The Best Black Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater: Equipment, Everlane, Or…


Three (four? five?) years ago I splurged on a black cashmere sweater by Equipment. It was Equipment’s Oscar Turtleneck Sweater and retailed for over $300.

It was the most expensive sweater I had ever purchased.

But I wore that darn thing everywhere. I wore it (basically daily) with jeans, I wore it with skirts & dresses, and I ended up wearing it skiing. (It was the perfect mid-layer that could take me from the slopes to après-ski). I washed it in the washing machine, laid it flat to dry, and kept it pill-free with a sweater shaver. (You can see my whole process — and the sweater — in this post on how I care for cashmere.)

I blogged this sweater a ton, and answered all of the “is it really worth the price” questions with a resounding YES. This sweater was perfect — it had a slightly longer body which meant it worked with leggings, but was just thin and drapey enough to half-tuck. Equipment hadn’t skimped on the sleeve length either, and the turtleneck itself was a perfect size (and not too tight).

Then Equipment discontinued the sweater. BOO.

Battle Of The Best Cashmere Turtleneck Sweaters: Everlane vs. Equipment Delafine

I eventually started getting questions about the new Equipment sweater, the Delafine. Is it as good as the old Oscar? And…since it now looks exactly like Everlane’s cashmere turtleneck…is it worth the extra cost?

In short…no. Equipment’s Delafine sweater is a beautiful sweater, but the few advantages aren’t worth the extra cost ($325 vs. $130). Let’s break it down:

NOTE – I’m wearing a size small in both sweaters.

Black cashmere turtleneck sweaters: Is the Equipment Delafine as good as the Oscar? And...w/ the Everlane cashmere it worth the extra cost?

Everlane Cashmere turtleneck sweater (small) | Equipment Delafine Turtleneck Sweater (small) | GRLFRND Karolina Jeans (size 26)

As you can see from the photos above, the Equipment Delafine turtleneck sweater has a little more room in the body, and a slightly longer sleeve length. Other than that…the two look very similar. Additionally, the feel of the cashmere is the same, as well as the thickness. I would describe both sweaters as being on the thinner side.

NOTE: My favorite thick cashmere sweaters can be found here…but none of them are black turtlenecks, unfortunately.

Alas…A New Cashmere Turtleneck Contender…

As part of my “research” for a past Nordstrom collaboration, I picked up Halogen’s black cashmere turtleneck and was blown away. Unlike the other two, this sweater has more length in the sleeve and body, and is very reminiscent of my old Equipment sweater. It’s also a little bit thicker than the current Equipment and Everlane sweaters AND softer.

You can see how similar it is in fit — not *quite* as long in the body or the arms as my original Equipment sweater, but it’s also under $100 which is insane.

I loved this sweater so freaking much that I ended up also buying it in ivory. And since it’s almost impossible to show the details of a black cashmere sweater, here’s a few photos of the ivory.

Black cashmere turtleneck sweaters: Is the Equipment Delafine as good as the Oscar? And...w/ the Everlane cashmere it worth the extra cost?

While the body is nice and long, the sweater is still thin enough to tuck in.

Black cashmere turtleneck sweaters: Is the Equipment Delafine as good as the Oscar? And...w/ the Everlane cashmere it worth the extra cost?
Black cashmere turtleneck sweaters: Is the Equipment Delafine as good as the Oscar? And...w/ the Everlane cashmere it worth the extra cost?

Halogen cashmere turtleneck (small) | GRLFRND Carla flares (25)

And The Best Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater Is…

Halogen’s cashmere turtleneck sweater. Size up for more slouch, but this sweater is pretty hard to beat.

That said…if you are looking for a cashmere turtleneck sweater that’s easy to layer under other pieces, or one that is absolutely foolproof to tuck into jeans…Everlane’s cashmere turtleneck is another solid choice.

I’d skip the expensive Equipment Delafine sweater altogether.




