Believe It Baby: A Dansko Giveaway (Take Your Pick!)


*******UPDATE – GIVEAWAY WINNER*********

Congrats to Heather Williams, the winner of our Dansko giveaway!  

Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 7.31.46 PM

One thing has become very clear:  Mamas looove their Danksos!  Thanks for all who participated!  It was so fun reading all of your comments!


Oh Mamas.  I am eating some serious crow.  

Wait!  Stay with me here….stay…with…me.

Ok.  You know how much we've debated the merits of Danskos here at Ain't No Mom Jeans.  Personally, I have not been a fan.  M does own a pair of Danskos, bought long, long ago, but hides them under bootcut or flare denim, citing the fact that they are "sooooooo comfortable".  Which, we decided, is at the heart of the problem.  Footwear that comfortable typically sways the wearer into wanting them to be cute.

Whatevs.  To me, Danskos = not cute.  Even if The Sartorialist disagrees.

So when Dansko contacted us about a giveaway, I was lukewarm.  But…well…we're doing this whole Season of Giving thing, and I know many of our lovely readers loooove their Danskos….so then I thought, why not?  Giving is about the other person, right?

Right.  And then Dansko cleverly let me choose a pair.  And I found that they have some pretty fabulous boots.  Wha????

I took a closer look.  And found these little babies:

Screen Shot 2011-12-11 at 10.23.28 PM

The Rhianna boot.  Which has a 70's fabulous clog look to them – including a studded bottom, which I go weak-kneed for.  Oooooo….

Suddenly, I was feeling a whole lot better about this giveaway.  And once I received these babies?  OH MAMA.  I now know why so many moms are such huge Dansko supporters.  They are indeed "sooooooo comfortable".  I think an orgasmic "Oooohhhhhhhh" actually escaped from my lips when I first put them on.

And look how cute!!!  


(wearing: On me – Dansko Rhianna boots c/o Dansko, JBrand lovestory flares, Banana Republic pea coat, J.Crew plaid shirt, Belle babycarrier in leopard c/o Belle…on Pax – One Step Ahead Cozy Cub Quilted Bunting)

I'm in shock.  I've literally been wearing these boots every day.  They are perfect with my flares.  Wanna know why?

Because I'm so tall!  I'm not wearing these with my hemmed-for-flats-flares…I'm wearing these boots with my high-heel, big-girl flares!  The ones that I usually have to save for date night!  This, people, is cause for celebration.  And it hardly feels like I'm wearing heels – even when babywearing!!  

Bravo, Dansko.  You just made a new friend.

BTW – How hysterical adorable is the baby carrier?  Belle Baby Carriers sent me one to test out…in leopard. It's actually pretty perfect for mamas like me who literally take their babies everywhere – even restaurants and parties.  I'm loving how the leopard makes me feel all dressed up!  Other baby carriers are so functional looking…but this one keeps me feeling all hip-mama stylish and festive.  But I'm not gonna lie – one of my favorite things about the leopard is how it kinda looks like Pax is wearing a leopard tightie-whitie:


The effect is even better when he's naked.  But it was 40 degrees, so you'll have to wait for the summer for that shot.  We'll be doing a full review, once M gets a chance to test hers with her newborn.  (In roughly 8 more days, Mamas….we're sooooooo excited!!!)

But back to the shoes.  These ones, riiiiight here:


BAM.  See that?  I'm walking over rocks.  In heels.  While babywearing.  And they're so comfortable, it's killing me.


So.  Here's the deal:  The nice folks over at Dansko are giving away one free pair of….Danskos.  Any pair you like.  That's right – you get to pick your own pair!

(However, I, S, will hunt you down if you pick the old Professional instead of any of the fabulous newer options. Hunt. You. Down.  Cause I can run in these heels.)

To enter the giveaway, go check out the full selection at and leave a comment below letting us know which style is on your holiday wish list.  You'll get another entry for sharing this post on Facebook. (Note: sharing is different than liking….look for the share button at the end of this post, or on our Facebook page.)

If you'd like to keep up with Dansko and all of their new styles, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

I'll pick a winner Saturday morning (December 17th) via

Here are a few more of my favorites for those who are having trouble deciding….

Screen Shot 2011-12-11 at 11.13.36 PM

Good luck!






  1. I’m loving the Summer Chocolate clogs from their Sausalito collection.
    I have been wearing my pair of plain black professional clogs this winter (from years ago when I worked in a professional kitchen,) so I desperately could use a cuter pair!!!

