Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Fashion, Family, and Fun


The FIRST thing you need to know about Amazon Prime Day is that they have my very favorite (now infamous?), Lucky Brand Bessina Booties as part of the sale.  In…sesame.  I KNOW.  I couldn’t believe it either!!

If you haven’t yet heard my spiel, these boots are – still, to this day – my fav boots for Spring/Summer/Fall.  I’ve worn them to Europe, NYC, Marquette, MI….with jeans, with dresses, with everything.  First featured here.

Secondly, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of stuff in Amazon Prime Day….SAME.  But since this is mah job, I’ve spent the better part of the last 8 hours going through page after page after page to narrow things down to the things I think are worth considering.


We are obsessed with Audible in this family.  We typically listen while traveling (especially to/from the ski hill all winter), but when we’re in the middle of a particularly good book series, cuddling up in bed and listening to Audible will often replace bedtime stories.  We’ve gotten through the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, the Harry Potter series, a Wrinkle in Time and The Hobbit this way.  If you’re new to Audible, you can try it out for 66% off during Prime Day.

Alexa?  Drop in on Mom.

Last year, Mike and I bought our parents Echo Shows for Christmas…and we LOVE THEM.  We keep ours in the kitchen and can drop in on each other while cooking (which doesn’t make the kids go bonkers like they do if I actually try to talk on the phone).  Alexa will spell words for the kids, play music (you can have the lyrics go across the screen…or not), hunt down definitions, add stuff to the grocery list, etc.  And it’s easy to turn off the drop-in feature if you just want privacy, too.  We use this so much that now when we travel we find ourselves waking up and saying, “Alexa?  What’s the weath-  oh, shoot.”

On Prime Day, save over $200 when you purchase two Echo shows…or there’s a kid’s version of the Echo Dot

Two Echo Show Deal | Kids’ Echo Dot

August Smartlock

Mike loves this thing.  And, quite frankly, so do I.  Not only can we lock/unlock the door with our phone (whether or not we’re standing right in front of it or – literally – from a continent away), you can unlock the door for others.  When used with the Ring video doorbell, we were able to unlock the door for the UPS guy, tell him to leave the package inside, watch him do it, and then re-lock the door….from Spain.  True story.  Our minds are still blown.

August Smartlock – 7PM


Nespresso (Game Changer)

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much we all love our Nespresso.  I mean….we may have even brought it to the shore. Our coffee shop bills have plummeted, and the coffee pods are recyclable (you just throw them into the included mailer, and it’s not totally unusual for a friend to drop by….just…ya know….for coffee.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

This Microdermabrasion Kit

I have a set almost exactly like this one and LOVE it.  The difference it makes is startling enough that my kids will notice. The reviews on this particular set are glowing.

 Nuvederm Microdermabrasion Kit

Amazon In-House Fashion Brands

Amazon has really started to come on strong with its own lines of clothing.  These are likely brands you haven’t heard of – yet – but there are a few totally worth your time.  The price points tend to be on the affordable side, and the quality is GOOD.  Here are the Amazon Fashion Brands we’ve personally had the most luck with:


Mae is a line of intimates that I’m kiiiiind of loving.  This pajama set (on sale for Prime Day!) is one of my absolute favorite things right now (just sexy enough, yet I can wear it around guests without a bra, haha), and I’ve already heard back from several readers that they’re loving it, too. Mae also makes a Hanky Panky knock-off I like (not quite as good as the original but a fraction of the cost), and I just ordered this bralette (c/o Amazon – thanks, guys!) due to the number of glowing reviews.

Here are a few other pieces from Mae that are part of the Prime Day sale:

Mae Curved Trim Tee & Short PomPom Set  – DYING over the little pom-poms

Mae Ruffled Sleeve Shirt & Shorts  – these little PJ sets look so cute on (and they’re the same super-soft fabric as the one I’m wearing)

Mae Deep Plunge Cotton Bralette – would look so cute peeking out from a tank top

Mae Seamless Plunge Lounge Bralette  – love the sporty spice vibe here

Core 10

tank | shorts | matching bra

Core 10 is Amazon’s workout brand.  I had a chance to try their customizable leggings (you can specify the type of waistband/rise and the length), and my little summer running outfit (above) is all Core 10.  The designs are similar to Lululemon, although the fabric isn’t quite as technical.

Customizable leggings | sweatpants & hoodie (looks EXACTLY like my Nike set) | Mesh leggings


Goodthreads (For Men)

Mike and I have both been really impressed with Goodthreads.  The fit is updated and slim, and the designs are current, without being over the top.  One of our new favs.

Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt | Nerd shirt (Mike wears these under his suits in the summer) |Striped Polo (white) | Patterned Socks


More Fashion & Style

Cute Shoes

Frye Mules | Splendid Heeled Sandals  | Loeffler Randall Slides | Splendid Wedge Sandal

Frye Ballet Flats ) | Lucky Brand Flat Sandals  | Calvin Klein Flat Sandal |  blush Supergas


I still can’t believe my taupe Lucky Boots are on this list.  I also have the Frye Pia’s in an olive color and LOVE them.  Enough to mayyyybe get the tan, too.

Frye Chelsea Boots | Lucky Brand BOOTIES  | Frye Double Zip Boot  | Frye Pia Chelsea Boot


Fossil Small Crossbody  | Frye Hobo  | Frye Domed Satchel  – obsessed with how this looks like a doctor bag


French Connection Black Sweetheart Dress  | French Connection Niko Dress | Milly Lydia Dress | Parker Ruffle Midi Dress (I have a similar one in white – it is a JOY to wear) | Milly Banana Leaf Dress


All four of these swimsuits are long-time reader favorites.  I especially like the last one.

Seafolly Swimsuit | Trina Turk Swimsuit | Anne Cole Maillot | Nanette Lapore Swimsuit

Practical Sportswear

One of my BFFs now works for UA, and every time we see her and her hubs, one of them is sporting a UA piece that is shockingly cool.

Adidas Men’s Hoodie | Under Armour Micro G’s Pursuit | UA Tech V-Neck | Adidas Super Daily Sneaker | Calvin Klein Micro Model Underwear

Adidas Women’s Soccer Hoodie | Calvin Klein Bra & Underwear – for lounging around the house | Adidas Superstars  | Adidas sneakers | Isotoner Mittens – I know these are random pick.  But I’m wildly obsessed and they come in a zillion color combos


Schwinn Wayfarer 700c | Schwinn Day Tripper Cargo Carrier | Schwinn Trailblazer Kid Carrier | Schwinn Men’s Cruiser

Critical Cycles Beach Cruiser | Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser – 7PM

Wood grain bike helmet (certified for skateboards, too)


Fooseball table | Tabletop Air Hockey

Outdoor Ping-Pong Table  | Indoor Ping-Pong tablespace-saver Ping-Pong 

Bocce Ball Set | Adidas Soccer Ball | Cornhole


Jump & Climb!


Climbing Dome (with canopy) | Trampoline







  1. Thanks for this! Only seeing the the boots in blue. Trying to determine if this is (another) Amazon issue or if they are maxed out on the sale?

  2. Hi Shana! I’m a fellow mommy of two boys and I really love your site! Thanks to you & your team for all the hard work pulling out the best stuff… your Nordstrom picks were killer and now Amazon (although I am going to have to hide the boxes from the hubby this week)! I’m not sure if you’ve already posted on this, but if you go directly to, you can have a portion of the proceeds of everything you buy on Amazon (not just on Prime Days) given to your favorite charity. I always keep mine set and buy everything through the Smile link! It’s a small percentage, but it adds up! Thanks again!

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