Week 1 | Beginner Weightlifting For Women Over 40


Alright, women over 40. It’s time. It’s time to make your bones stronger, boost your metabolism, and improve your mood. It’s time to increase your confidence, your power and to feel more capable. It’s time to let go of preconceived notions and outdated mindsets around women and weightlifting. It’s time to get STRONGER and, I (Coach Laurel) am here for you! 💪

Laurel Card, dance instructor and personal trainer for the YouTube video series: STRONGER: A 4-Week Beginner Weightlifting Workout Series For Women Over 40

STRONGER: A 4-Week Beginner Weightlifting Workout Series For Women Over 40

Starting TODAY you can follow me through our STRONGER video series, a 4-week beginner weightlifting workout series built for women of all ages (especially women over 40) looking to build muscle, mobility and overall physical strength. This workout is for everyone. In fact, my own Mom just committed to giving this series a try, so here’s a sign to grab your mom, too!

In my experience, lifting weights flips a switch on in your brain. How you feel while pumping that iron (Superwoman for me) stays with you when you walk into the real world. You will feel unstoppable. I believe lifting weights can change your life!

Are you ready? Let’s GO!

Your Workouts This Week

Here are your two workouts for this week. There’s an upper body and a lower body workout meant to be repeated twice on alternating days, with an active rest day in between. Make sure you warm up your body before, and stretch after. On your active rest days, continue to move your body but with less intensity than lifting weights (i.e., yoga, walking).

Week 1: Upper Body Workout

Week 1: Lower Body Workout

We’ll drop two videos each week, and all can be found – for free! – on our YouTube channel

Your Full Month of Workouts, At-A-Glance

weightlifting for women over 40, a workout guide

Click Here to Shop Our Guide

While you can always follow along on YouTube, if you’d like a handy pocket guide that accompanies those workouts, something easy to read on your phone or tablet with an at-a-page glance of what you’re supposed to do next, check out our Beginner Weightlifting For Women Over 40: A Four-Week Guide complete with:

  • Clickable links to videos where I demonstrate every exercise
  • Tips
  • The ideal workout schedule
  • Ideas for active rest days
  • Recipes for pre-and-post working out

What Equipment Do I Need?

More tips for choosing the right weight and equipment can be found in our Everything You Need to Know video and/or in the FAQ section of this article. To start, you will need:

  • Dumbbells, multiple weights (this is the full set I use – it’s pretty, haha – you can also get weights and a stand separately)
  • Resistance bands (I use these)
  • An exercise bench (this is mine, but you can also use a chair and your floor)

Which Weight To Start With?

For this series, we’re not going to just be throwing around 2-3 lb dumbbells, like an aerobics class. The real benefits of weightlifting for women come when you lift heavy. For example, I start with 20lb weights (then go down to 15lb once I realized I couldn’t get through the full set). If you’ve never lifted before, maybe try an 8 or 10lb dumbbells at first. Your goal: Find a weight that is heavy enough that by the end of 10 reps, you couldn’t possibly do any more, but light enough that you can do the entire set with good form. I want you sweaty and tired, but at the same time, loving and protecting your body. 

Weekly Tip: Write It Down!

If you’re new to weightlifting and feeling intimidated, or if you’d like to try but are worried that you won’t keep it up, my advice is simple: Write it down! Record how much weight you are lifting, how many reps you can do, and how you feel (tired, frustrated, invigorated, happy) etc. Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice your strength and endurance will improve quickly and, most likely, your energy and mood, will, too. Keep track! Write the small details down and celebrate those feats. These are the changes that will keep you going and motivated during this challenging, yet rewarding, process. The outward appearance may take a little bit longer, so don’t put all your focus on it. Consistency is key!

For Fun: Weekly Outfit Inspo

Many of us feel a little more motivated when we have a cute “workout costume” (as Linzi calls it). Obviously, no fancy clothing is required, but if you’re looking for a little extra motivation…this pretty lilac color makes me really excited to get up and get moving!

ps. Flat shoes are best for weightlifting!

Workout outfit idea, lilac sports bra and matching leggings, white zip-up hoodie and Converse high-top sneakers

Shop The Look

Your Weekly Recipe

Smoothie recipe ingredients

I never lift weights on an empty stomach – we need energy to get through these intense workouts! My perfect pre-workout meal is a high-energy fruit smoothie (I aim for a smoothie that’s around 300 – 500 calories). While our Beginner’s Guide To Weight-Lifting has several really good pre-workout and post-workout recipes in it, to kick us all off, I wanted to share my very favorite smoothie recipe here!

Yield: 1

Laurel's Pre-Workout Smoothie

Laurel's Pre-Workout Smoothie

I am obsessed with this smoothie!


  • 2c. orange juice
  • 3-4 bananas
  • 2c. wild Maine blueberries
  • 1 tsp Spirulina
  • 1 tsp Barley Grass Juice Powder
  • 1 tbs Dulse
  • 1 c. Cilantro


  1. Combine everything in a high-powered blender in the order listed
  2. Blend until smooth, about 1 minute, using the tamper, if needed to push ingredients down into the blade. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

I’m excited to start this journey with you! I can’t wait to hear your feedback, and, of course, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! Please know I am here to help each and every one of you at any point during this month. Leave your comments or questions below (or over on our YouTube channel). Think of me as your own personal trainer. After years of trying to get my mother to lift weights, I’m so excited that she is finally doing this – I can hardly believe it!  So grab your mothers, sisters, daughters and friends and let’s do this!!!!


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Laurel Card, based in Philadelphia, is a celebrated Latin dance instructor and the Owner and Director of Laurel Card Latin Dance. With 20+ years of experience, she specializes in Salsa, Bachata, and her - unique!! - Latin House classes, certified by DVIDA and recognized by the National Dance Council of America. Laurel brings her expertise and passion to The Mom Edit, offering dance and fitness tutorials tailored for women over 40, from bachata basics to dance workouts and weightlifting series. She fosters a welcoming atmosphere for all skill levels, emphasizing the joy and confidence movement can instill. Laurel lives outside Philadelphia with her daughter, Gia, three dogs, and a cat. Read more about Laurel (and see her class schedule) here: https://laurelcardlatindance.com/