Weekly Sales Report 11.22 (Black Friday Edition!)


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Black Friday sales came early this year (no complaints from us!) and we just couldn’t wait to pull our sales report together. So — let’s get right to it!

Head to Reformation (25% off sitewide!) and go straight to the cashmere sweaters. S has been a long-time fan of Ref’s cashmere (particularly this boyfriend sweater, under $130) and their new oversized crewneck is a welcome update to their line; it’s so luxuriously thick and soft. A few more team faves from Ref: their Mason pant (hello, work trousers), this silk cami (under $100!!) and these silver flats–they’re an instant outfit-maker.

Gap’s CashSoft line is finally on sale! This sweater + these pants = the lounge set of our dreams. Then, head over to Madewell’s 40% off sale (discount at checkout) for chic winter coats like this (under $150 with code: LETSGO) and one of our fave pairs of wide-leg jeans (under $100). Woah, Everlane’s also running a major 50% off sale styles — curious about barrel jeans? These are under $70.

The 5 Best Sales This Week

The Best Black Friday Deals 2023: Our Top Clothing, Home & Beauty Sales Picks

Be sure to check out our Black Friday cheat sheet — our one-stop shop for all the deets on Black Friday deals. Keep scrolling for more pieces we have and love, on sale now! Happy shopping…

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Laura’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

Happy holiday week and Native American Heritage month. I hope everyone is able to gather for yummy food together. We need a new way to acknowledge this week. My grandmother’s cornbread dressing, family and friends is what I celebrate, the rest of it I’ll teach my daughter about and plan to do better. We have so much privilege because of horrible acts. Find and shop Native businesses. Coral Story Beauty is my fav in Portland. We can do so much better.

Again, thankful we can share the necessary discourses here, but the transitions to sales and fashion are just the worst. But, as I always say, we are here to provide some gift-giving help, product reviews and some getting-the-best-bang-for-your-buck help. There are so many great things on sale, so if you’ve had a wishlist for gifts or for yourself, it’s a great time to dive in. This bag and this sweater are top picks from me, as are these boots. Check those out below, but first, a couple things I have and love.

Black Friday sales: Halfdays winter jacket, Avec Les Filles plaid coat

Jacket (M) | Coat (29)

ONE: If you’re looking for a medium weight amazing coat, this Halfdays Davis Convertible Jacket might be just what you need and it’s now 30% off. It converts from a coat to a vest in seconds, has the coolest shape (the bottom hem is perfection) and it’s just so well-made. It comes in a few shades, but this rust was my fav. The lilac is gorgeous though if that is something you rock! TTS with room for layering underneath. I’m wearing the M and adore it! Jeans | Boots (on sale!)

TWO: This Avec Les Filles coat is SOO soft and gorgeous. I could resist it when I was in store recently. And now it’s on sale! The colors are just as stunning in person and I’m particular about plaids and this one is 👌 TTSs with room to layer. Nordstrom will price match as sizes at Anthro are going fast! Jeans | Boots

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Scotti’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

My tree is up, but we have yet to hang up any ornaments. My mom always bought Shana & I ornaments to commemorate important events each year and I have a HUGE bin full of “memories” now. I continued that tradition once I left the house and now with my own littles. This year I’m on the lookout for an Annie ornament for G, a junior Kindergarten one for Ozzie, and a divorce one for myself (I can’t decide between this one or this *slightly more tasteful* one (both are on sale).

Speaking of sales, OMG it’s total chaos out here. I couldn’t resist Anthro’s 30% off sale (this t-shirt is on its way to me) or Reformation’s 25% off sale (this sweater and these pants are on the way to me) mostly because those sites rarely go on sale like this. Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! 

Black Friday sales: J.Crew blazer, Ralph Lauren coat

Blazer (4) | Coat (XS)

ONE: The Going Out Blazer from J.Crew is a favorite of both Laura & myself…it’s stretchy and comfortable and the fit is on-point (it comes in petite and tall sizes too). This one is often excluded from sales, so snag it while you can!

TWO: I’ve been wearing this Ralph Lauren coat (50% off!) for a few years now and it’s still one of my favorites—it’s the one I reach for all the time (especially in the snow and cold). I love the hood and the shorter zipper/long button closure that makes it easy to move around in. (Ooh and a gorgeous burgundy color is on sale at Nordstrom!)

