Easiest Houseplants Ever: Our Very Favorite Fauxs


So one thing that you all most likely don’t know about me is that on top of being a mom and an interior decorator, I’m also a floral designer. I’ve been doing floral design for weddings and events since 2013. I’ve had to put this part of my life on hold due to my son’s cancer diagnosis; nonetheless, I’m a floral designer — and a pretty good one at that (I’ve even had my work published in The Knot) so naturally, as you would guess it, I love flowers. I love greenery, I love gardening and I love plants. For YEARS, I’ve seen a lot of the designers I follow write posts and Instagram stories as staunch supporters of real house plants only, almost making me feel like if I were to try to incorporate faux houseplants into my home, or anyone else’s, I would be breaking some kind of designer code of conduct.

When we moved into our new home almost two months ago, I knew I wanted plants everywhere, but between the fact that I am out of town a lot for my son’s treatments and the lack of sunlight in some of my rooms, I just knew that having real plants in every single room was not a viable option for me, so I decided to just pull the trigger and order some fauxs. I did my homework, read reviews, viewed real pictures that customers posted, and made my selections.

I really couldn’t be happier with the faux house plants I now have in my home! I would say that I have a pretty equal balance of both real and faux plants, large and small, and I get more compliments and questions about where I sourced my faux plants than I do about my real ones. So I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite fauxs! These plants are all tried and tested by yours truly, and they are just too good not to share. If you are short on time, or sunlight, or both, or simply just don’t care to tend to real house plants, these plants are for you!

The Best Faux Houseplants

The easiest house plants to care for? The fake ones. Uh — we mean faux, faux house plants. We've got a list that look totally real — trust us.

1 // I love this potted maiden hair fern from Pottery Barn. Its delicate leaves are so dainty and pretty and you can have fun bending them and playing with their positioning! I have this guy in my bedroom! 

2 // This faux potted kangaroo paw fern from Pottery Barn is another great table plant option. It’s in a beautiful terra cotta pot so you don’t need to put it in another planter unless you want to! 

3 // The faux potted trailing fern from Pottery Barn would be perfectly placed on a high shelf or atop a pedestal. This faux fern shows off its incredibly lifelike tendrils of feathery fronds and again, can be displayed as is or placed in a different planter or cachepot. 

4 // I’m a sucker for anything with pom poms on it. So naturally, I was drawn to this Joss and Main wicker basket! I just ordered this guy for the faux fiddle leaf tree in my bedroom and I can’t wait to get it! Oh, did I mention the basket is collapsible and comes in a set of 2 for just $42!? 

5 // I am just so drawn to this Joss and Main Essentials wicker basket because of the pink (I love a little hint of pink in any room), but it comes in so many different color options and a bunch of different sizes as well! 

6 // The black seagrass fringe basket from Target is probably my favorite basket in my house and for the size and look, its a steal! 

7 // I love this collapsible wicker basket with white fringe detail from Overstock. It’s a great price and is the perfect basket to house any tall floor plant!

8 // This faux paradise palm from Pottery Barn is a great way to add a tropical look to any space in your house without needing the sun/tropical weather to keep it alive! 

9 // I have this 3′ fat leaf fig tree in my dining room next to my buffet and it is the perfect compliment! It’s not too big that it takes away from the buffet or the mirror and sconces hanging above it, but it’s not so small that it gets lost in it either. I have it in this teak root organic wood vase from Target and it fits perfectly!

10 // This has hands down been my favorite large faux plant purchase to date, so much so that I bought two of them. The 6′ fiddle leaf fix tree from Overstock is perfect for any space! (I have one in my family room and one in my bedroom) and it’s such a great price for the size and the quality! I have it in this black seagrass fringe basket from Target. 

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