  2. I shared this on FB!
    PS yes, that baby carrier is adorable and hilarious with the leopard undies look it gives the baby. Lol. All my baby carriers are pretty neutral (dark brien, black, and lt blue) but maybe next carrier I’ll get something wilder!

  3. I have been looking for some new boots! I would have a hard time deciding between the Rylan and Aurora boots but would definitely get them in brown! Awesome giveaway:)

  4. You’ve sold me S, I want the pair you’re wearing! Adorable. I’m pregnant AND chasing a toddler, so if I can still get away with cute boots like that…Heaven!

  5. ooh, I love the kassidy in brown. I also like the aurora in black leather, but I think the kassidy wins. Maybe the Rhianna…, kassidy. Maybe I will win one and ask santa for the other!

  6. As a die-hard daily Dansko wearer for many years, low-maintenance girl, and healthcare professional, I’m stepping outside my comfort here and NOT picking a new color of the professionals!
    I’m loving the Reeny in both black and brown, though black would probably serve me better in my soon to be new role as a certified nurse midwife AND new mama! (Shared in FB as well, thanks for the giveaway!)

  7. I like the Rylan boots! Although I would probably have to eat my hat if I wore Danskos because I have LONG told my dear friend Gretchen that they are not cute at all.

  8. Wow- so many cute choices! I was going back and forth between 3 different pair but I think the Reeny Black Full Grain are my favorites.

  9. I would get the Professional in Grey Marbled Patent. Kidding, kidding, the Rhianna all the way! I lived in a pair of Sissy’s this summer and didn’t even look like a nurse.

  10. Oh, I need another pair of Dansko–how about the Aurora?
    I reluctantly sold my first and only pair of Dansko on eBay, after baby #1 permanently enlarged my feet! Before then, though–LOVED them…

  11. I really like either the Rhianna or the clog professional (sorry but i have to wear them to work and my old pair is sooo old, plain/not patterned and has hospital cooties all over them)

  12. LOVE the very brown Rhianna’s you featured! I’ve worn Danskos for years, following a full-on 70’s/Scandinavian styled childhood in flared cords, turtlenecks, and navy blue clogs. Well done!

  13. Haha! TODAY my friend posted on fb that she bought a pair of Danskos, and we joked that it’s a slippery slope once you start….
    but you’ve changed my mind, at least with the Rhianna pair. I’d definitely pick those. πŸ™‚

  14. I think some of the options are SUPER cute. I’m really tempted by “Reeny”, but I think I will have to go with “Stormy” in Brown Oiled Nubuck as my favorite for now. I’d better start thinking of all the impending PA snow. It’s time to get prepared!
    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

  15. It’s so fun to keep up with you on your fabulous blog:) I had to comment, usually I don’t, but I am in love with the Rhianna boots you picked. They are perfect and I also need the extra height:)

  16. What an outstanding giveaway! I found you via Facebook, and am soooo excited! I love lots of the Danskos, I most likely would pick the Marah (with Bett running a very close second). oooh so many fab choices it’s hard to pick just one fave! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  17. I WANT those Rihanna boots. I already have the jeans. Now to get this baby out ( 8 more weeks) and make that outfit a reality. And I adore that baby carrier.

  18. I’ve been wearing professional for years and also two sandle types including the Sausilito. But, I’ve been VERY jealous of my sister’s stormy boots… so that would be my choice. And those Rhianna ones are hot too!

  19. I love Dansko! I have had them for years–not so fashionable always, but sooooo comfortable and last forever–which is sometimes NOT a good thing.
    I like the Rhianna boot also!

  20. Kody, Buffy and Stormy are all so cute! Dying to see if heels and pregnancy can manage NOT to be mutually exclusive. Shared on fb πŸ™‚

  21. Gotta be the buffy in grey kid suede… not only hot but reminds me of the halloween i dressed up as Buffy the Jewish Vampire Slayer with a huge star of david around my neck and thigh high boots, and chased the vampire i was dating all over SoHo with my slayer stick… ah, the good old days. My only Halloween action these days involves explaining why that other 3 year old girl gets to dress up in a French Maid outfit, or why we don’t eat candy for breakfast. Sigh. Bring on the Buffy boots!

  22. Rhianna is far and away the best of the bunch. I love the studs and the fact that, as you mentioned, they look like the fab 70’s clogs, but have heel and ankle coverage for the snowy Midwestern winter I am facing.

