Baseball Hat, Meet Summer Dress




Like so many outfits, this one was born out of desperation.  My hair is growing back curly as F-CK, which also happens to be my first thought when looking at this frizzball in the mirror.  In the swamplands of Philly where we currently reside (seriously what is up with the humidity lately), I finally just put a hat on the whole thing and called it a day.

I kinda like it paired with a dress for a little something unexpected, right?  




Pax is going through this phase where he keeps forcing my mouth open, then shoving his dirty little mitts inside.   So. Gross. SOGROSS!  I almost like it better when he plunges his hand down my shirt.



hatJ.Crew Adore Hat

dress:  SheInside striped dress (Ummm…seriously on sale for $11.  And crazy-perfect for post-partum and nursing.)

shoesSaltwater sandals

lipsTarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Fiery

accessories:  Tiffany necklace, Fearless necklace, Ray-bans








After seeing my striking resemblance to Magnum PI, I went in and had Shannon trim the almost-mullet just a shmidge.






hat: J.Crew Adore Hat

dress:  old – bought when I was still nursing…but try Everlane's shirt dress

shoes: Saltwater sandals

lips: Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Fiery

accessories:  Target Totes umbrella


I'm not a mustache-loving girl (unless they're attached to a popsicle stick and used for photo purposes)….but…




So hairy, yet still so hot.  I'm confused.





  1. The last photo of Magnum PI reminds me a little of Mike Rowe. Bonus? Mike is less hairy. My 5 yr old daughter and I may have a slight crush on him…love us some dirty jobs. Love the striped dress!

  2. Whaaat?? $11? That dress is too cute! Love the look with a baseball hat.
    I laughed out loud at that picture of Magnum PI. My dad always tries to shave his mustache and I remind him that he can’t, or he won’t look as good. Most of the time, I hate mustaches on men (they look like pornstars or cops), but… my dad pulls it off.

  3. Just curious, what do you wear under these cute loose fitting dresses? My kids tug on them or lift them often and I’m mortified, often.

  4. First, you look ADORABLE. (Bought those same Saltwaters last year on your recc and love them, btw!) Second, I wish my frizzball could be hidden by a hat. DC is a swamp, too. Any chance of a hair help for frizz and humidity post? I sure could use it!
    Third, coffee out the nose. This may be the most randomly funny post ever. Tom is hot. If you were born in the 70s, no explanation required, he just is. And I’m off to Google this Mike guy….

  5. Now I’m dying to see an updated picture of your hair! =)
    As for humidity hair help, I’m a Maryland/DC girl and the only thing that keeps me from being a frizz queen is Sebastian potion 9. I’ve literally been using it for probably 20 years and it’s MAGIC.

  6. I have been searching everywhere for a cute baseball hat for the summer! Something non-sports-team-affiliated, you know? Shopping enabler post, pretty please?

  7. Another suggestion for curly/frizzy hair (which I have naturally) is Aveda’s ‘be curly’ product. For what it’s worth- it’s worked for me for years (I also use mousse with it).

  8. I adore you. And your sense of style – and HUMOR. Thanks for the great post as always, and especially for including your rad lipstick choices. And including the Tom Selleck reference.
    Can we talk more about the bikini bottoms? “Bikini” as in swimsuit bottoms or as in the not-thong-underwear variety? I’ve been on a constant search for something to go under skirts/dresses because my kids inevitably flip them up, thinking it’s funny. Bike shorts don’t seem right. Any additional ideas here?

  9. Oh gosh!!  Swimsuit bottoms, not bikini panties.  Sorry 'bout that.  HUGE difference.  But yeah – I either swear by swimsuit bikini bottoms, or if the dress is really short, I have a pair of swimsuit bikini shorty-shorts.

  10. It’s like you wrote this post for me. What a great way to start my day. I rocked the summer dress and baseball hat last weekend for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the look. And I even got a compliment on how cute I looked. 🙂
    Oh, and my husband looks a lot like young Tom Selleck….so sexy…and hairy. I’d send you his Halloween photo when he dressed as Magnum PI (shorty white shorts and all) but he’d probably kill me. The resemblance was borderline disturbing.

  11. I have short hair & with summer I’ve been putting a hat on the whole thing too! My fav is the Private cap from Goorin Bros. It works better than a ball cap for me bc I have a freakishly small head. 😉

  12. This is one of my favorite looks in the summer, especially after taking the kids to the pool or beach. It’s easy to throw in my bag, I don’t have to worry about my hair and it looks cute if we’re running errands or stopping to eat after swimming.

  13. Have been looking for a pair of cute, walkable sandals. This makes 2 votes, so I’m sold! And I’m eternally in search of frizz/humidity defeaters as I’m also in DC. Many come close, and my current fave is by Phyto (see my comment with a link above), but nothing I’ve tried so far has been 100% humidity proof, despite all product claims to the contrary.

  14. Love this look! Just found a shirt dress almost identical to yours on the clearance rack in Old Navy for $11.99! Just checked the website and they don’t have it there but had several in my store!

  15. You’re adorbs, but the baseball hat is not my look. Unless it’s fitted and styled ala hip hop, I just can’t get behind it. I love those dresses though, and I think they’d both look super cute with a trilby or a floppy sun hat!

  16. That dress is so cute, I had to order it! Now I just need to find a baseball hat to cover my frizzy pixie on rainy days.

  17. Cracking UP at this post! I will always always ALWAYS have a major crush on Tom Selleck, his hair & his NON-board shorty shorts (am I seeing a theme here? Your earlier post on swim trunks are SO something he would have worn while providing scuba instruction), but I think the appeal is only 40% hair – it’s the 60% ATTITUDE that makes him so damned hot.
    So excited your hair is growing in THICK for you. I definitely want to see your updated ‘do sans baseball cap, apres stylist! I concur with the other DC girls (damn, there are a LOT of us on this blog): Phytodefrisant is MAGICAL.

  18. A friend of mine calls them “chemo curls” 🙂
    I don’t know what to tell you about the frizz (I think honey? I can’t remember), but one trick to try is putting gel in your hair while you are in the shower when your hair is sopping wet.
    Then wrap it in a cotton towel (I use a tee shirt). After a few minutes take off the towel and try not to touch your curls too much.
    I found this over at naturally curly website which has been a lifesaver for me:
    Not sure if that link will work…but it’s and look for curl talk then I searched for chemo.

  19. OK, so I picked up those Saltwater sandals. Count me as a third endorsement. I have fussy feet, so usually sandals like that have a 90% chance of rubbing blisters on my foot somewhere. Not these. Soft leather, instantly comfortable. I actually walked a mile in them the first day, no problems. And the price! Wore them again today with a chambray dress. Love.

  20. So, I ordered this dress and slipped it on and with the slits I feel like it’s uncomfortably short in the front to wear as a dress. Do you think because they are O/S only they can drastically vary in length? How tall are you?

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