2019 Anniversary Sale: Cam’s Tall Girl Picks


I’m not exactly sure how this came to be, but here I am. I’M BACK!…and for a Nordy Sale post, of all things. There must be something wrong with me or Shana is a sly, sly fox. One of the two…? (leaning towards the latter).

Truthfully, I was flipping through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog a few weeks ago and realized that I really, really miss having a space where I can express myself through style…and I miss all of you. So, when S texted me and told me, “THE TALL READERS NEED YOU, CAMS”, I basically had a knee jerk reaction and replied, “I’M HERE. I’LL DO IT”. The words seemingly typed themselves out on my phone. As I watched my fingers press ‘send’, I thought…welp. That hiatus lasted long! haha.

That said…hi! Hello. HEY. I am diving back in (well, more so dipping my toes veryyyy slowly back in), ready to cover all of the pieces from the big #NSale that work for us tall gals. Let’s get into it…

The Fall Cardi Of My Dreams 

One of my favorite sweaters this past winter was a pullover navy cashmere sweater. I would wash it in the normal washer and then lay it out to dry…and it just seemed to get cozier and more comfy every time! I had always debated on whether to spend the $$ on cashmere (before the navy pullover), because…sorry. I can’t do the dry cleaner every. flippin. time. I. wear. something. Well, I now know I can take a chance on the cash-mere and not have to deal with that. So, when I saw this long cardigan I had to try it on. It’s beautiful, soft and makes me want to curl up in the cozy chair in our bedroom with a good book. FYI: washing cashmere does change it. In my experience, it makes it fluffier…and sometimes I have to use a lint roller to get any random stuff off of it. 

TOP: cardigan, s | turtleneck, s (similar option) | jeans, 27 | booties, 9.5 (similar

BOTTOM LEFT: cardigan, s | dress, TTS | shoes, TTS

BOTTOM RIGHT: cardigan, s | jeans, 2 (go down one size)  | shoes, TTS

 A Happy Color Clash: Purple & Pink 

The color of this skirt reminded me of a pink Chanel suit set on the Spring runway this year, so when I then saw it styled with a purple sweater in the #nsale catalog…I could only do one thing – shamelessly copy the look! Obviously. It’s bold, fun and something a bit different (which I love). BTW: I am 5’10 and it hits me at right about mid-shin. I’d wear it with a heeled bootie and, since I am rather tall, a pointy flat works really nice with it.


LEFT: sweater (similar color) | skirt, 6 (fits like 2-4) | booties (similar)

RIGHT: sweater (similar) | skirt, 6 | shoes, TTS

The Good American Flares I HAD To Try

Everyone was trying these on, so I had to too. Duh. Well, so haha. I had hoped they would be a tad longer (ya know, touch the ground), but ooooo the plight of the tall gal some times. I did like the feel of them, though! Very comfortable and stretchy. The length wasn’t TERRIBLE on me, but I’d prefer them to be an inch longer, so if you are about 5’9…I think you’d be golden in these flares. 

TOP: top, s | jeans, 2 (go down 1 size) | shoes, TTS

BOTTOM: jacket, s | top, s | jeans, 2 (go down 1 size) | shoes , TTS

Yep, I Still Like Low-Rise Jeans 

In fact, my husband swears that they are making a come back (much to his excitement), which I have vehemently disagreed with him on. However, I think he may actually be right. Is the Age of The Glorious High Rise coming to an end? Anyways, let’s not lose our heads at this point. The high waist is still here. However, that said…I always have and still do love a good low-rise jean. ESPECIALLY when it’s more of a cropped boyfriend-ish style. Being on the tall side, I don’t usually have a lot of cuffing going on…but I make up for my jean cuff deficiency by doing the opposite and unrolling them completely. I am then given more of an Audrey Hepburn look that, by the way, looks bangin’ with a cute flat. 

LEFT: top, s | jeans, 27 (similar option) | shoes, TTS | bag 

RIGHT: top, s | jeans, 27 (similar option) | shoes, TTS | bag 

A Serious Case For The Fall Denim Mini

I wasn’t too sure about this skirt when I added it to my cart, because sometimes I feel like I’ve grown out of the whole mini skirt phase of life…even though I don’t believe in confines determined by age, BUT STILL. Anyone else not sure whether they are trying to look too young? Ya know what I mean? Well, I was thinking that I would, but I then tried it on with the boots. Oh, yes! I realized that this is a very comfortable way to wear a mini. Also, it looks really good with…well, any top. Mama can get down with this. ps. It’s also stretchy and not constricting at all. A plus!

