6 Everyday Outfit Ideas: Free People Moxie Barrel Jeans


You’ve seen these Moxie jeans from Free People on many of us now. Most recently, Shana styled them up in a lighter wash in an uber helpful baggy jeans video.

I first tried the flocked version last winter and fell in love and they became a fun ‘holiday-ish’ pant that I wound up wearing all season. I’ve busted them out again this fall now, too. They come in a really cool green this year and I hope they’ll add more colors back!

Because I loved these jeans so much, I recently added two additional washes to my wardrobe and thought I’d test out how to style up these barrel leg jeans!

Free People Moxie jeans adidas sambas chloe bag

Top (M) | Jeans (28) | adidas | Similar Bag

I adore my Rag & Bone Miramar and Logan Featherweight true baggy, full-length jeans, but these Free People Moxie Barrel Jeans have a real spot in my regular rotation. So let’s look at some ways to style them up…

Barrel Jeans + What I Love About Them

Let’s talk about barrel leg jeans in general for a sec. I’ve been loving them for a few years, probably because yeah, they’re a little bit weird and different. We’ll call them really wearable, unique jeans. And I love them (did I mention that?)

I’ve worn Everlane Barrel Pants, Gap Barrel jeans (similar), and over the past year this Free People Moxie pair. Em, Shana, Jess, Amy, Abby and I all love this barrel-style cut. It’s become a real team favorite.

Some may call these baggy jeans. And while they definitely have more room in the waist and thighs, they are a bit shorter in length and have that barrel shape, so they veer just a bit from the full length AND baggy styles we see so much of right now.

I think this makes them a little easier to wear if you’re shorter and also, let’s face it, in a rainy climate. (Whew and it was SO dark the day I took these so excuse…the rainy climate.)

Where To Buy Them: Free People (biggest selection) | Nordstrom | Bloomingdale’s

6 Everyday Outfits Featuring My Favorite Barrel Leg Jeans

You’ll see here that I got excited about how my new black adidas Sambas paired so well with the dark wash jeans, so I wore them in all the looks.

I did also try the Moxie jeans in the ivory wash (#5 + 6 below) and paired them with my platform Nike Blazers. I’ll keep experimenting with how this shape could go with boots and other shoes, but I’ve mostly worn mine with sneakers, so this a realistic representation.

1 | With An Oversized Blazer + Black adidas Sambas

This is an outfit I could have put a boot on with…but I didn’t…because I adore a blazer + sneaker moment. And it turns out I love a blazer + sneaker + barrel jeans moment, too.

barrel jeans allsaints oversized blazer

Blazer (8) | Shirt | Jeans (28) | adidas | Bag (locally made)

Notes: I find black shoes in general hard to wear, but because the wash on these jeans is darker, the black sneakers work. The jeans graze just the top of my foot, too, so wearing a flatter profile shoe works well with the length. Taller peeps, these jeans specifically in this wash will be cropped on you. I’m 5’4″. The ivory pair you’ll see below are strangely a bit longer (and I’m wearing the same size in both.)

2 | With A Luxe Sweatshirt, Chic White Bag + Black Sambas

Oh hi, luxe sweatshirt + luxe vintage bag find…I will not only be pairing these things together continually but will also be constantly wearing them with other pieces to make them more ‘me.’

SO, instead of wearing this Frank + Eileen Patrick top with preppier khakis or chic sandals, I love it with the modern, edgy(?) barrel jean and sporty sneakers. Fashion juxtaposition is the sweet spot for me.

Free People Moxie jeans adidas sambas chloe bag

Sweatshirt (M) | Jeans (28) | adidas | Similar Bag

Notes: Again, the darker jean and the darker sneaker are working for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to pull off a black shoe with a light-wash jean though only to have it fail time and again. I think the most fool-proof thing you can do is match the values of your shoes + pants, especially for those of us on the shorter side.

3 | Top It Off With A Long Plaid Puffer…

I’m loving this Uniqlo coat so much and I can’t wait for the coming cooler temps so I can wear it daily. It’s warm but light and is such a cool topper.

uniqlo plaid maxi puffer coat

Puffer (M) | Sweatshirt (M) | Jeans (28) | adidas

Notes: A plaid long jacket can read busy and hard to style. This type of coat works well though when the base outfit is essentially monochromatic. I’m excited to pair it over my matching Nike sweats sets (shirt here) and my Vuori hoodie and boyfriend joggers both in Salt Heather.

4 | …or An Oversized (Knit) Moto Jacket

Ok so we see a bit of a base outfit here in the last couple options and I’m liking it. The collared sweatshirt is seriously a most-worn piece right now. I LOVE mine from Frank + Eileen, but BR Factory makes a fab similar option, too.

barrel jeans oversized moto jacket

Knit Moto (s) | Sweatshirt (M) | Jeans (28) | adidas

Notes: This knit oversized moto is last year’s Free People but still stocked at Shoe Mall of all places. It’s so soft and a nice updated moto style option. I love popping it on over my workout wear.

5 | The Ivory Barrel Jeans + Sweater For A Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic neutrals are some of my favorite looks to wear and in some ways are the most foolproof. For a successful monochrome vibe (that isn’t comprised of an actual set) stay away from matching the top and bottom colors EXACTLY. Instead, match very close shades that are still noticeably different.

It’s tricky to write a hard and fast rule like this for all colors, but it works for most.

Free People Moxie jeans ivory monochromatic easy street sweater

Sweater (S) | Jeans (28) | Nikes | Necklace Set

Notes: For some reason, this ivory pair is slightly longer than the denim pair of Moxie jeans. It could be the fabric or just that the cuts are subtly off from each other. Just something to be aware of when trying on!

I’d say if you’re between sizes, definitely size down in these jeans. If you really want that baggy fit though stick true to size.

6 | Ivory Barrel Jeans + My Fav (Updated) Denim Jacket

Ok, finally not a monochromatic look here haha. I kept the sneakers from the last look because I find the light shoes + light pants so much more successful on my frame.

ivory barrel jeans denim jacket Free People

Jacket (S) | Tee (M) | Jeans (28) | Nikes

Notes: Wanting some color in your life? Ha. The tee would be an easy place to pull in color into this look. I’d keep it cropped since the jacket hits at the waistline, too.

Btw, I LOVE this Crystal Utility jacket as it’s kind of a blend between a denim jacket and a shirt jacket and the length is perfection. Denim jackets have kind of bored me the past couple of years, but this does not.

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Sometimes I overlook Free People pieces because they seem too niche or too oversized, but sometimes I find real winners, like these jeans…(and my jean jacket and the knit moto above, too!) If you’ve been looking for something a little different, but totally wearable, give these a try!