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Happy December!! Bring on allll the festivities, cozy drinks, holiday movies and end-of-year sales. We’re ready.

Oooh – that Sam. jacket we swoon over every year is 25% off during Saks’ Friends & Family sale! S, Laura and Scotti have sung high praises about how warm and cozy it is for colder temps. It’s even pretty enough to wear on winter date-nights, too. Major bonus points for that high collar, thumbhole details and water/wind-resistant sherpa…totally worth the investment. Currently loving: the hooded version of S & Laura’s fave, this puffer style, and this longer teddy coat.

The 5 Best Sales This Weekend

Cozy Sweaters, Winter Coats + Boots, Chic Denim & More End-Of-Year Sales…

More editor faves on sale, below! Happy scrolling…

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Scotti’s Top Sales Picks

I have no idea what I bought this past week. It’s been a jumble of orders and returns and boxes and packages and I’ve totally lost track. It’s almost like opening presents because I no longer remember what I ordered…except that I’m paying for them. My favorite item so far has been NAADAM’s cashmere boat neck sweater. I had it in black and ordered it in grey…on sale for $67, down from $135! Woot! I also just ordered this iPad…I’ve been wanting one for a couple of years now but didn’t want to pay $$. This one has amazing reviews and is on sale for $249. 🙌🏼

Also…Sephora’s Gifts for All Event is on! Get 20% off your purchase (30% off the Sephora Collection) including our favorite Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter that’s been restocked in all the colors! This is my favorite makeup product of all time. (That’s saying a lot, friends!)

Happy Weekend!

Jacket (M) | Sneakers, Sweater (S), Jeans (on sale in multiple washes) 

ONE: This Sam. Puffer Jacket is my absolute favorite — and it’s $100 off right now! (A ton of other Sam. coats are also on crazy sale too!) *I sized up to a medium — they run small. Also wearing: Bag | Similar Dress

TWO: Ok, the Nikes I wear with all the things — from denim to dresses and everything in between — are $30 off right now, and so are the ones with the rhinestone swoosh…ooh I do love my sparkles! 🤗 (The Free People sweater I’m wearing is on sale for $56–down from $148! Also at Nordstrom, on sale in other colors.)

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Laura’s Top Sales Picks

Hey, hey Friday. I hope this week has been a little bit back to normalcy with a side of holiday magic in the air for everybody. With everything going on it’s made me acutely aware of appreciating the little sweet moments that get me through, like driving through our neighborhood and seeing all the pretty twinkle lights up already. I get to mini-road-trip-it to see one of my favorite musicians, Jenny Lewis, tonight with my bestie, too. Merry Holiday Season to us. 

And if you’re still shopping don’t worry that you’ve missed the sales. They’re still great. The one I’m most excited about is 30% off everything at Everlane! I know. Linking top picks below, but this sweater — omg, the texture, the cut…I need to try. Tiger’s Eye is my color choice (I mean, obvs.) Also don’t miss out on these pretty holiday loafers on sale. This time I’m going with Raspberry Mauve as the color pick…yessss. For the holidays I’m all about embracing some color. 

Jacket (M) | Jeans (29)

ONE: Not only do I adore Everlane’s Renew Anorak, but this is actually the 2nd time I’ve bought it (I had a light blue before) and it’s just a fab light raincoat that works so beautifully AND looks cute. This color is stunning and it runs big enough to layer sweaters and sweatshirts underneath. Not all of my raincoats can boast that capability so I wind up wearing this one the most! Pants 30% off, too!

TWO: If you saw my latest post about refreshing your cropped wide-legs, you may have already peeped these seriously good Pilcro The Kit jeans. They’re not only still on sale for under $90, but some of the Standard and a few Tall sizes have been restocked! I expect most sizes will restock at some point. These are a pair they keep around. The waistband/hidden side zipper makes them SO comfy.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Kat’s Top Sales Picks

If you are a TikTok girlie like me, then you probably woke up this morning singing “wake up, it’s the first of the month.” That song will forever live rent-free in my brain, and I always feel a little bit more excited for the new month whenever I hear it. But seriously, where the heck has time gone, it’s December?! 

As always, this time of year seems to be nothing but hella good sales. Now that I am on the hunt for all things orthopedic shoes (I may or may not have effed up my foot walking barefoot through a bunch of caves in Thailand), I just bought these that are such a steal for designer. Also really want to wrap myself in this, and these… too good! 

Sneakers | Sweater

ONE: If you are a girlie that follows fashion trends, then you know that the Salomon sneaker has been having its moment. I of course have tried several pairs throughout the year, and finally landed on a color way that I love. This green combo is absolutely gorgeous and lately I’ve been adding vibrancy to my neutral outfits by accessorizing with pops of color. I LOVE THEM and am excited to see that they are on sale right now. 

