My Go-To Babywearing Outfits And Thoughts on The Sakura Bloom Baby Carrier

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Greenlea loves being held and would much rather be in my arms than in her car seat or stroller.  As long as she’s being held, she’s fine.  The first time I took her for a walk, she screamed bloody murder in her stroller until I picked her up and held her.  She instantly calmed down, but every time I tried putting her down, the screams started again.  As I started to overheat and sweat nervously because people were watching and I had to carry her AND push her stroller, I realized quickly that a good carrier was going to be a necessity.  In my search for the PERFECT baby carrier, I found that there are a million different options out there and it felt kind of overwhelming when I was trying to weed through them all.  Here’s one of my top picks for baby carrying with style.







The Sakura Bloom actually strikes that balance between functionality and style that was so difficult for me to find in one baby carrier.  Here’s why I love it:

  • It’s EASY to use (I don’t have to stand outside my car listening to Greenlea’s cries as I try to make sure I’ve got the thing tied correctly)
  • It’s small enough to throw into a diaper bag or purse (unlike my Ergo)
  • I can nurse under it (bonus – a nursing cover and baby carrier in one!)
  • I can use it for years to come as they can be used from newborn age to 3 years (as long as I’m strong enough to hold her!)
  • It comes in WASHABLE linen or silk (mine is linen) and a number of different colors  (I chose the ash because grey is such a versatile color)
  • I can put it on over outfits or under jackets and it doesn’t cover everything up and become the focal point of what I’m wearing (unlike the Boba!)






Carrier: c/o Sakura Bloom baby sling

Jacket: (Similar) Hinge Expedition Jacket or Express Cotton Anorak Jacket

Top: (Similar) I love the interesting back of this Topshop sweater and this Eileen Fisher Lightweight Sweater would look awesome over leggings or skinny jeans (and it’s now 40% off!)

Jeans: (Similar) I’m loving destroyed denim and these Blank Denim Skinnies are catching my eye as are these Express Destroyed Jean Leggings (now on sale for $50 and free returns!)

Shoes: Steve Madden Nonstop Booties

I obviously have some strong opinions on baby carriers!  I love my Boba and Ergo as well, but they don’t serve the same purpose that the Sakura Bloom does.  If I need to clean the house and Greenlea’s being clingy, the Boba is perfect.  If I need to wear her for a seriously long time, the Ergo is perfect.  BUT, if I want to leave the house feeling like a hot mama when I run errands, go to dinner, meet friends, etc. the Sakura Bloom is my go-to carrier.

What’s your favorite carrier?



All photography by the fabulously talented Vafa-Coffmans!


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  1. You two are so beautiful! I am already getting anxiety thinking about figuring out how to use the wraps and carriers I’ll need in January when my baby girl arrives!

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I always love seeing babywearing getting attention in blogs, magazines, and other media–it’s been a lifesaver for me with my three littles. I use non-stretchy woven wraps (Didymos has my heart, though I also have a crush on Tekhni. If you haven’t looked into woven wraps, that’s a whole other rabbit hole…beautiful, elegant, and fiber blends of organic cotton, silk, merino, cashmere…!), ring slings, and soft structured buckle carriers (currently in a Beco Soleil, but I’ve tried almost every brand!). I wanted to mention though that legs out from birth and an upright tummy to tummy carry is the current recommendation for slings, with cradle holds like this reserved for nursing. Babywearing International has compiled a great list of ring sling videos to help with safe and secure carries: The one titled “Front and Hip Carry in a RS” is my absolute favorite, she has the sweetest accent and it really made slings click for us. 🙂

    I love the black sweater–I find I like some extra length on my top when I’m babywearing so the fabric doesn’t get caught up in my carrier! 😀 I feel like a slouchy fit and dolman sleeves just make me look bigger though (I’m a 6/8, 29 denim), which is too bad because loose=nursing friendly. Any tips for achieving a perfect comfy, effortlessly messy-chic look without falling into balloon territory?

  3. That wrap is beautiful! And by the way, awesome baby name choice… Greenlea. I love it! My third babe is now almost 4 months old. He has some special needs and I was worried about choosing a supportive, functional, but also kinda cute and soft carrier. For this third go round, I’m loving jj cole’s agility carrier. Looks like a wrap, but goes on like a tee shirt. It’s been awesome for the little guy and so easy for me!

  4. I am a ring sling fan all the way! It has the best versatility and quick on/off. The only down side is that it only leaves one arm completely free so I tend to always wear it on my left shoulder (so my right arm is fee) and now I’m having back problems. Although I can’t completely blame the sling, my GIANT baby might have something to do with it (11, yes, ELEVEN POUNDS at birth!)
    When I carry him for long periods I wear a mei tai because it distributes pressure on both shoulders and back, like an ergo.
    My favorite sling is one I had custom made. I live in a very hot climate so I had it made in one layer of white linen, brushed gold metal rings, and contrasting stitching on the top an bottom rails so it’s easy to find the edge of the fabric when tightening. I’ve always wanted one of the Sakura silk slings, a friend had the most beautiful teal one, but she said it was just too hot for where we live.
    I still struggle with what to wear, but I have learned a few things. 1) ring slings aren’t bad about this, but slings with lots of straps will create all kinds of bulges and rolls even on skinny mamas, so sticking with dark colors and/or patterns help minimize this 2) a longer top is helpful to avoid tummy peeking while you get situated 3) carrying a baby is the ultimate pooch hider! Not only can people not see your belly but they are too distracted by the adorable, comfy baby to notice much about you!

