Beautiful Black and Brass Sconces


I’m on lighting. Well, I’m supposed to be on lighting anyway. That’s what my GC tells me my job is right now. I think he’s really just trying to focus my energy somewhere away from micromanaging everything he’s on to try to get my house done.  What is done anyway?  I’m not sure.  But I do know we aren’t there yet, and that if I have to focus anywhere, I’m happy it’s on lighting.

I feel like each electrical run is an opportunity for beauty. There are a few hallways in my home where up and down lighting requires fixtures that I’d like to have disappear; where it’s just about the light, not so much the fixture.  Other than those few spaces, I want to see the lighting fixtures every day, and to have it make me smile the way that you do when you get dressed and think:  not done, pull your hair up and think: not done, slap on some lip gloss and think:  not done, and then pop in some gorgeous dangling earrings, do a double take, and think:  ok, done.

Black and Brass, especially when mixed are my defaults for lighting.  And lord knows I have a list of fixtures to shop for right now.  These are the ones I’ve narrowed my list down to my favorite Brass/Black and Brass fixtures right now.  *One qualifying note: there are plenty of artisan handcrafted fixtures that I adore.  $2500 per fixture is simply not the budget for this project.  So these are my favorite reasonably priced, mostly on sale, gorgeous fixtures, that we can actually afford.  And they might be yours soon too!1/  Ryan 2-Light Armed Wall Sconce  Mixed materials, marble and brass especially work beautifully together.

2/  Garrett 2-Light Wall Sconce  The shadows this will cast will be extraordinary!

3/  Ballweg 2-Light LED Flush Mount  Long, lean, vertically or horizontally. Perfect way to ‘fit’ a tight space.

4/  BAUTISTA 1-LIGHT WALLCHIERE  Traditional, but just enough modern umph.

5/  Geryon 1-Light Armed Wall Sconce  Adjustments and Adjusters are always appreciated!  Focus!

6/  Ryan 1-Light Armed Wall Sconce  Simple, elegant, amazing.

7/  Cornell 2-Light Armed Wall Sconce  Hollywood romantic!

8/  Bobby 1-Light Armed Sconce  Lighting cuff perfection!

9/  Diannah 3-Light LED Flush Mount  Asymmetrical fun!

10/  Overlock 3-Light Armed Sconce  Balance comes in many forms.

11/  Kenworthy Wall 1-Light LED Armed Sconce  More glam.  Never enough glam.


1/  TORRENCE 1-LIGHT WALLCHIERE There’s something super romantic about the glass on this one.

2/  Caden 5-Light Candle Wall Light  Need something above a mirror?  Something out of the ick vanity light category?  Try this.

3/  Kyler 1-Light Armed Sconce  Pendant/Sconce Balance.

4/  Rosanne 1-Light Armed Sconce  Simple globe, done beautifully.

5/  Laylah 1-Light Flush Mount Pure Geometric Art!

6/  TRIBECA 1-LIGHT ARMED SCONCE  Just enough Global Interest.  Pun intended, Dad.  Love you.

7/  Usry Wall 1-Light Armed Sconce  This one and the one just after are the two I feel speak most to AJ.

8/  Roman 2-Light Spotlight This just seems like an amazing space adventure!

9/  Depp 1-Light Armed Sconce  We just did these as pendants in a kitchen and they look amazing!

10/  Gamble 2-Light Wall Sconce My favorite, of all of them.  I must be in a wrapped, buttoned-up kinda place.

11/  Claudette 1-Light Armed Sconce  And then I paused on AJ and thought maybe this?  I see this and think of him carrying a torch.  Which he does, always.

12/  Beachmont 1-Light Armed Wall Sconce  When your flashlight gets super duper fancy!

13/  Whaleback 2-Light Wall Sconce X marks this spot.  Giggle.

14/  ROSANNE 2-LIGHT ARMED SCONCE Out of stock, but worth waiting for restock of.  Love this especially with a big black or gold framed circular mirror.

I’m calling this a well edited, narrowed-down selections list.  I’m going to walk over to the new house with visuals in tow to make final decisions.  And to micromanage my favorite GC.  Can’t wait to show you where we land.  You know, when we’re done.  Wishing you all to land in beautiful, done, well-lit places.  xoxo A