Casual, Cool & Feminine: This Denim Maxi Skirt Is Perfection


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I know denim maxi skirts are everywhere right now, but I’ve had a hard time finding one I really loved. They either made me feel too restricted, had too much fabric, or wouldn’t stay put when I walked…I loved the way they looked, but couldn’t find one that was me. Enter Rag & Bone’s Featherweight Avery Maxi Skirt…you had me at featherweight. Made from a blend of cotton and Tencel® lyocell (yup, that crazy soft, sustainable fabric that I LOVE), this skirt is – by far – the most comfortable one I’ve tried (and I’ve tried on many).

Rag & Bone: the Best Denim Maxi Skirt, FOUND

I wanted to keep it from the minute I put it on – even before I looked in the mirror to see how it fit. There’s just something effortlessly cool about this skirt. Like a favorite pair of jeans, but a bit more elevated – relaxed, but also super feminine. From the lightweight fabric, to the classic light denim wash, to the feminine fit, this is the denim maxi skirt perfected.

Denim maxi skirt by rag and bone

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs)

There are a million ways to style this skirt (anyone interested in a post on that?), but one of my favorite ways is with a classic black turtleneck (this one from VINCE is under $100 and amazing) and tall boots. It’s giving a bit of a 70s vibe with a side of bohemian flair – trendy, but timeless.

So what makes this skirt so good? The key, I think, is having the slit in the front. Not only is it easier to move around in (and I love the movement of the skirt as I walked), but being able to see the boots and a little bit of skin peek out makes it sexier than those with a slit up the back. (Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t worried about any peekaboo issues with a back slit that can show too much of the…back.)

Denim maxi skirt by rag and bone

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs) | bag

Um…I have to take a moment to talk about these boots. OMG I LOVE wearing these boots. They’re so unique and the color is absolute perfection. They went perfectly with the lighter bag (without being matchy-matchy), but they’d go just as well with black or ivory. The best part is that the heel is just over 3 inches…3.03″ to be exact. I don’t know about you guys, but the difference between a 3 and 3.5 or 4 inch heel is huge. These are walkable, not painful.

Denim maxi skirt by rag and bone

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs) | bag

But back to the skirt. The waist is more of a mid-rise than high, but because the fabric is so lightweight and soft, it doesn’t dig in when sitting down (something I hate with lower rises). I also love the raw hemline that makes it easy to shorten (the picture of the skirt on the model has an actual hemline but it comes with a raw one), and although it’s a bit long on me (I’m 5’4″), I kind of like the extra long length.

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs) | bag

From behind, everything is covered up, but curves are still accentuated because of the cut of the skirt…and look at the movement of the fabric! This isn’t a rigid denim, that’s for sure. Comfort, elegance, style…gah I love this skirt!

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs) | bag

And this bag…you know we love our Julian Backpacks at TME, and I could not resist this gorgeous beige color. “Gorgeous” and “beige” aren’t usually two words I’d put together, but in this case…the color has the perfect amount of pink/ivory/camel hues to create this lighter neutral that goes with everything. And I love the gold details!

Rebecca minkoff backpack

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | turtleneck (xs) | bag

As always, my favorite part is being hands-free and having enough room and pockets to fit everything I need. In this case, I later packed a puffer jacket into the bag since it was so cold…there’s lots of room in there!

skirt (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs) | bag

Cheers to finding one you love!



photo credit: shalimar b photography

A HUGE thank you to Saks Fifth Avenue and Collective Voice for sponsoring this post – I’m so glad I found a denim maxi that works for me (not to mention your fabulous selection of bags and boots)! As always, all product choices and opinions are my own. Shalimar, I’m so glad we got to meet up for these pics! And readers, thank you so much for your continued support. It does not go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated!!

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