  1. I find Everlane’s cashmere starts pilling almost immediately. I’m surprised you like it so much. Nothing pisses me off more that sweaters that look ratty after a handful of wears.

    • Ugh, I hate hearing this (especially because I often recommend Everlane cashmere). I just went and inspected my sweaters again, and they’re…pristine. I agree with BB that Everlane cashmere isn’t initially the softest (except for their ribbed cashmere), but the only pilling I have – at all – is on the sweatpants. But those, uh, have taken many beatings. Shoot, Girl. I’m so sorry about that!!

  2. Yes!!! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had the Halogen sweater for two years now and I LOVE it! It’s so so soft. Way softer than the Everlane cashmere sweater I have and has really held up well. I wash it and shave it (as per tour instructions!) and it still looks great!

  3. I REALLY appreciate this review. Sooo helpful! I’m also just bought the pill remover thingie. I hope this shaver works on this great sweater I have that constantly picks up everything little piece of white fluff out hiding in my dryer so I’m psyched, I love your blog !!

  4. I bought the Oscar after reading you rave about it, and I was not disappointed. I have the grey. Glad to know the Delafine isn’t worth it, b/c I’d be tempted by the black. I also have the Halogen in black, and you are right, it is really good – esp for the price. I love this type of post!

    • Thank you!! (And that’s exactly why I originally bought the Delafine – was shocked at how different it actually was from the Oscar.)

  5. I have the Equipment Oscar in black and grey as well as the halogen one in ivory and I completely agree with your opinion. While I love the Oscar and certainly don’t regret the purchases, as I wear them ALL THE TIME, I do agree that the Halogen sweater is a wonderful alternative.

    Also the Halogen sweater was just released in a few new early spring colors. I just ordered it in the most gorgeous shade of light blue.

    • So gratifying to know someone agrees with my ramblings, so thank you!! And need to check out the new colors. I often have trouble going beyond black, gray or cream. 🙂

  6. I’ve given Everlane’s cashmere three chances at this point because it always gets such glowing reviews and I’ve been disappointed each time – I have 100% wool sweaters that are softer. Not even worth it on sale IMO! Vince and Theory are my go to’s but will have to check out Halogen now also.

    • Everlane’s regular cashmere is definitely not the softest (although their sweatpants got INSANELY soft once I washed them)…but their ribbed stuff is REALLY soft. For whatever it’s worth. But I’d be pretty happy with Vince and Theory cashmere as well – it’s pretty delicious.

  7. Hi Shana, can you let us know how short you hacked the Carla jeans? Confused where to cut the wide legs to not look goofy but still be able to walk?! 🙂

    • I like mine on the longer side – about 1″ from the ground (if you measure from the very back of the shoe). Sometimes I cut at a slight angle so the back is a tiiiiny bit longer than the front. 🙂

  8. Have you tried Nadaam cashmere? I ordered the deep V-neck ribbed sweater, the cashmere wool ribbed crew, and the $75 unisex cashmere sweater to try, and the only one I loved (and kept!) was the $75 cashmere. I’m very sensitive to itchy stuff and it doesn’t bother me at all.

    That ivory turtleneck is gorgeous on you!

    • Yes!! LOVE Nadaam – they’re my favs. The only reason they didn’t make this list is because they didn’t really nail the black cashmere turtleneck. They have a thin layering turtleneck and had a REALLY oversized one that was giant, but neither were as versatile. They do, however, have a wool/cashmere turtleneck sweater I LOVE, but only available in navy (actually wearing it now, haha):

  9. Hi Shana, I love turtlenecks, LOVE! But I’m not the biggest fan of the drop shoulder. As a broad shouldered broad, it doesn’t help me look like less of a linebacker… So I think the Halogen one is out based on this. Do you feel like the Everlane is less droopy in the shoulder. I should also say that I love the look on others, as it is just the right amount of casual cool… but not for this gal 🙁 Appreciate your help!

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