Black Friday 2022 Cheat Sheet: Only The Sales Worth Shopping


The holiday shopping season is in full swing, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Black Friday 2022 sales are already going strong. To avoid getting overwhelmed, we’ve created a quick little ‘cheat sheet’ to highlight the best Black Friday deals. Not only will we update this cheat sheet daily (up until Black Friday), but we’ll try and keep it pretty tightly edited, too — focusing only on the best of the Black Friday sales.

We’ve started with our own personal holiday wishlists, then scoured pages on online inventory to try and figure out the best sales for everything from sherpa jackets to linen sheets, from jeans on sale to the best beauty gift sets. We don’t cover anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves (and, frankly, most of this stuff someone on the team has used/touched/tried).

The Best 2022 Early Black Friday Sales

Our top Black Friday recommendations are sorted by category: Beauty, Fashion and Home. If you know what category you’re interested in, use the buttons below to be taken directly to the section of this article that corresponds to the button:

TOP PICKS: If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for…keep reading for some ideas. My top 5 Black Friday sales at the moment (if anyone cares) are Halfday’s ski gear (literally never goes on sale), Parachute’s linen sheets & towels, Athleta’s Sherpa Jacket (it’s a sweatshirt, FYI), GAP’s faux-leather pants (seriously bananas good), and Naked Cashmere’s 50% off cashmere (here’s my recent try-on article).

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Since we’ve been doing this for over a decade, we’ve nailed the most surefire way to gather up all the most intriguing sales, the ones worth your time, attention and money. And to be blunt (Mercury is in Scorpio now, so straight-up honesty is where we’re at) it’s this cheat sheet. Look no further for the most effective skincare, makeup and hair products to buy this weekend (fingers crossed that this is the year the Dennis Gross LED face mask goes on sale). We’re also eyeing the most satisfying and useful kitchen appliances (Laura says Breville Air Fryer, I say VitaMix), as well as Parachute’s luxe linen sheets — they literally only go on sale twice a year, and this is one of them! (Sidenote: they’re not on sale…yet. But they will be, once we get closer to actual Black Friday 2022.)

The sales below are as current as possible, and we’ll be updating them from now all through Black Friday 2022 weekend (when we’ll be dropping our equally helpful Cyber Monday cheat sheet).

For more holiday fun when you’re done shopping here, head back to Holiday Central, our one-stop shop for all the sparkly, sales and presents we have to offer. Browse holiday outfit inspo here and get motivated with gift ideas and gift guides here. More Black Friday and Cyber Monday coverage lives here, on our full guide.

Beauty: The Best Black Friday 2022 Deals On Skincare, Makeup & Hair Products

Stocking up on skincare products during sales like Black Friday is our move. Skincare, makeup and haircare products are our team’s most-shopped category on Black Friday. Many of the brands we buy on repeat (Colleen Rothschild and Biossance, for example) always have decent Black Friday discounts, as well as Dermstore, whose Black Friday sales are usually fast & furious. As our most-used products go on sale (and yup— I need another radiant cleansing balm), we’ll update this list below. Right now, this list is a combination of BF sales that have started early, as well as sales that we’re pretty sure (based on history), will be worth shopping once they start.

Skincare, Makeup & Hair Products On Sale For Black Friday

Our Top Black Friday Picks For Beauty

Fashion: The Best Black Friday 2022 Deals On Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Black Friday clothing sales are a funny thing: some retailers prefer to launch early (J.Crew, I’m looking at you), and then end up with a rather underwhelming selection left on Black Friday, while others often drop surprise Black Friday sales in a pretty epic way. This year, however, we expect that more and more retailers will drop stuff early (and, in fact, Saks is currently have a pretty epic sale on jeans — I just snagged this pair — and Athleta’s early BF sale includes my new fav sherpa jacket). Bottom line? We’ll do our best to keep a running list of Black Friday sales worth shopping in the list below.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories On Sale For Black Friday

Our Top Black Friday Picks For Fashion

Home: The Best Black Friday 2022 Deals On Kitchen Appliances, Tech & Decor

This is another Black Friday category I get realllllly excited about. If nothing else, treat yourself to Parachute’s linen sheets this Black Friday and thank me later. They’re both luxurious (I feel like a very fancy lady) and durable. I’m also a big (HUGE) fan of the zero-waste cleaning brand Blueland. They’ve significantly reduced the amount of plastic (and yucky chemicals) we use in our home, and I highly recommend their kitchen, laundry and cleaning supplies. Lastly, I’m excited to get my new Our Place ovenwear. I’ve been looking for something functional and pretty (if I bake something I need some oooh’s and ahhh’s) and theirs is perfect.

Kitchen Appliances, Home Decor & Tech On Sale For Black Friday

Our Top Black Friday Picks For Home

We hope this makes your shopping experience a lot easier, and maybe even a little more fun. We’ll keep this post up-to-date all through Black Friday weekend, so be sure to bookmark it, and sign-up for our newsletter for more personalized Black Friday picks. See you Cyber Monday!


Black Friday 2022 Sales are here! We have strategies: Check out our cheat sheet for the best cosmetics & beauty products, home goods, + fashion (duh).
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  1. Are these brands extending their usual 30-day return window for early Black Friday sales? I’m hesitant to buy Christmas gifts if the can’t be returned.

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