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Kat’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

How is it Thanksgiving already?! It feels like this year has flown by, and time is moving at an unbelievably rapid rate. This year has certainly had its ups and downs, and still I feel especially grateful for all of the incredible things that have happened. If you are curious about what I am grateful for, and why cranberry sauce from a can is the most superior, then you have to give this week’s podcast a listen!

Enough about cranberry sauce… let’s get into the sales because they are freaking golden right now! Anthropologie’s entire site is currently 30% off and I’ve currently got this scarf in my cart along with a slew of other goodies. Good American is also offering 30% off of most everything as well, and this faux leather trench is calling my name. And the only sweater I will wear and swear by is under $100! Oh and Spanx… I am confident you will thank me if you pick these up! XX

Black Friday sales: Anthropologie sequin jacket and maxi skirt, Reformation silk dress

Jacket (2X) | Denim Skirt (24) | Dress (2X)      

ONE & TWO: This season I am adding a little bit of glitz and glam to my already extensive wardrobe. There is something I find sexy about mixing denim and sequins, and it’s what I will be wearing to all the holiday parties I am headed to. This gorgeous sequin moto jacket & maxi denim skirt are currently 30% off! 

THREE: Holy shiitake you all, the dress I just bought from Reformation is actually on sale!!!! Their entire site is currently 25% off, which is such a rarity for Ref, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This dress is absolute perfection and perfect for any occasion, including any of you girlies that like a subtle holiday look. 

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Linzi’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

Dang…every year I feel like it gets harder and harder to pick just a hand full of the best sales. If you’re looking for the softest, coziest gift for yourself or someone else, THIS blanket is a total winner! My whole family fights over these —like pulls/tugs/wrestles fights — and it’s under $70 on Black Friday sale!!!! If you’re not sold, check out the reviews…feels MUCH higher quality than the price. Speaking of high quality, my fav cashmere sweater is 30% off (it’s so yummy soft and the shape is perfection), but this cotton-blend one with a similar shape is on sale for under $40 —- not as soft as cashmere, but it IS pretty darn soft. Posted a photo comparison on FB yesterday of both sweaters in black. More top sale picks below!

Boots | Trouser Jeans (28) | Tank (XS)

ONE: These boots are STUNNERS and actually walkable.  Amazing peeking out of crop denim or skirts, but also FABULOUS for giving you height under full-length flares or wide-legs.  

TWO: These trouser jeans are FINALLY on sale for just over $100! My wash is sold out, but the classic blue wash is fantastic…I think I actually like that wash even better! You can see more selfies of them in my HUGE Anthro Try-On Post (TONS of my Anthro pieces are on major sale!). I’m wearing an XS in the tank, but it’s tight and I should have gotten a S. 

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Amy’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

UH, where do I even begin? So many of my most beloved, dear pieces sprung up on sale in the past few days, it’s almost as overwhelming as it is wildly exciting. 

Maybe I should start by mentioning that pretty much ALL of my favorite denim is 25% off with code HOLIDAY, like, all the good ones. Or maybe I should lead with the fact that my most-worn/all time fave shoe of the past few months is sitting at 30% off (I totally grabbed another color). Another one I’m personally adding to cart? This simple but oh-so-cozy sweater in the exact color I was hoping would go on sale (chocolate heather). But there’s SO MANY more goods I’m rounding up below! Xx

Black Friday sales: J.Crew sweater lady jacket, horseshoe jeans, Gap outerwear

Sweater (M), Jeans (28) | Coat (L), Jeans (28), Satin Top (L)

ONE: This is the first time all year that I’ve seen this sweater (runs big) in my specific color on sale – along with the famous sweater lady jacket (TTS) – both, of which, are the reason I fell hard and fast for J.Crew all together. Throw either one on with your fave pair of jeans and your outfit is instantly elevated. Also – my horseshoe of all horseshoe jeans can be found on sale in a couple of colors (look for the words “Use code HOLIDAY” underneath the listing). My black wash isn’t included, sadly, but the wash “Magnolia” is amazing. 

TWO: This coat has been my secret weapon for feeling put-together when I have to run out of the house early in the mornings – it’s unlined and broad-shoulder-friendly so it’s the best for layering over literally everything. The entire website is 40% off, if not MORE, and after spending the whole year shopping mostly at Gap, I think my coat pictured (plus this one), the cashsoft loungewear, and these jeans are at the top of my favorites list. 

