This Is The Best Dress For Travel (Promise)


Remember this dress, you guys?  The one that we deemed the “perfect dress for traveling” because it could be worn as a shirt and then transform into a seriously flattering maxi dress?  The one that was machine-washable, too?  Yes?

We LOVE that dress.  And many of you do, too.  It is a staple piece in our vacation packing list.

Ever since that first article, I’ve received a slew of comments raving about NINOBrand’s Liv dress.  “I’m bringing it to Paris!!” said one, “This. Is. Amazing.” said another, and “beautiful AND genius!  You just raised the bar…”

Yes.  EXACTLY.  The only problem, according to us (haha) with NINOBrand’s original Liv dress was….the price.  The Liv dress retails for almost $500, which, considering the two-in-one versatility, and the fact that these pieces are 100% designed and made in the US….

However.  $500 is still, ya know, five hundred bucks.

But Bela, the genius designer/engineer (my name for what she does) behind NINOBrand was intrigued by the challenge to bring the costs down.  “Those sleeve zippers are the first to go” she said after a minute, rolling her eyes,  “They’re amazing, but cost a fortune.”

So Bela set off to create a more affordable version of The Liv, just for The Mom Edit, keeping the basic premise (top-transforms-to-maxi dress), and the hard-living, machine-washability that comes with all of her pieces.

I’m so thrilled to present to you….The Livy.


The Livy-As-Top

Bela swapped out the fabric for something more affordable (it’s lighter than the original, but still soft and thick enough to smooth over lumps and bumps), updated the top with a scoop neckline (more flattering for fuller busts, has nursing-friendly possibilities), and replaced the original’s expensive zippers with snaps.

The happy result?  A top that can now be worn three ways.

One – Snapped Just At The Shoulder



Two – Use Both Sets of Snaps

When both sets of snaps are closed, it creates a cute little peek-a-boo sleeve….



Unsnapping one shoulder and letting it completely hang down gives off a slight Grecian-goddess vibe that I’m loving…..



Now Let’s Make It Maxi

Just like the original, the new Livy pops down into a maxi-length dress.  You can see a video of the transformation here.

On me, it goes a little past my toes, but because of the genius flippy hem, this dress will look cute even if it hits anywhere from the floor to mid-calf (for you tall mamas).

I was so thrilled to see that Bela retained one of my favorite design details of the original:  the thick side seam – gives the dress a cool, sporty vibe.

But my favorite part of this collaboration (and truthfully, alllll of Bela’s pieces are like this – it’s one of the reasons I love her)….is the fact that this piece is honestly and truly practical for my lifestyle.  It fits.  It’s not overly precious or fussy or fancy, so I can wear it – as a dress or top – in my actual, everyday life.  Even (and especially) when momming is involved.

(Sorry ’bout that splinter, little Pax.)


The new Livy retails for $230 (as opposed to $500 – nice work, Bela!!!) and is available for purchase only in our NINOBrand X The Mom Edit shop!!

I’d love to hear what you guys think of our collaboration!!  Thoughts?  Questions? Concerns?  Let us have ’em – Bela and I have been so excited for this one, and are happy to try and answer any questions you guys have.  Also….if there’s some sort of unicorn dress/top/etc that you’ve been searching for in vain, let us know that too.  We just might have more tricks up our sleeve in the future…





  1. I’ve been waiting for this! Question: if you are, say, a pear, and between sizes, with bust and waist measuring one size, and hips measuring the next size up, which would you choose? Any chance we can have the other ladies of Mom Edit model the dress? Maybe in grey?

  2. And when the other ladies try it on, could you show us the grey? I’m loving this idea but so torn on which color to buy!

    • I’m curious about this too, also for the original version with zips. I’m 5′ exactly so this is a huge problem for me!
      Also, do they ship internationally?

  3. What size are you wearing? And I WANT/NEED one of these but am currently VERY pregnant so I want to wait to buy one to see what size I am post-baby. I’m really worried they will sell out in a few months time – will they be restocked?!?

  4. I too am looking forward to seeing a few other people of differing shapes trying on the dress! It looks awesome on you! Thanks

    • Tami, these dresses are completely machine washable! I even throw mine in the dryer. This is what Bela is known for, actually. Gorgeous pieces that wear and wash really well.

  5. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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