Soaking Up the Last Bits of Summer!


Does everyone LOVE Summertime the way we do? It would just be so hard to believe anyone doesn’t with so much summer love and fun to still be had.The flowers are all in bloom, the trees sway in a nice warm summer breeze, and OK, our friends make it even easier to LOVE summer by extending full saltwater pool privilege, as needed, all season long!
So heck yes, at the end of a long hot summer, at the end of an even longer, even hotter week of craziness, am I happy to take a little break, even if just for 20 minutes, to play (test, actually we were product testing, not playing, nope, not at all:) on some super-fun pool floats, relax with a great magazine (under the shade of a canopy and with a big fun summer hat) and then to pull out my favorite colors of my favorite towels (at half the price they normally are) from a beautiful belly basket and dry-off after having properly soaked-up some of the last bits of summer with amazing home, garden, and pool fun we found on eBay’s Featured End of Summer Sale!


And heck yes, we loved every minute of playing with all of these fun products! I mean, come on, what’s not to love about a GIANT PINK FLAMINGO pool float? Absolutely nothing I tell you!


Don’t get me wrong, there was of course some work involved here, and we did have to inflate these fun pool floats! Luckily, they come with a pump that works with a car charger. Enter our amazing TME intern Davis, who was game for helping with this project and playing along in the fun of this work too!

I’m big on shade in the summer time. I love the sun, but I’m sensitive to it and find that big giant sun hats are a lively and gorgeous way to help keep the dangerous rays off your face while spending time outside soaking up the fun rays! And of course a black-and-white sun hat pairs well with a flamingo raft.

For me though, even a giant sun hat isn’t quite enough coverage, so I was in LOVE when I found this island lounging raft with a full canopy!  It’s the pool float of my dreams! 


It provides plenty of shade for us fair skin, sun-sensitive folks, and large enough to keep a towel and some reading material dry. And it doesn’t hurt that it happens to have two drink holders as well, just sayin’. By the way, obviously this particular exercise in relaxation only works when the kids are away. Were they home, yes, this would have just become an absolute splash fest, and a launching pad for so many tricks. That will be super-fun to do with them one of these few last days of summer too! Relaxing is amazing, even just for 20 minutes, but I’ll take that kid full splash fest and call that also relaxing in a momma-love sort of way on any given day!But for today, and in this moment, with Davis happy to be relieved of the heat on the pink flamingo, did I actually get to do this crazy thing that almost never happens, and to soak in a few minutes of peace and relaxation! And I treasured it! It was amazing. Highly recommended.

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We Love our Turkish Towels!


Our favorite Turkish Towels come in so many beautiful colors, they dry quickly, are light to carry, fold/roll easily, and can be worn in so many ways. There are several reasons they are our favorite, beyond just that they are beautiful! And…they are half the cost, actually, a third of what they often cost at full price from eBay’s End of Season Sale!

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Tips and Tricks for Shopping eBay

We wouldn’t always have thought to shop eBay for all of our home, garden, and pool needs, but we’ve gotten spoiled by being able to find so many great items, at super-reasonable prices, with excellent shipping and return options. If you are new to eBay, and not sure where to start, other than searching their featured sales, like the eBay End of Season Sale from which all our pool fun was gathered, you can also try a few other searches like these:

No doubt, you’ll be hooked too once you see how easy it is and how much home goodness there is to be found!

Photo credit and a big warm hug to Marissa of Redfield Photography — woman you are the most professional and fun person to work with! Thanks for sharing pool and summertime fun with us!

A huge thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post! I’m impressed with your fantastic selection for HOME decor, POOL decor, and general outdoor fun! As always, all thoughts, opinions, design, styling and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support, it’s always genuinely appreciated.

xoxo, A

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