  23. I have to go with the Rhianna boot….mama cute! I have the Belle baby carrier and its fantastic….fits in my purse and so quick and easy to put on. Enjoy!

  24. I’ve been on the hunt for a, gasp… “comfort” shoe that I can wear with warm wool socks on a chilly Colorado day. Never thought I would ever click on the comfort option on Zappos. I mean, that’s my Mom’s type of shoe and I Ain’t No Mom Shoe. But with a 3 month old in tow I actually do need something comfortable. I checked out Merrell, Kalso Earth, and the like and I can’t decide. I don’t want to make a mistake. I’m Boulder adjacent, but don’t want to look the part so I totally ruled out Dansko. You convinced me to take a look. I do like the Kody and the Vail. Will a boot do? IDK. Maybe the Volley? I need help.
    P.S. This is my first post and I LOVE your blog. Oh, and I too am from Michigan. Right here… I’m pointing on the mitten.

  25. Ok. You are def. eating crow and I have been waiting for the moment for so long, cousin. πŸ˜› My red mary jane style will always be my fave (Marah?) but, I also like the Rhianna or Rylan boot styles.

  26. Apparently I’m sick of winter already, because I have my sights set on the Coquette in Amber Biscotti Full Grain! Those would be so adorable with a summer dress and a light cardigan.

  27. I love the Rylan! I will not buy the professional. I have to confess I do have the professional, but I’m a nurse who works 12 hour days, and I wear them at work!

  28. Love all my Danskos! Always wanted some boots and don’t have any brown pairs, so I would have to say the Rhianna πŸ™‚ But the Savannah Chocolate could be a close second.

  29. I love MY Danskos – and I definitely wear them with flares because they can be a bit chunky and clunky with anything else. I’m tall so I feel that I might tower over all around me but I love the Rhianna and maybe more practical for a tall girl those warm and cute Stormy boots. I’m sharing on Facebook, too! Happy Holidays, Shana and the whole ANMJ gang!

  30. Oh my! What a selection! I would choose the Coquette sandal because, let’s face it, with four boys and one hubby in the house, I need to be as girly as I can.

  31. Oh, wow! LOVE the Rhianna boot! πŸ™‚ I’d really love to be able to wear my long flares running around with the kiddos during the day. Mine are date-night jeans as well!

  32. I’m a hospital social worker – and I have to tell you the professionals can be cute with the right outfit. But if somebody were to GIVE me a pair I love the Rhianna and would be willing to break my no-heels rule (not good in the hospital, even less good chasing three little ones)

  33. My favorite is the ‘Kitty Chocolate Milled Leather’ from the Arcadia collection in size 39 (8.5)! I’m 5’9 and my DH is 5’8, so I don’t need to super high heels. πŸ™‚

  34. Ooh, it’s a toss up between the Rhianna and the Stormy. I will admit, I have been anti-Dansko up until this point, but being a shortie like you, I love the idea of being able to wear my big-girl jeans!

  35. I’m due w/daughter #2 in Feb., so sturdy yet cute boots are a must! Not been a huge Dansko fan either, but those Rhianna boots would persuade me to cross to the “comfy” side! I would choose them in brown. Love that they resemble the Ugg Lynnea clog bootie.

  36. I love the Rhianna, too. I’ve been wearing their regular clogs for a few years now and they are so comfortable. And I think they’re cute in an urban-homesteader kind of way!

  37. Rhianna! wow! I don’t think my first comment took – I don’t see it here – but I sure am inspired for these, love my danskos too much, and rhianna would liven things up so well! Like the sissy too!

  38. I also wouldn’t have thought Dansko had anything cool but do love the Rowena Crazy Horse Clog in brown, as well as the Buffy in grey.

  39. I love Danskos. I started wearing them while working in the restaurant industry in my past life when my feet couldn’t take standing for 10 hours straight on cobblestone tile floors. (Thanks, Times Square Italian restaurant…) But of course, I rock the knee high boots (wore my leaths out and purchased a super cute suede pair 2 years ago.)
    I am seriously crushing on the Rhiannas in black or the Rylans in black. *swoon* And seriously, I have never felt heaven like when I rock these babies… I’m wearing my suede knee highs now!