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Julieta’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

I’ve had a complicated relationship with Thanksgiving for some years now, and have opted for learning and teaching my kids about the Indigenous relatives here in the North. Here’s a list of books for kids, and this docuseries by Timeline on Indigenous History featuring Native Archeologists is AMAZING. As you sit to enjoy your dinner, remember to thank the Natives and the Ancestral Lands you’re on and donate to an Indigenous organization – here’s a list

Now sales I’m excited about! Halfdays has a gorgeous rust color and I just ordered snow pants, jacket, and base layers. It’s so hard to find winter clothes in my colors. Last night, I also got the Rag and Bone sneakers I’m crazy about and three Alo Yoga cropped puffers to try–I have high hopes for this one

Black Friday sales: J.Crew coat, Naadam cashmere matching lounge set

Coat (0P) | Hoodie (XS), Joggers (S)

ONE: J.Crew Boiled Wool Topcoat (0P) – This is one of my most lightweight, warm and flattering coats. I love how it drapes without adding any bulk. Some people complain it is not lined, but I’ve found that it helps to layer thicker things under while also draping beautifully over the body. It now comes in other colors (I got mine 4-5 years ago?), and a client recently tried the pink one and loved it. 

TWO: Naadam Off-duty cashmere hoodie (XS) and joggers (S)  – I’ve worn this set for the past two years. Wear with jeans, or with matching pants and feel hugged by a blanket that looks chic. I’m getting the rust, but the other colors are gorgeous too. You must buy the bundle to get the sale price. 

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Bev’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

Took some extra days off this week to spend a little time with our boys and I will most likely spend most of my time in my J.Crew matching pajama set and my Spanx faux leather leggings (I went up a size so they do not roll when I wear them, currently 20% off). I haven’t taken much time off on the days they have been out of school this year. I am sure we will all be over each other by the time this long weekend is over. 

I am slowly working through our boys’ lists for Christmas as well as trying to figure out what to get our almost 4 year old for his birthday. For now, marble run and a chess set are on the list. Our oldest has shown interest in chess and has been asking me to teach him after he found out I used to be in the chess club back in High School. 

 Coat (L), Shirt (L), Leggings (XL) | Shoes (Similar), Pants (L)

ONE: I am slowly working on updating my work wardrobe as well as some casual basics. Being home for almost 3 years after having a baby has been rough trying to get back into my old clothes. I tried this coat on when I was in Banana Republic a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. It’s tailored and pinched at the waist, at 40% off I cannot pass this up. My favorite Sarah Flint pumps, the Perfect Pump, that I wore throughout my last pregnancy are currently on sale at 30% off (I own 3 pairs of the 85). The leopard print pair that I am wearing in the picture above are sold out, I linked a similar pair and I find the SF shoes fit true to size.  

TWO: My husband and I can never agree on bedding. I am always cold and love having flannel sheets in the winter which is a big no for him. I bought these Tercel sheets last year when they were on sale and both of us love them. I will be getting another set during the Black Friday sales. 

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Em’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

Happy Feasting Week, friends. I love this time of year so much – because of the food, yes, but since the pandemic, I feel even more grateful for opportunities to gather with family and friends and toast our health and the company and support of loved ones. Since this will be Maria’s first Thanksgiving (we’re still hosting her from Spain through January), we’re doing the full turkey and stuffing and pie thing, but we also ordered sausages from Schmidt’s (hey hey Cbus, I see you!) so I’m also doing German potato salad and kraut and…I could go on and on. There will be plenty of good things to eat.

Also plenty of good things to shop, if you’re in the mood (always). Levi’s has 40% off everything (with free shipping + returns) – perfect time to stock up on ribcage jeans in all the washes (my tip: opt for the washes with a cotton/Tencel composition for a broken-in, vintage feel. I size down one in this style). Nordstrom’s got loads of Nike’s on sale, including these AF1’s (in a few cool colors, but I’m still feeling the white). And the most-used pan in our kitchen is on sale for…under $15. Get the 8” size – it’s petite but you’ll find yourself reaching for it multiple times a day.

Black Friday sales: Frame V-Neck tee, rag & bone featherweight jeans, Frye boots, Levi's jeans

Tee (TTS), Jeans (TTS, on sale) | Boots (size up half), Jeans (TTS, on sale), Similar Jacket

ONE: I love everything about this white tee except for the fact that it’s so rarely on sale — but today is the day! The details at the neckline and sleeves are so pretty and truly make it feel more polished than your everyday tee (while being ridiculously soft with an ideal drape, and it’s designed to hit just perfectly with high-rise bottoms). I can’t recommend it enough.