  5. I carried both by kids in ring slings until they were over 2. Pregnant with number 2, the ring sling was versatile enough to carry my 2 year old with ease and comfort. And using a light jacket OVER the sling like you did I was able to nurse the baby while sitting at B&N storytime with the older one.

  6. Gorgeous mom & baby! Do you find this Sakura wrap sheds at all? I ask because a review on Amazon said that was an issue.
    With my son (now 3) I was a huge fan of Moby Wrap in the early early days, Baby K’Tan Breeze for daily use for many months (years?) after that (mesh back perfect for San Diego weather), and Ergo Baby for really big trips like air travel. So I plan to re-use those with #2 (due in spring) but am always on the lookout for new options. BABY WEARING IS THE BEST!!!

  7. I love the blog and you as a new contributor! As a mom of three babies who have all been worn, it is nice to see some styles with carriers once again. I do want to mention (I teach baby wearing as well) that the hold in which you have that beautiful baby is not a recommended hold. Tummy to tummy with baby’s head supported and kissing distance from your face is how baby should be held most safely. Thanks for the great post!
    Here is a great link from the Sakura bloom website.

      • Shana and Scotti, I was so nervous after I posted that reply! It is so easy to be misunderstood online and I didn’t want to come off as criticizing you AT ALL. I am sure it is daunting to start writing on an established blog and really, all things in new motherhood are daunting. Thanks for the link to the article, I loved it, especially the section titled. “Room in the tent.” When I found your blog a few years ago as a new mom, with a new babe, trying to dress a new squishy bod, I was comforted to feel normal and not alone when reading ANMJ. Thanks for making room in the tent. Keep up the good work

  8. You both look beautiful, and I love the look of the sling and all your plus points are great, but I gotta say – from an ergonomics perspective, these one-shoulder slings are not the best. Too much weight on one shoulder – don’t you find it hurts after a while? I found it did, and I also found that the asymmetrical position of babe made doing things with it on kinda awkward. My boy was a big ol’ 10 pounder from birth and I found the monkey wrap style a lot more comfortable (like that jj cole one mentioned above). Have you tried those? Curious to know how you think they compare.

    • Elena – your comment brought back SOOOO many memories!! I was able to babywear Raines with slings all day long (he was TINY), but when chubster Pax came around I think I used the sling for…maybe a week? Maybe? He was just too chunky. I quickly had to switch to the Ergo, so I totally know what you are saying.

  9. Ahh I reread – I see what you are saying, yeah those tshirt wraps can mess up an outfit. The sling is the prettiest for sure, for short wears with sitting I guess. 🙂

  10. I have to agree – this post isn’t really supporting safe babywearing! It would be wonderful if you would do an update here mentioning that this isn’t the recommended way to use the sling. I feel like it’s a potential hazard – even in a cradle hold like this for nursing, baby’s head wouldn’t be by the rings, it would be by the other side of the body. I’d suggest looking at Sakura Bloom’s youtube channel for instructions on how to properly carry and correct the issue! Otherwise, I agree entirely, slings are by far the most stylish option and I love Sakura Bloom. You look like a pretty hot mama wearing it : )



  11. Oh mama babywearing is beautiful but this is not a safe carry at all. I would encourage you to watch the tutorials above that some of the other ladies posted. I just would hate to see your little baby be in danger from an improper carry and blocked airways. It took me a lot of practice but I watched lots of videos and asked my veteran babywearing friends for help! It’s much more comfortable to wear tummy to tummy, legs out and high enough to kiss.

  12. I can see that I’ve touched on a very sensitive issue with this post . . . that wasn’t my intention! I will absolutely check out the various holds that Sakura Bloom offers on their website, but I want to make sure that I mention that I was not using the above hold hands-free. I use the sling to help with her weight, but I continue to “carry” her in my arms the whole time. I apologize if the post was offensive to some readers. Again, my intention was to show off the Sakura Bloom and not to promote a certain type of hold. I do appreciate the comments that were written in such a kind and supportive way . . . being a new mom is hard work and I think we should be supportive of one another, even when we disagree or when we think someone is making a mistake.

  13. Shana and Scotti, I was so nervous after I posted that reply! It is so easy to be misunderstood online and I didn’t want to come off as criticizing you AT ALL. I am sure it is daunting to start writing on an established blog and really, all things in new motherhood are daunting. Thanks for the link to the article, I loved it, especially the section titled. “Room in the tent.” When I found your blog a few years ago as a new mom, with a new babe, trying to dress a new squishy bod, I was comforted to feel normal and not alone when reading ANMJ. Thanks for making room in the tent. Keep up the good work!

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