Spring Trend We Love: Denim Bags


If there’s one spring trend that has us all scrambling (in the best possible way), it’s the denim bag. Case in point? I highlighted Coach’s cool denim bag in my last weekend post, but by the time I went to purchase it myself (not even 24 hours after publishing)…that darn bag was completely sold out. Thankfully, I found it in-stock at Bloomingdales, but my desperate search, “coach denim bag” led me to this round-up.

It turns out there’s a ton of seriously good denim bags for spring, at all price points, all styles (duffle, crossbody, tote, bucket, etc.)

14 Cool-Girl Denim Bags For Spring

In general, I like denim bags with a bit of structure, or an intentional shape. The fabric (and overall vibe) is so casual that I think this structure and/or shape can keep denim bags looking chic, rather than sloppy. Some of my finds are designer (read: expensive), but others are shockingly affordable, and a few finds are handmade. My personal top picks are in the collage below.

ps. If you need more denim bag options, there are two shopping widgets at the bottom: Denim Bags Under $100 & Denim Bags Over $100.

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1. Marc Jacobs The Denim Small Tote

At Saks Fifth Avenue

This bag is so freaking cool: it’s patched, but in a really clean & chic way, and the structure definitely offsets the casual fabric. I’m featuring the small size here (I tend to prefer a smaller bag), but this exact bag is also available in a medium size, and – I kid you not – large, too. All are great.

2. Marc Jacobs The Mini Denim Duffle Bag

At Nordstrom | At Saks Fifth Avenue

Same line, but in a small duffle shape. I tend to love tiny duffles – the vibe is a little sportier, and I can usually stuff a shockingly large amount of stuff into tiny duffle bags. It’s something about this round shape.

3. Mini Denim Purse

At Etsy

This cute little Etsy find has a really chic, intentional shape and is only $65. It’s also available in a lightwash denim, but I really like the dark.

4. Coach Cargo Denim Tote

At Bloomingdale’s

Ahhhh THIS is one of the bags that started my denim obsession. Gang, it’s so freaking cool. I don’t know what’s going on with Coach right now, but their denim bags are good. If you’d like a better idea of size, Farfetch shows this bag on a model (it’s basically a medium-size tote).

5. Coach Cassie 19 Denim Crossbody

At Bloomingdale’s

Yup, this is my bag. Small, cute, & chic with such an easy, almost-70’s vibe. I’m deeply into this bag.

6. Denim Knot Bag

At Etsy

These knot bags are one of my very favorite styles of bag – ever. Not only do they always look chic (thanks to their cool shape), but they hold a ton of stuff, and – if you’re traveling – they fit around your wrist really comfortably yet still pack down flat.

7. Kurt Geiger Brixton Camera Bag

At Nordstrom Rack

It’s the texture for me. So good.

8. Rebecca Minkoff Edie Quilted Shoulder Bag

At Nordstrom

Laura has – and loves! – this bag. Would be so chic with white or ivory denim…yet seriously cool with dark-wash jeans, too.

9. Mansur Gavriel Cloud Small Denim Crossbody Clutch

At Bloomingdale’s

Mansur Gavriel’s deliciously scrunchy little bags have been on my wishlist for years. The shape is so cool and timeless. And while I wouldn’t ever turn down one of these pouches in the brand’s butter-soft leather…the denim seems both pretty and practical.

10. Think Royln Sister Sling Denim Crossbody Bag

At Saks Fifth Avenue

Linz has – and loves! – this bag. I do love a good sling bag (I swear, sling bags never get enough credit), and she wears this one really, really well. It looks especially good with lightwash denim (although most of these denim bags can work with varying shades of denim – there’s no hard & fast rule).

11. Clare V Sandy Bag

At Clare V

This is not a denim bag, just a denim-colored one. But I had to include – it’s one of my very favorite summer bags of all time. I already own two: ivory and black and find them soooo useful. They pack well, stuff well, and work as both impromptu beach bags or going-out bags. They’re great. Highly recommed.

12. Custom Denim Tote

At Etsy

Such a cute idea for a beach bag! It’s custom, so you can pick any beach town (or anything, really), and I’m tempted to get one with NORTH COAST on it (IYKYK).

13. GANNI Recycled Tech Mini Tote Denim

At Nordstrom | At Shopbop

I actually have a similar Chloe bag and wear it alllllllll the time (you can see as part of the first outfit in our baggy jeans styling video). The shape is decidedly more casual, but this is the bag I’ve been using to make my all-black workout gear look like a real outfit when running errands after class. This GANNI bag, however, has a nifty internal drawstring that would be especially useful.

14. Casual Denim Bucket Shoulder Bag

At Amazon

For $29, this bag looks great (and reviewers agree). In fact, the photos from the reviewers look even better than the official product shots. It has just enough structure to look intentional & chic, yet isn’t boring.

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Denim bags are chic, cool, and timeless (says us). So we rounded up the best denim bags from Coach, Marc Jacobs, Amazon, Etsy, and more.

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