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When Shana and my mom went to Greece a few summers ago, I was more than a little jealous. They came back with so many good stories…one of them being their trip to the Scents of Antiquity exhibit put on by Korres at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Scientists took 18 months of research to recreate the “fragrance of our ancestors” by using tablets from the Mycenaean Period (the earliest preserved form of written Greek) as a guide. Museum visitors were then able to smell the recreated perfumes for themselves — something that the beauty-lover and history-teacher in me found absolutely fascinating! How cool is that??

Korres is a company that’s dedicated to tradition. In their own words, “we harvest plants and flowers that have grown in the wilds of Greece for thousands of years. This rich heritage gives us confidence in the efficacy of all of our formulas.” Shana used Korres products religiously when she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. Products like this rich oil and butter formula and ultra-nourishing lip oil were the only ones that could bring relief and soothe her sensitive dry skin without further irritation.  

I tried the Korres White Pine Volumizing Serum-In-Moisturizer only twice, but I was immediately impressed with how it felt on my skin. I also liked that it saved me a step with the serum and moisturizer combination. The cream was absorbed quickly, my skin looked brighter and maybe my wrinkles looked better. I did look up some background on this product, and I like what I’ve read. This cream is a targeted treatment for post-menopausal women to help with deep wrinkles and dark spots. The product uses natural and certified organic ingredients and does not use parabens, triclosan and others I can’t pronounce.

This cream is on super sale on August 16th only, so set a reminder if you don’t want to miss out on this deal. 

Korres skincare products are just what we need for mature, post-menopausal skin & to relieve & soothe sensitive dry skin. Here's what we love.

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1// Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil Nourishing & Anti-Aging Lip Oil — Ultra-nourishing and moisturizing, this anti-aging lip oil combines essential oils and vitamins to soften the lips, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area and adds subtle shine.  (Also in a plumping formula (2) and tinted formula (3).)

4// Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil Crepe Rescue Body — You know that crepey skin that starts to appear on your neck and chest as you get older? And also on your arms and legs? Use this! It’s a “rich oil and butter formula” that helps “visibly condition the appearance of dry, aging, crepey skin.” Read the amazing reviews…one saying that she was skeptical about it actually working, but that it really did get rid of crepey skin.

5// Korres Volumizing Meno-Reverse™ Serum-in-Cream — a plumping 2-in-1 treatment (eliminates the need for a separate serum) and moisturizer that’s specially formulated for mature skin. It plumps the skin with moisture, helps firm the look of skin, and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on even the most sensitive skin without irritation. It’s “clinically proven to improve skin’s volume for the appearance of firmer, plumper skin in 7 days giving a facelift effect.” ***Super-sized version on sale for $39 (a $145 value!) for one day only!!

6// Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil Body Duos — A duo of their Olive Oil and Blossom Body Cream & Shower Gel that comes in a ton of scents to choose from. The body cream “nourishes skin with moisture, rejuvenating and softening it, while the shower gel gently cleanses.” (The Olive Oil Body Cream is also available in a specially-priced jumbo size.)

7// Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil 3-in-1 Nourishing & Anti-Aging Oil — I basically slather this all over my hands and use the excess on my arms and hair. It smells amazing and is moisturizing without being too greasy for hair. It makes my dry hands softer and makes my dry ends look so much healthier.

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