TWO: I know, I know… you’ve heard me go on and on about my love for this sweater, but it’s just the most superior of them all. It’s cozy, comfy, and best of all feels good on my highly sensitive skin. The cropped and long version are both on sale right now. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Laurel’s Top Sales Picks

You guys, I am buying a house! I told myself and my family: no presents this year, lol. No spending moneyl! But, these sales are killing me!!!! How am I supposed to stick to my rule if places like Athleta keep cutting their prices on all my favorites?

I will always buy a salutation legging on sale and stock up on essentials like these shirts and this sports bra. I broke my rule and just bought this jumpsuit (it’s going fast) for $30 dollars! But I couldn’t say no and I know I’ll be wearing it all spring/summer.

Leggings (S), Tank (M) | Bra (M)

ONE: You are probably sick of me talking about the Salutation legging but it really is my all-time favorite. The fabric is soft and there is compression without feeling squeezed all day (I hate that). The waistband is a little thicker and slightly more compressed than the legs. Which looks good, feels good and makes sense. Salutation is diverse with the styles: Stash pocket, Wrap, Flare…choose yours and grab a pair. This tank is also on sale!

TWO: The Plunge Bra — Most sports bras in general can make the chest look flat and unfeminine. Yes, I want to workout and be supported, but I want to look and feel sexy, too. Athletic brands are doing better at this, thankfully. Athleta’s Plunge Bra is one of those sexy looking bras that still does the job. Plus it’s comfortable, I don’t fall out of the deep plunge front and a racerback looks nice and works with most tops.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

Happy December and Happy Friday everyone! Well…sales definitely died down from last week, but a couple new ones popped up that totally stopped me in my tracks. The big one: Saks Friends & Family 25% off new arrivals sale. Great prices on non-boring sweaters (eyeing this one) and really good prices on tons and tons of Joe’s Jeans too (top pick are these). The other sale that caught my eye is at Nordstrom…so many of my everyday make-up go-to’s on sale (shown below).

Fav Tinted Moisturizer, Fav Primer | Sneaks at Zappos or at Nordstrom

ONE: My go-to tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier is on sale in all its varieties. Currently I use this one as well as this one (for a bit more brightness) with this primer. And this is the absolutely BEST eye makeup “holder” I’ve EVERY used. My everyday mascara is also on sale. 

TWO: My most-worn sneakers right now by FAR, made from waterproof materials (so they’re slush friendly) — they look great with wide-leg denim and pants, and are on sale at Nordstrom and Zappos.  

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Amy’s Top Sales Picks

Happy December! I can unashamedly blast my Christmas music for all to hear now (as if I haven’t been doing that since Halloween ended…). The mornings and evenings have been chilly here and I have fully enjoyed throwing on a coat over my outfits (you’ll never convince me I need actual boots here, however). I regretted passing over this sweater coat in last week’s Nordstrom sale (it sold out fast, of course), but I just found it again discounted at Saks, SCORE!

Speaking of Saks, their Friends & Family sale is REALLY good. I’ve been wanting a Ralph Lauren bear sweater/sweatshirt for years, and this amazing one just popped up in their sale section (apparently exclusive to Saks, too). But if Saks isn’t calling your name – these stretchy flare pants are on sale at Athleta in two gorgeous brown shades. This style of legging is pretty much the only one I’m wearing outside of workouts, and Athleta has the best ones – they’re SO comfy and perfection with all shoes.

Leggings (M) | Mockneck Tee (L)

ONE: The new year is coming and I always dive into working out to help with any post-holiday-high crash. Winter can feel bleh to me, but new leggings (or workout gear in general) actually does help. These luxe sheen leggings really hold me in and almost have a lifting/shaping effect that is pretty dang nice. On sale in my same blue but also a gorgeous darker Fig shade I’m drooling over. While you’re in that sale section, add this water-resistant travel pouch to your cart (here’s a big size!) — they’ll be a lifesaver for any upcoming spring break travels you’re planning. I SWEAR by these bags to throw wet bathing suits in or just to keep my personal stuff safe from sand/water, and always have at least one with me for beach days. 

TWO: This stretchy red mockneck top has proven to be the best base layer, and it’s currently UNDER $15 when you use the code GREAT. If you’re looking for this kind of layer in another color, there’s a bunch of pretty neutrals, too, but at a couple different sale price points. The top is labeled as cropped, but it hits right at my hip bones and has just enough length to tuck into my high waist jeans!

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Bev’s Top Sales Picks

This week was one the busiest as I was playing catch-up after taking a few days off last week. I looked at the calendar today and realized I only have 3 weeks left to get all I need to get done to meet some of the end-of-year deadlines, and I am freaking out. 

Our oldest has basketball practice this weekend and I am looking forward to watching him on the court. This will be his second season playing and I have loved watching how with each sport and each season his skills get better. I will also most likely spend some time at the playground with our youngest, or outside digging for worms. It’s getting cold and I bought this coat which is currently on sale for just under $200. I bought the Loden color, which I call olive. In preparation for some upcoming holiday parties, I bought this white shirt dress from Banana Republic. I am really glad that they have rebranded because they used to be my favorite store. 