  40. First Lands End and now Dansko! Nice! : ) I am loving the Rhiana too! I love in Michigan so a boot is probably the best way to go for me, but the Rae Brown Crazy Horse also caught my eye…I think I have a style in mind I am looking for! Perfect for this mom of two ( a 3 y/o and a 1 y/o) with another on the way! Crossing my fingers (and toes!!!!!) that I win this give away! Totally sharing it on FB with my friends too! Thanks again for letting us know what’s out there! : )

  41. I’m torn between the brown Rhianna and the brown Stormy… I think Rhianna wins out because I’m tall too, and it would be so weird to be able to wear my nicer jeans while running around after my kids! πŸ™‚

  42. Kinda hard to choose. I have also been anti-Dansko for many years, but as a toddler mama…I think my mind has been changed. I am really partial to the Kody in Chocolate Milled Leather.

  43. I’m torn between the Cammie (for next summer) and the Rhianna boot (for right now). But probably leaning toward the Rhianna. I think fun boots are my new “thing” to be interested in. πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  44. I have to totally agree that the Rhianna boots are awesome. Those are definitely the ones I’d pick (although I do have the brown tooled leather ones, already…and they’re great great great)

  45. Longtime Dansko Professional lover, would take a chance on the Rhianna if I won. Or I could get a new pair of sandals for next summer. πŸ™‚

  46. Kody black boot is my pick! Love that it will give me some height and style while still being comfortable (especially as I’m 4 months pregnant!). Looks like the perfect boot for casual days and weekends.

  47. I love the Rhianna ones you were wearing — have never seen those before. I would probably try those, or the Stormy in brown. I hope I win!

  48. i like the vail and the rihanna! I have been really wanting a pair of danskos for a while b/c everyone says they are super comfy!!

  49. I really like the Rylan boots in Brown Crazy Horse. I’ve been looking for a great pair of boots and these look awesome. I wear professional Dansko clogs at the hospital and would love to have another pair for everyday use! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  50. Rhianna! I was liking those babies. Shana, you’re awesome. I know that word is overused but I love way you’ve changed my style. My family is grateful. I actually had someone tell me that they love the way I dress. I told her it was all you guys. Thanks!!!

  51. Either the stormy or Rihanna! The stormy would be perfect for day to day, keeping my feet warm in winter but the Rihanna are sooooo cute!!

  52. I like the Stormy and Rylan. In sharing this post on FB I did have to point out that wearing Danskos is like driving a minivan; however, we are currently shopping for a minivan. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. OMG… I have the Ryder and the Rylan… you’ll LOVE THOSE.
    But if I could pick another it would be STORMY BLACK OILED NUBUCK.. in a 39 please. Because yes, you can run in them and they are SO comfortable. I need some that are practical for when it snows πŸ™‚

  54. I am a nurse and have worked in the Professional for years and I have always sworn by them…but you are right, they are for the “profession” only! The studs on the Rhianna are calling me.

  55. Ooooh…tough choice! I had no idea Dansko made so many cute boots and sandals. I think I will have to go with the Rhianna too, but in black full grain leather for me.

  56. OF COURSE you picked the cutest ones. I love the Rhiannas, too. The brown ones are cute but I need a pair of black boots so I’d pick black.

  57. I’m thinking the stormy will be perfect for all those…. winter storms. (if i don’t win the boots, can i win the prize for most creative answer?) S, I’m sure you’ve found that here in Philly we like to whine about the smallest weather inconvenience. Which of course isn’t made easier while holding squirmy slippery baby (why does his winter coat against my winter coat turn into a slip n slide?) and chasing toddler. And that’s just from my back door to the car. But seriously, they look like you wouldn’t care if you walked through a pile of slush, especially if they’re really that comfortable!

  58. I used to think that Danskos were ugly, but those boots!!! I have changed my mind. I browsed the selection at and I think you picked the best pair. The Rhiannas are really cute!

  59. Wow! I am so in love with the Rhianna boot. I actually tried these on and they r as comfortable as my professional clogs. Dansko-my feet and now my sense of style love u!

  60. I am the biggest Dansko fan, ever since I had back surgery, it is all I can wear. I would LOVE Santa to bring me the cute Solstice or the Stormy boots. I loved reading this- it made me laugh!

  61. I have wanted to Sissy sandal in Berry or Crimson for 2 years and have not gotten around to buying them. Totally cute. And, the Rhianna for winter.

  62. Wow! I’m really surprised at the different styles that are actually stylish. I’m torn between the Rhianna and the Aurora perfect for wintertime!

