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Graphic Series Envirosax I'm a huge Envirosax bag fan. They are lightweight, durable, and come in the best patterns and colors (my current favorite, pictured left, is from their Planet Green line).  I always keep at least one in my diaper bag, lest I should ever find myself in Whole Foods without an environmentally friendly way to transport my groceries.  The Whole Foods cashiers are usually pretty understanding, but I still can't deal with the guilt.  I can only imagine what they would say after I left:

Checkout Girl1:  "OMG this TOTAL mess of a mom came in this morning!  Her kid was only wearing one shoe, had gross cereal bar smeared in his EYES and HAIR and was eating chocolate chips.  And the worst part…..she actually asked for a paper bag!
Checkout Girl2:  "OMG – NO!  She clearly doesn't love her son enough to want to leave him a cleaner planet."
Checkout Girl1:  "I know, right?  I feel sad for him.  Hey – have you tried the new vegan white chocolate blended latte?  Totally gluten free."

In addition to being a fabulous option when buying groceries, I use my Envirosax bags when shopping in the mall, at the Farmer's market, I use them to transport dirty or wet clothes/shoes/blankets/etc  and I've started using them at the pool or the beach.  As beach bags, they are genius.

Envirosax bags are proportioned such that they can easily carry balled-up towels, beach toys, sand toys, inflatable balls, snacks, etc.  And they are made to be easily carried when full (up to 44 lbs) – meaning you can allocate a bag per kid and easily haul them all into the pool or to the beach.  They fold up impossibly tiny, so you can throw in a couple of extra to transport wet items home.   They are easily washed AND….drum roll, please….they've started making kid size versions of the bags, so as your little one gets bigger they too can help schlep their stuff around.  My two favorites are below:

Marshmallow Wingnut

The bags retail for $8.50 each, or $37.95 for a pack of 5.  Lastly, if you want something plain, in addition to the amazing graphic series and kids series, they have a greengrocer series.  I'd get my hubby something manly like Avocado (pictured below left) or Blueberry (below right). 

Envirosax bagGG_B3_thumb

(NOTE – I would neglect to tell him that the blue bag is called "Blueberry".  I'd call it Star Trek Blue or Superman Blue or Bad-ass Blue or something.)

So, to summarize:  Cool beach bags for the whole fam?  Very nice.  Cool beach bags that can be used year-round for hauling groceries, stashing purchases, as a diaper bag stand-in, or to transport dirty, wet items and that help to leave the planet a cleaner place?  Love.  


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