Now Everything is 40% Off Until Tomorrow (#dressingroomselfies)




If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine) you already know that I stopped by Banana Republic on Friday, wanting to check out #thenewBR (their words).

Now, when I do #dressingroomselfies, I have a rule: No shopping for myself.  I can go back and buy something after thinking about it for a day or two, but in the thrill of the moment?  NO. (I need this rule because this Shopping Enabler enables herself in the WORST WAY.)

Anyway.  I broke allll the rules on Friday.  I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that the 40% off was calling my name, or if it’s because #thenewBR has managed to hit the perfect note of comfy but sexy in that JCrew-in-the-late-90’s sort of way, but everything reminds me of what I wore in college but better (modernized?) and I’m totally into the #thenewBR.

Swing Back Sweater and OMG THESE SHORTS


Just a cute little sweater from the front…but with a gorgeous open swing back (but not so open that you can’t wear a bra) – see the top pic in the article for a back view. This is Banana Republic’s Textured Cross-Back Pullover, and I’m wearing a size small petite for reference.

Ok, the shorts.  They are a bit longer than I like, so I tried them on just for funsies, never imaging that they would come home with me.  But here’s the thing:  they’re soft, slightly slouchy, and when rolled up nice and high….sexy.  (Mike loves them.)  The extra length actually works – if they were shorter, they wouldn’t hold the roll as well.  These are Banana’s Roll-Up City Chino short, and I’m wearing a size 0.


Linen Tanks That Are Actually SOFT



I’m wearing Banana Republic’s Linen Scoopneck Tee in a size small petite.  I love how it’s vaguely a badass muscle tee, but with a lowish neckline and amazing drape.  And unlike other linen tees I’ve tried, it’s really, really soft.  I bought two.

NOTE – The neckline isn’t low enough for nursing, unless you really go up a size or two.

And I’m wearing this tank with Banana’s Roll-Up City Chino short again.  (Size 0)

A Perfect Tee for Post-Partum and Nursing


Swingy, pooch-hiding shape?  Check.  Easy nursing access?



Yup. Checkity check.  I’m wearing Banana’s Drapey Swing Tee in size XS, with Banana Republic’s Distressed Skinny Jean which was surprisingly good.  Verrrry stretchy and tight alll the way down.  I think I’m in a size 24 (VANITY SIZE ALERT!).


This Cute Little Cropped Top



Blush is the new white you guys.  This is Banana Republic’s Eyelet Cropped Top.  I’m wearing an XS, but may exchange it for an XSPetite to really get a cropped shape.  Also wearing Banana Republic’s Distressed Skinny Jean .


Let’s Talk About Jackets



THIS?  All kinds of amazing!  It’s soft, stretchy, and crazy-flattering.  Love the leather details, too.  Wearing Banana Republic’s Drapey Tweed Blazer, size 00Petite.

Side view:






Also loved this seriously cool Banana Republic Cream One-Button Blazer.  Such a cool Tomboy vibe, and soft and comfortable. Love it with a ton of leg.


I also liked Banana Republic’s oversized Military Jacket.  I’m swimming in an XS…but that’s kinda the charm.  I like the slouch.




This little short suit is surprisingly cute.   It’s Banana Republic’s Textured Moto Jacket (in an 00P) and Square Print Short (size 0).


My New Favorite Way(s) To Wear White



Yup.  I bought this outfit.  It’s Banana Republic’s Cable Knit Cropped Pullover (size S) – which I’ve barely taken off since – and their white Pleated Lace Full Skirt (size 2P).

Call me crazy, but I love it with my birks.




Ok.  So this top.  It’s Banana Republic’s Medallion Lace Top (size XSP) layered over the Essential Cami in XS.  It’s machine washable, comfortable and I wanted to love it….





…cute, right?  But I think I’d like it better if it was short and boxy.  But…..hunh.  I do…really…like…it….  Decisions, decisions.




Banana Republic’s Linen Shirtdress (size 00Petite) manages to be both crisp and soft – a tough combination to find!  It’s a little sheer, though, but would be cute layered over short-shorts (and worn unbuttoned) or as a swim coverup.  Although…if I had on nude panties, it would be fine.  I also like that it’s longer in the back than the front.  It didn’t come home with me though…I had to face the fact that I’m a shirtdress collector, rather than a shirtdress wearer.  Sigh.  One of the mysteries of life.





I will always love a little white mod dress (LWMD?).  Perfect all summer, but looks rocking with black tights and boots in the fall.  This is Banana Republic’s Spacedye Ponte Zipdress, size 0Petite.


Rompin Around


Banana Republic’s V-Neck Romper is crazy comfortable and cute.  Add flat sandals and done.  I’m wearing a 00Petite.


The best part?  EVERYTHING at Banana is 40% off until tomorrow with code SUNSHINE.  I kid you not.  I’m also dying for this quirky clutch, this gorgeous bucket cross-body, this edgy black-chain choker, this layered fringe necklace, these stunning heels – oh heck.  Here’s a boutique with all of my favs.


Happy Shopping!




  1. So funny-I wandered in last week and was also very surprised on how “vince-ish” it was. I bought that split back sweater as well as a very soft cashmere/cotton split side sweater.

  2. I love these posts! Thanks for hitting BR…the last few years there stuff has been boring, but this season looks awesome!
    I also love that it’s a retailer that’s in Canada!
    Keep up the great work, your blog is great.

  3. I’ve been searching for swing tees exactly like these for months now, but never thought to check BR. My (4 times over) postpartum pooch will be so happy to have something new to hide beneath, thank you!

  4. Thanks!! I love these posts (the one you did at GAP a while back was great too). Just ordered several things – yay 40% off! Just a note to anyone considering the linen tees/tanks – read the washing instructions first. I treated mine like a normal tee-shirt and it shrunk in the dryer. Bye-bye drapey. 🙂

  5. Great post! Am going to pop over now – house full of boys during our school break….this is going to be my reward! Have to have something to balance out the nerf gun wars!

    Would love it one day you can coordinate a post between you, Scotti, Cams, and OE for the same look/store etc. It helps me to see it on different bodies. For example, I am tall, small pooch, but long torso and pear shape. So while the crop sweater looks fabulous on you, my guess is that it would be too cropped on me. And, it would be awesome to see each other’s take on a style. Just a thought. 🙂

    • Yes this!!! I am short like you (5’1″), but not quite so thin, and with a very large chest! Would love to see the clothing on different shaped ladies so I can get a better idea of what it would look like on me 🙂

  6. Shana – do you find the open back sweater to be sheer in front? If so I’m thinking a nude bra will be in order but that’s not as cute peeking out of the back I imagine. I just ordered the sweater so trying to figure out which bra to have ready to go so I can wear it right away! 🙂

  7. I follow Marissa Webb on IG and with her style you can why there is #thenewBR Love all your picks…time to go do some damage!

  8. Okay, this has ZERO to do with you BR post (which is very cool, nice picks) but , can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE to an everyday maternity style post? Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top!! I know that none of you regular conributors are expecting but *surely* there is a pregnant lady in Philly dying to redo their maternity wardrobe so the rest of us can run out and buy all the things that work. Yes, I realize this is much easier said than done since so many maternity lines are online only and whatnot, but I mean… I’m kinda at a loss and Motherhood maternity is generally AWFUL and I need HELP. As my two year old says “Pwwwweeeeeeeaaaaaase!”.

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