The #NSale is giving us some serious inspo for classic fall styles — a denim mini-skirt + boots, dressed up or down? YAS.

TOP LEFT: coat, s | tee, s (similar) | skirt, 27 | boots, 9.5 | bag

TOP RIGHT: top, s (similar) | skirt, 27 | boots, 9.5 

BOTTOM LEFT: blazer, s | turtleneck, s | skirt, 27 | boots, 9.5 | bag 

BOTTOM RIGHT: hoodie, s | skirt, 27 | boots, 9.5 

 Daily Uniform: These Cool, Oversized Sweatshirts

I am calling both of these sweatshirts my Throw-On-For-School-Drop-Off-Shwag. They’re comfortable, a bit slouchy and, even with them being decidedly casual, they are cool and can be mixed in with non-casual pieces (if you do so choose). Both TTS, by the way.

Oversized sweatshirts (like this Adidas & this Topshop) in the Anniversary Sale are calling…& we’re answering, with jeans, skirts & leggings.

TOP LEFT: sweatshirt, s | jeans, 28 | sandals, 9.5 

TOP RIGHT: sweatshirt, s | dress, 6

BOTTOM: sweatshirt, 6 | jeans, 27 | sneakers, 9.5 

Get Yourself A Cute Fall Jacket

If you find yourself looking for an easy way to make an outfit more interesting, consider a cute, no-fuss jacket — one that you can simply throw on with whatever on a daily basis. Both TTS. Be sure to go by the US sizing for the blazer. 

Ooohhh, Mamas. Cute fuzzy jackets & striking plaid jackets in the Anniversary Sale are HOT — in all the best ways, of course.

Ooohhh, Mamas. Cute fuzzy jackets & striking plaid jackets in the Anniversary Sale are HOT — in all the best ways, of course.

TOP: blazer, s | dress, 6 | shoes, 9.5 (similar)

BOTTOM LEFT: coat, s | dress, 6 | bag 

BOTTOM RIGHT: coat, s | turtleneck, s | jeans, 27 

…Also Get Yourself THIS Raincoat

I found this amazing trench and all was right with the world. It’s just so good. I like how it instantly made these two outfits look incredibly fun and different. I am always looking for pieces that pack a punch and this one does that! TTS. If I had gotten my wide-leg jeans in time, I would totally have worn it with those, too. 

Mamas, treat yo’self to this plaid trench coat (also a rain jacket). The Anniversary Sale is here to help you do that.

LEFT: trench, s | dress, s | boots, 9.5 

RIGHT: trench, s | turtleneck, s | jeans, 27 | shoes, 9.5 (similar) 

Pretty Midis 

These are the dresses for all of you tall ladies out there. You want one of these dresses. One of the issues I run into is that shorter dresses that look great on shorter gals…are simply too short for me. I find myself pulling on them the entire time I am wearing them. Not always worth it. So, I turn to midis! All five of these midis are great options. TTS. I’d wear these casually with flats or style them up for something more dressy. 

The Anniversary Sale is dripping with pretty midi dresses (from Leith fit & flare to Topshop shirt dresses). We’re in love.

The Anniversary Sale is dripping with pretty midi dresses (from Leith fit & flare to Topshop shirt dresses). We’re in love.

TOP: dress,s

MIDDLE LEFT: dress, s | boots, 9.5 

MIDDLE RIGHT: dress, 6 | bag | boots, 9.5 

BOTTOM LEFT: dress, 6 | bag | sandals, 9.5 

BOTTOM RIGHT: dress, 6 | shoes, 9.5 (similar) 

An Unexpectedly Versatile Side-Button Skirt

The length of this side-button skirt allowed me to feel more free to play around a bit. I unbuttoned it a bit, to give me a cheeky leg slit…and then knowing that sometimes I just want to wear a slouchy sweater up top and keep it more covered for cooler weather…I kept it buttoned up. Both ways are equally cute! BTW: I’d also wear it with a loafer, styled with the same tops (see boutique below). 

This versatile Madewell side-button skirt (drooling) has the perfect mix of class & punch to add that #NSale oomph to our wardrobes.