  63. I would get the Brinkley in black leather. LOVE them. And I am like you, Danskos = not cute. But you got me to even open their website and I was surprised at what I saw. Thanks for offering this give-away!

  64. I do love the look of the Rhianna! But I think ultimately, I would go with the Rylan in brown. I prefer a slightly higher boot. This would be awesome for winter!

  65. The Rhianna boots you are wearing are amazing!!! That would be my pick too! I have the Dansko Professional clogs and I love them to pieces… hopefully the Rhiannas would help me see the error in my ways lol πŸ™‚ !

  66. I love Danskos. I bought myself the Sissy sandals for my birthday!
    I’ve actually always wanted a pair of the professional clogs, but in a crazy fun pattern, like the vegan starburst.

  67. Love the Rylan, the taller version of the ones you are wearing. With bad knees and back, my footwear choices are sadly limited to Daskos and sneakers. So happy to see cute options!

  68. A mom of two with little time to spare for fashion πŸ™‚ I luv the Rhianna! Dresses up the jeans and makes a petite person like myself look taller! the Stormy is pretty rockin too! Great give-away!!

  69. Stormy is for me! But I love Danskos any way they come — have been wearing a pair of brown oiled “professionals” since 2004! (I am sure you wouldn’t approve, but alas, they are comfortable as all get out!)

  70. I’ve been making fun of my sister in her burgundy Danko clogs for years now, but I think I’m converted. I love the Rhianna.
    Muuuuust Haaaaave….

  71. Rhianna! I need an upgrade to my professionals (though, after birthing a 10 pounder, I didn’t complain when I could carry the baby and wear my long flares…ever so secretly)
    love the look you created!

  72. I really love the Reeny style! I really laughed when I first saw the title to this post because I have followed your feelings on Dansko’s for a while =)
    supasonicsage (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. I really want the Buffy in grey! I just started a new professional job where I have to be on my feet a lot and could really use some new booties!

  74. I love the Rhianna! I’ve never been a huge Danskos fan, but my mother swears by them, and I must admit that I have worn hers on occasion and adored how comfy they are… so I’d love to have a CUTE pair!

  75. I wear these everyday in the hospital – they make my feet soooo happy, even all through my pregnancy!
    I like the Rylan, because I rarely have a comfortable shoe to wear with skirts, and Rylan looks perfect!

  76. Oh I’d like to try the Rhianna. I don’t do heels since I broke a bone in my foot and my surgeon made it all achy and sore. But I love clogs and if they could be fashionable too? Awesome.

  77. I would have a hard time deciding between the Sissy and the Sara styles of sandals. I don’t need boots, but those Stormy ones are calling my name!

  78. I love the Rhianna boot! They look so cute and comfy to boot! ha. I have a pair of black dansko clogs that I bought YEARS ago and they are so comfy. But I definitely prefer the look of the new styles!

  79. I love the Rhianna boots you picked out. Have been wanting to branch our from my professionals, but haven’t had a good reason to until now.
    Also love their sandals. Bought the Serena last summer and they have been great.
    Shared on FB too!

  80. Oooooh, the Rhianna is super cute but I sure could go for some warm weather vibe right about now so I like the Maeve in cherry red also!

  81. Great blog! I am crazy for the RHIANNA BLACK FULL GRAIN boots. How cute are they! If I ever get an extra $180 to throw around, they are mine – if I don’t get a free pair that is – hint, hint πŸ™‚

  82. I am loving the Rhianna boot you have on. Guiltily, I still wear the “Professional” that I have had for about 8 years …I can’t stop wearing them! I just gave birth to my 3rd (3 under 5) and I need something I can run in at the playground. These are so cute! (PS- LOVE your blog and recommend it to all my fellow Moms:)

  83. I’ve been considering some ankle boots and those “Buffy” are so cute with the little button!
    I wear the Professional every day at work because they save this nurse’s back, but I’d love some Dansko comfort in other areas of my life!
    Will share on Facebook.

  84. Those Rhianna’s look like just what i need. i really do love the feel of my dansko’s but you are right…they are not stylin’. so i need some stylin’ Rhiannas!

  85. The Brinkley boot in brown leather, size 39 (because they run a bit small, from what I have experienced). Truly the MOST COMFORTABLE boots ever.

  86. I love the Rhianna….still wanted them so I just ordered them and they were on clearance! So I could totally justify the purchase.
    Also love the Lola Vintage Leather boot from Sanita….another ‘clog’ maker.

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