TWO: In another big sale stunner, Frye restocked my short engineer boots (if that link doesn’t take you right to them, search: Natalie Engineer Short), and they’re more than 40% off. I’ve had these for more than 5 years – my mom bought them for herself, gave them to me to borrow, and the rest is history. (She now admits that was just a ruse to get them for me. Aren’t moms the best??) They’re completely timeless and will be a part of my wardrobe forever but the key with these is getting the fit right. In my true size, they were absurdly tight (like, the vamp was so tight I couldn’t get my foot in), but when I sized up half, they were perfect. True, they need a couple of wears to break in, but then they’re absolute perfection. My jeans are 40% off, too. True to size.

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Anne’s Top Black Friday Sale Picks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I can’t wait to sit down with my family and friends tomorrow for some much-needed time to listen to each other, express gratitude, and relax. As a curvaceous woman who has been on and off the diet culture bandwagon over the decades, I’m grateful to be in such a good headspace with myself this year and wish that for all of you as well. If you know you’ll be in a tough spot with yourself or others over the holidays with food and weight, you’re not alone – Kat and I had a pretty raw conversation on this topic on our podcast this week, so check it out if you need the solidarity and love.

Black Friday sales are in full swing so early this year, and there is a ton to pick from. I’m trying to keep my eyes on the prize by shopping for items I know that I’ll get a ton of wear out of, like this black blazer that drapes perfectly and wide-leg denim I’ll wear till it’s worn out. I also try to shop for items or brands that are rarely on sale or are investments, and I really want to snatch the item up at a discounted price. My top pick this year? 100% the Dyson Airwrap – I just reviewed it in detail here, and I really love this hair tool. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone; I’m grateful for your readership. 

Coat (10) | Beaded Top (L)

ONE: The J.Crew Villa coat is a beautiful coat and is 50% off right now for Black Friday. I just go back to J.Crew again and again for outerwear because of the quality. For reference, the blouse above isn’t on sale yet (but I’m keeping an eye out!). However, my magic work pants I’m wearing above are 25% off right now.

TWO: This beaded top from Anthropologie makes me feel like Zelda Fitzgerald headed to a glamorous party. Anthro is offering 30% off sitewide and then even more on sale items. I layered the top over my favorite Quince silk dress, and this is the *only* time of year that Quince offers specials. The sale typically isn’t sitewide, but rather on specific items. We’ll find out more details after this report is published, so follow us on socials for more info.

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

Jess’ Top Black Friday Sale Picks

One thing I CAN be proud of this Thanksgiving is not leaving picking out my outfit to the morning of. This year my Thanksgiving OOTD makes me happy because it’s my perfect idea of style meets comfort (it’s the picture on the left below). My Faherty henley top is one of my most consistently worn tops in my closet for over a year now and is a cashmere + cotton mix (and it’s over 40% off for the first time ever) and my Gap jeans are the most flattering pair of stretchy denim ever (also 40% off right now). Get all the details and links below!

As for sales, I’m currently spending my time browsing through Banana Republic’s 40% off storewide sale, and J.Crew’s up to 50% off sale. So much good stuff at both places that between the two, I’ve figured out my whole holiday event capsule wardrobe. Also, Anthropologie’s Black 30% off Friday Sale just went live and it’s SO GOOD. 

Black Friday sales: Gap flare jeans, Faherty henley top, Free people sweater, Levi's jeans

Top (M), Gap Jeans (29) | FP Sweater (M), Levi’s Jeans (30) 

ONE: Gap High-Rise Patched ’70s Flare Jeans and Faherty Henley Top – I am sooo glad I bought these jeans. They are even better than I thought they would be. They are so flattering AND comfortable (yay for stretch denim)! They are 40% off at checkout and run pretty true to size. My top is Faherty and one of my most consistently worn tops in my closet – it’s a cashmere and cotton blend. It JUST went on sale this morning and is over 40% off at Nordstrom! 

TWO: Free People Orion A-Line Tunic Sweater and Levi’s High-Waisted Ribcage Straight Leg Jeans – I am still loving this perfectly oversized FP sweater. It’s so cozy and comfortable, is completely stocked in all sizes and is 30% off! 

Pieces I Own & Love, Now On Sale For Black Friday

More Black Friday Sale Pieces That Caught My Eye

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