This versatile Madewell side-button skirt (drooling) has the perfect mix of class & punch to add that #NSale oomph to our wardrobes.

TOP: tee, s (similar) | skirt, 4 | boots, 9.5 

BOTTOM LEFT: top, s | skirt, 4 | boots, 9.5 

BOTTOM RIGHT: sweater, s | skirt, 4boots, 9.5 

Tall-Girl Denim Part I: Raw Hem, Kick-Crops

I wasn’t sure that these FRAME jeans would fit me well, considering that I am 5’10 and jean lengths can get tricky for me. Well, so these kick-crops happen to my favorite jean I tried on! Now, yes…they do hit about 2 in above my ankle, give or take, but I actually like that look a lot. Also, if I had had booties to try on with them…I know that it would be another great look (and would cover up that space a tad more). Either way, GREAT JEAN. Stretchy, comfortable and pretty TTS. You could possibly consider going up one size, but I don’t know that that’s necessary. I thought they were going to be way too small when I pulled them out of the box, but the stretch proved me wrong. They fit perfectly.

The FRAME Le Crop High-Waist Mini Boot Raw Edge Jeans are all the words — cute, HOT, stylish — & worth all the #NSale hype.

TOP: tee, s (similar) | jeans, 27 | sandals, 9.5 

BOTTOM: coat, s | turtleneck, s | jeans, 27 | shoes, 9.5

Tall-Girl Denim Part II: Light-Wash Straight Legs

These were my other favorites, after the kick-crop. TTS, nice stretch, cute little slit hem on the side. I’d wear these every day with whatever top I have on hand. I’d wear these with flats or a white or lighter colored bootie! 

Want to see the FRAME Le High Straight Slit Hem Ankle Jeans on a tall woman? Right here. Adds more premium denim to cart...

Want to see the FRAME Le High Straight Slit Hem Ankle Jeans on a tall woman? Right here. Adds more premium denim to cart...

top, s (similar) | jeans, 27 

Tall-Girl Denim Part III: Dark Wash Skinnies That Go With EVERYTHING

I like these jeans a lot — the wash, style and slit hem, but almost felt like I could have gone down one size. They didn’t fit my bum perfectly. Not a bad fit, but just a tiny bit of room there. If I was a bit more voluptuous in the upper thigh and bum area, I think they would have been absolutely amazing. FYI: great with a pointy-toed flat!

The FRAME Le High Slit Hem Skinny Jeans are a TME fave, good looking on petites & tall women. Stock up at Anniversary Sale!

The FRAME Le High Slit Hem Skinny Jeans are a TME fave, good looking on petites & tall women. Stock up at Anniversary Sale!

top, s | jeans, 27 | shoes, 9.5 | coat, s | bag 

Shop All Of My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 


I am truly happy that I was able to share all of this with you! There’s just an energy I gain through this blogging stuff, and I can’t deny it. Style can be an art form…and that’s what I love about it. 
Be sure to check out the main NSale page for more #NSale posts from everyone on the TME team! 
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  1. I’m glad you’re back!! I’ll always read the Mom Edit, but I think you’re the only contributor who isn’t petite. While you were gone I had no idea how anything featured would actually look on my 5’10 self. Plus I love your style!

  2. Welcome back, Cam! I’m definitely not a tall girl, but I’ve always loved your posts. Great picks from the sale, too.

  3. Oh my gosh! I am fairly new to this blog and love it, but the Nordstrom posts were ALL from women who are like 5’2″!! I’m 6′ and NONE of those clothes would have looked at ALL similar on me. Thank you mom edit for doing this!!

  4. So happy you are back! Seems like all bloggers are something like 5’3″!! I’m 5’10” with a long torso – at a young and fit 52, I want to look “cool”, but not 25 – thanks for your picks. Loved them all and will order plenty.

  5. I love that the blog has a tall girl! I’m only 5′ 8″, but I have long limbs and always need to buy pants in tall sizes. While I think the styles I see posted here are adorable, they don’t always translate to how they will look on me, so I appreciate another perspective! XO

  6. Cam!! So glad to see you back. I missed you as a fellow tall girl, but I mostly missed your particular style and tone. I love TME, but it didn’t feel like “home” without you. Please stick around….

  7. I missed your voice – so glad you’re back! I’m 5’9 and love the tall girl perspective you bring to the blog but also just missed the updates on your life, family, etc.

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