Jeans, Bag | Similar Sweater

ONE: Levi’s Ribcage are the jeans I practically live in and the pair I am wearing is currently on sale. I own at least 3 pairs in different colors. My Madewell transport tote which was my diaper bag with our second is also on sale. I could easily fit a change of clothes, a bottle of milk, a diaper, and some wipes. I also love how it has two different handle types. 

TWO: Stripes are my weakness and the sweater I am wearing is one of my favorites. It is currently not on sale, however, I have linked a similar similar style that I also own. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sales Picks

Happy Return-Of-The-Elf Day to all who celebrate. Ugh. I do, albeit begrudgingly. I usually last about 5-7 days before I creatively burn out (and just burn out, in general), but this year it feels like it may be even shorter lived. It feels like I’ve tapped out Pinterest over the past 5 or so years of doing this, so if you have some really solid, clever, LAZY Elf ideas, please lay them on me. (One of my girlfriends just passed her Elf responsibility off to her older daughter, who was recently “enlightened,” so I’m looking forward to mooching off of her youthful creativity.)

In sales this week: The Best Rice Cooker Of All Time is still on sale. Not only does it make perfect rice of all varieties, but it keeps it warm for days. (Yes, days.) Hot rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes please. (More about it and all my kitchen faves in this video.) The black & white print on these flannel pajamas (top here) makes them look so much more expensive than they are. And I maintain that Abercrombie’s coats are some of the best you can get for the price, and this blanket coat (almost identical to mine from several years ago) is 20% off. So classic.

Leggings (S), Similar Cardigan (S) | Clutch

ONE: These leggings of mine keep dropping in price, a few bucks at a time, and they’re down to 50% off. They are the ideal winter legging – almost with a flocked, micro-sueded feel that’s buttery a luxe and a bit thicker than others. I’m between an XS-S in most clothing and I wear a S in these. (The zip stash pocket at the waist is perfectly phone sized, too.)

TWO: If you need a little bag for the holidays (and, honestly, for just funking up your jeans + tee combos), I can’t recommend this pleated clutch enough. It’s $75 off during Saks’ F&F event, which puts it at a great price point for a piece that you’ll get loads of mileage out of. Love the size, too. It feels “dainty” but actually holds everything you’d need for a date night, and then some.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Jess’ Top Sales Picks

I am super excited for this weekend. Jon has promised to go with me to Grand Rapids’ first ever outdoor Chriskindl Market. One of my favorite travel memories was going to the Christmas market in Prague, Czech Republic. It was one of the most magical experiences ever, I highly recommend visiting it if you find yourself there during the holiday season. Mulled Gluhwein and crepes, here I come! 

As for sales, J.Crew is having an up to 50% off sale with the code: ADDTOBAG. Be sure to check out my latest J.Crew Try-On post to see a ton of my favorite pieces currently on sale. Also, Anthropologie is having an up to 40% off sale on tops of great gift options including candles, beanies and pajamas. 

Sweater (XL), Faux-Leather Pants (29) | Sweater (M), Jeans (29), Boots

ONE: This J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater is one that I’d been eyeing for a while and it was definitely worth trying on in-store because it’s even better in person. It’s a thick, high-quality knit without any itch. I’m wearing an XL because they only had that and an XS in store, but I love the oversized fit. I also purchased the slim wide-leg faux leather pants I’m wearing, also on sale for 30% off with the code: ADDTOBAG.

TWO: This fair-isle crewneck in supersoft yarn was another favorite find from my try-on. The blue is bright and beautiful in person and it’s a lightweight option that is also cozy and comfortable. It’s 30% off with the code, and the mid-rise 90’s classic straight-fit jeans are an extra 50% off with code: ADDTOBAG. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Anne’s Top Sales Picks

This week was a doozy. I’m not sure if it was the full moon energy (hey, I have to blame something, right??), but it seemed like change was in the air. For me, it’s time to break out my 2024 planners and start thinking about what to focus on in the coming year and get organized.

In terms of fashion, getting organized means cleaning out my closet. It’s time to donate, gift, or tailor items I’m not wearing regularly and identify the few actual holes I have in my wardrobe. Pieces I know I will wear for things I actually do on the regular (like business networking events) are where it’s at for me right now. I’ve had this silk blouse for several years, and I know that if I pick it up in another color, I will wear it. I’m also eyeing this gorgeous drapey burgundy blazer and these simple loafers I can wear with trousers to work.

Coat (10) | Shirt (M), Jeans (32)

ONE: This gorgeous bone-colored J.Crew coat is 40% off right now! There are others to pick from if you prefer a brighter pop of winter color. I’m wearing the size 10 above, but that was pretty roomy on me, so I ended up sizing down to an 8. 

TWO: Everlane is having a massive 30% off everything sale right now. This boxy button-up is a staple for my wardrobe, and their curve-cut denim is fantastic for pear-shaped bodies. Personally, I’m eyeing this cool confetti sweater.

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