What I Wear for Lounging in the Summer: Comfy Jumpsuits

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You know when Shana mentions she doesn’t want to make her life more precious than it actually is with her outfits? I always chuckle a little. Because I do! I need it so badly!

Listen! My kids are little, I’m their main caregiver. I change diapers all day long, get down on my knees to clean all the food they throw on the floor, and make food and clean the kitchen so many times a day. I need precious! I need to feel like a queen when I’m pretty much my kids’ servant. Or as Ali Wong says “when you’re a mom…you need sparkle to compensate for the light inside of you that has died.” I CRIED and almost peed my pants when I watched her Netflix Special, Hard Knock Wife. And just a side note — I actually think a light inside me was born when I had kids, but you get what I mean right?

So, yes, in this season of my life I need all the precious I can possibly get. Even when just relaxing on a Sunday at home. Heck, yes, especially on Sundays when Ron (my husband) is around, and I can take a real shower and spend a few minutes doing my hair and makeup — because on a weekday I either get dressed or get my hair and makeup done, but not both. Most times I choose to get dressed and maybe put on some makeup throughout the day, so that when husband gets home he sees me like the put-together mom that I am NOT.

On this particular Sunday, I had been on my own with the kids for four nights and five days. You might have caught it on my Instagram. I was done with “mom, mommy, mooooom” The minute he came home, I said “I need to pee” and hid in the bathroom for 30 minutes. I did my hair and put some makeup on. When I came outside he asked what I was doing and I said “becoming human again!”

Anyways, makeup or no makeup, hair done or not, one of my favorite things to wear on lazy summer days at home is a comfy jumpsuit. I prefer to wear a cozy jumpsuit over shorts and a tee a million times. It’s more precious and sometimes more comfortable, in my opinion.

How I choose my home jumpsuits:

  • First of all, they need to be lightweight.
  • Soft and stretchy if possible. Most times I go for a Jersey knit one.
  • Elastic waist to avoid a zipper. If it’s not made in Jersey fabric like the one I’m wearing, it needs to have an elastic waist. Stretchy fabric is hard to beat, but this one made the cut thanks to the elasticized drawstring waist.
  • It needs to make me feel like a queen while giving me all the pajama feels.
  • Last but not least: it needs to be inexpensive. I’ve had really good luck with ASOS and Urban Outfitters for this purpose. An ASOS jumpsuit I recently posted on my Instagram (@theunbosom) has been a go-to for both home and outings with the kids for years, and has held up really well. Sometimes inexpensive doesn’t mean bad quality, and even though I usually like to get the best I can, for this clothing category this is my best.

They can never wait for the popsicles to be fully frozen…it was also almost bedtime.

Side note: I HAVE to wear high-waisted smoothing underwear to keep my saggy skin controlled under something so loose. I have a lot; if you don’t, you may be able to go with just regular underwear. I also usually go for underwear shorts for a clean look. I hate panty lines or wearing thongs with loose pants. These are the ones I wear most of the time: Spanx thinstincts mid-thigh shorts. 

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit – Out from under Fara Strapless jumpsuit: Wearing XS. Very lightweight and comfortable. If you’re taller than 5’2″ I think it would look better, but I’m OK with it. Comes in black with some ivory stripes too.

Shoes – Soludos Knotted slides – Run small. I’m usually between 5.5 and 6, and went for the 6. I love them and wear them all the time….with dresses, shorts, jeans, etc,.

Earrings – Wood Oval earrings – Pretty little everyday earrings. They are wood but very lightweight. Come in ivory and green too.

Another option I tried:

Out From Under Elsie Cinched Cutout Jumpsuit – Wearing XS. This one is a dream! I could sleep in it. Tell me to show my lower belly and I’ll give you a huge NO, but a peek of the only pretty part of my belly, I can deal with that. Unfortunately the color wasn’t for me. It comes in faded black though, and I might get it.

Shop Comfy, Summer Jumpsuits

When it comes to these kind of jumpsuits, I know for sure I’ll find a good affordable one either at ASOS or Urban Outfitters. All my picks are from them except for one.

What else do you like to wear on those lazy summer days?

Chao, chao. Julieta

Find me over on Instagram (@theunbosom) for more precious in the middle of chaos, and a real and vulnerable take on postpartum body and motherhood. I’m a believer that social media shouldn’t be to document only the good things.


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  1. Cute jumpsuits! I still haven’t found my perfect one yet. I wear alot of maxi dresses at home and to sleep, they are comfy and im not showing too much leg when i do housework, to my teen boy, so it’ll embarass him. I like what you wrote about sparkles, so true, i wear alot of sparkly stuff to work, makes me feel good. My teen, sucked alot of good life out of me, no end near, so bring on the shinest sparkles!

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