Crowd-Pleasing Haircare: Our Favorites From Briogeo


Good haircare can be overwhelming to find. So many products, brands, ingredients, hair types, promises… But we’ve collectively found a brand that lives up to the expectations for at least 7+ people/hair types on the team: Briogeo.

Not only is Briogeo Black- and woman- founded, but the ingredient list doesn’t make you pause & squint, nor are these products formulated with sulfates or silicones. This stuff is good, and we’ve tried a lot. They use clean ingredients for all hair types + textures and have a little something for probably any hair worry you have. (Dry scalp, unruly curls, dehydration, dullness…. the list goes on.)

We Heart Briogeo. Here Are Our Haircare Faves.

What makes Briogeo even better is the fact that they’re one of those brands that cares. 1% of every Briogeo purchase is donated to a nonprofit – of which you can vote on their website (scroll to the bottom of the page), their packaging is FSC Certified (99% of their secondary packaging + boxes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring they come from responsibly managed forests) and all all kit packaging is 100% recyclable.

Here’s a quick list of our favorite products, with our reviews and top recommendations below:

1. For Deep Conditioning, All Hair Types: Briogeo’s Don’t Despair Mask

at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Nordstrom | at Sephora

Scotti, Shana, Kat, Anne and I all have this hair mask and love it. Not only is it formulated without sulfates or silicones, but it seriously performs, too. Kat called the mask “lush,” naming it a “10 out of 10”, and, despite the fact that it’s called a “deep conditioning mask,” Anne uses it in place of regular conditioner (she only needs to wash her curls a couple of times per week).

2. For Dandruff: Briogeo Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo & Treatments

at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Nordstrom | at Sephora

Shana says her husband and boys LOVE Brigeo’s anti-dandruff shampoo. It was the only thing to break Mike of his ‘Head & Shoulders’ habit. 😉 This set comes with a scalp massager (and is the only way she can get Pax to wash his hair haha). I also love it for when I’ve used a bit of product and my scalp could use a nice scrub. It feels unreal + smells fresh & pepperminty.

Their other Scalp Revival products are seriously great too – the Scalp Treatment Drops (a leave-in soothing scalp treatment) are clinically shown to increase scalp hydration by up to 142%, and Shana uses it on her boys when they’ve skipped shampoos (or have run out of that Scalp Revival Shampoo) and the dandruff gets out of control *cough*Pax*cough*. NOTE: If you are as blonde as Pax, these treatment drops do go on rather dark, so only use at night. (Happily, they don’t leave a stain.)

Lastly, the Detox Spray is another treatment option to address dandruff quickly. It also helps with general product buildup for a more effective cleanse.

3. For Faking A Wash: Briogeo Dry Shampoo

at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Sephora

This is my fave dry shampoo ever! I’m not a fan of aerosol sprays, so this powder is a game changer. You shake it then like, puff it out onto your roots, then massage it in a little. It’s talc free, too!

4. For Styling Curls: Briogeo Frizz Control Gel & Blow Dry Perfection Cream


Curl Charisma Frizz Control Gel: at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Nordstrom | at Sephora

Farewell Frizz™ Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Cream: at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Nordstrom | at Sephora

Kat has used Briogeo hair products for years now, and the Curl Charisma gel is a part of her holy grail haircare. She uses this in the summer for extra hold when there is a slightly higher humidity (+ for travel too). She says this gel “provides the perfect amount of hold without weighing down your curls & has the perfect amount of slip when you apply it”.

This luscious and moisturizing heat protectant is great for protecting finicky curls. Anne uses it when she wants to blow her hair out and wear it wavy rather than curly. Don’t skip heat protectant!! It makes such a difference.

5. For Washing Curls: Briogeo Superfoods Shampoo + Conditioner

at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Nordstrom | at Sephora

Anne uses a gentle shampoo since her hair is easily tangled and breakage-prone, and this banana coconut-scented shampoo not only fits the ticket, but also smells amazing, she says. She also uses the hair mask in place of conditioner, btw.

6. For Air-Dried Hair: Briogeo Leave-In Detangling Spray

at Briogeo | at Amazon | at Nordstrom | at Sephora

If you tend to air dry your hair, try out this stuff. Laura loves leave-in conditioners for air drying and she says this one works well & smells great. (It’s also not bad for a quick spritz if your hair gets really static-y from the dry, winter air.)


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Need a clean beauty fix for dandruff, curls, deep conditioning, or the best way to air-dry your hair, this team loves Briogeo. (Women & Black founded, too.)
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