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Happy Friday! Let’s get straight to the good stuff…fall sales, obviously.

Nordstrom’s 50% off Fall Sale is here! You’ve heard us wax poetry about rag & bone’s featherweight jeans, and the hype is real. Think: super soft cotton with a roomy fit, soft waistband and a wide-leg that reads more “trouser” than it does “baggy”. And if that didn’t get ya, they’re currently 35% off. Ooo, Julieta’s favorite black jeans are 40% off, too! They’re great for day-time wear, but are extra special for date nights. Go get ’em.

We’ve also got a special code for an extra 20% code off at Gap, just for you: use code TME20 for whopping total of 60% off their Friends & Family event. These oversized turtlenecks are a team fave (under $40) and I’m loving this fair isle sweater in “chino beige” for under $45. And you can’t beat a matching set (top, pants) for under $80 total, either.

The 5 Best Sales This Week

Fall Sales At Nordstrom, Saks, Gap & More Top Editor Picks This Weekend

More top editor picks on sale, below. Happy shopping!

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey Friday! Hello from beautiful Northwest Arkansas where I’m visiting my fam to celebrate a big birthday for my mom! She’s the best and I had to be here for this for sure. I rarely get to come in the fall anymore and gahhh I forget how gorgeous the trees are. Hope everyone is having a fun weekend ahead of spooky partying! Back home Sienna is judging a dog costume contest at our local pub on Sunday haha. I love Halloween. 

Sales are pretty great right now and the one I’m eyeing up most is Everlane’s. This Felted Merino Half-Zip from my recent try-on is on sale and if you need a beautiful warm sweater, this is it. And because I’m talking more Everlane below, don’t skip out on Gap’s F&F sale…this Cashsoft Sweater is a top pick for sure.

Sweater (S) | Pants (S) 

ONE: This gorgeous Alpaca Crew is part of Everlane’s sale and it’s a true favorite. It has held up beautifully over the past few years and has lovely drape. I’m wearing the shade Almond here in a S. The cut and fabric and ribbing..they’re just all perfect. Slightly oversized. 

TWO: The Dream Pant I included in a post about forever closet pieces last year is on sale, too! It’s down to $66! It’s truly a dream pant and offered in a great size range–XXS – 4X. I wore them to dinner with my dad just last night. They’re SO comfy and perfect for the office, the airplane, dressed up, with sneakers…I’m thinking of getting a second pair. TTS if not just slightly big. I have and still fit into my S, but am ordering a M for a slightly looser fit, too. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

Welp. This week has been…interesting. I am very much looking forward to taking the kids trick-or-treating at all of the fun Halloween events happening this weekend. My mom’s birthday is on Sunday, so we have another reason to celebrate. 

As far as sales this week, both Nordstrom & Saks are having amazing fall sales. My favorite concealer of all time is on sale, some ridiculously fun feather shoes are 30% off (I love wearing mine with jeans to dress them up), and one of the team’s favorite cashmere sweaters is over 25% off (in a ton of colors and also in a v-neck).

Vacuum | Cardigan

ONE: This wet dry vacuum is amazing. It cleans floors like nothing else and you can see all the gross dirt in the compartment after cleaning. (You should have seen the water after using it on what looked like “clean floors” — yikes!) My ex-husband took this one, so I’m going to take advantage of this sale to buy it again…totally worth it!

TWO: Oh my goodness, this Barefoot Dreams Cardigan is over 50% off!?? It’s not the exact same one I’m wearing in the pic, but super similar and made from the same ridiculously soft and cozy material…I LOVE this one!! (Would make a GREAT gift, too.) pjs are on sale too

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Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

I am NOT ready for Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday of the year, and my husband, the kids, and I ALWAYS do some serious family themed costume prep. This year, however…we’re just not ready. I’m scrambling a bit to try and make it happen, but I’m also trying to use this as an exercise in letting go. That’s important, right? I’m obviously still convincing myself as I type this. Whatever it is we pull together (or don’t pull together) will be JUST fine.

And…it’s Friday morning, so I’m drinking my coffee and shopping the sales. For you Vince fans, I keep looking at this stylish sweater as a super chic option with denim or trousers. Anyone looking for a non-boring cardigan? I shared on TME Facebook, selfies of this SUPER cute check sweater (now on sale) in both colors…just trying to decide on which one I like more (note: if wool-blends make you itchy, this isn’t your sweater). And my budget-friendly find this week…these leggings (that I wear even though I’m not a leggings person) are under $50! The seam details won me over.

Denim (29), More Frame Denim On Sale | Jacket (XS) 

ONE: $100 off these slightly exaggerated wide-leg Frame Palazzo Jeans. I’m a shortie at 5’2 and they fit me full-length with sneakers, but they would be SUPER cute on you tall gals at a crop length as well. Love them!

TWO: Remember that gorgeous corduroy quilted jacket from The Great? Well, it’s FINALLY on sale. Beautiful vintage-y vibe details and a VERY special piece to have in your closet. Or budget-friendly option…this quilted jacket with clean lines and side zips is on sale for under $100. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

Happy 1989 (TV) Day to all who celebrate! 😉 And although I would like to think of nothing else but the album, it IS Friyay and I do love some good sales, too.

First off, I’m giving mens jeans a try (starting with this pair, currently on sale). And it’s only because Gap made me do it. It’s finally been confirmed that Gap has been sneakily styling their female models in mens jeans (all those fab pairs we can never track down?! YEAH) but now they’re just outright advertising it, through Tiktok influencers, Gap’s Gifted Lookbook, and even right there in some of the men’s listings (scroll down on mens products and you sometimes find an extra photo of a woman rocking them). All that marketing has worked on me, because they look SO DANG COOL on the ladies and now I’m giving it a go. Secondly, I’ve been looking for a fitted cardigan to add to my wardrobe, and this onewith pearl buttons?! May just need a proper try-on (sign in for discount!). Last (but certainly not least) the big Sephora sale starts today! It’s hard to choose a top pick, but I CAN say this product is worth its weight in gold.  

shorts (27) | pants (S Tall), sweater (M)

ONE: Awkward timing? Perhaps. But my favorite denim shorts are 40% off and at the time of writing this – completely stocked (both of which is a total rarity). A perfect score for those who plan ahead, live in hot climates, or have tropical vacays planned this winter! Slightly tighter than other washes of the same style, but I took my usual size that I wear in this brand.  

TWO: If you take my word on anything this season, make it be these sweater pants. This is the first time they’ve been on sale and they’re worth every penny. They do run big, I sized down to a small! PS – the sweater is freaking fantastic, too. Xx

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sale Picks

You know when you book a vacation and, at the time, leaving at the crack of dawn so you can enjoy your first full day seems like a freaking great idea? Well, that was me six months ago, and now next week we’ll be leaving for Hawaii at…6am. Like, the flight departs the airport at 6am. Aaaand we’re doing it the day. after. halloween. There is so much laundry to be done, bags to be packed, airplane activities to be ordered last-minute. Costumes to be made. I am a walking (rolling?) ball of stress.

So. Retail therapy it is! This is THE BEST freaking gift if you have littles in your life (and just $22 on sale). We throw it on any time we need to head outside into the cool morning and don’t have the energy to change into warm clothes (or out of jammies). Order up if you want to be able to wear it like outerwear. Or how about a Pac Man console (like, a real arcade console) for $180?! Pretty sure it’s kid-sized, but that would make for an epic playroom addition Christmas morning.

As for me, I love a dark floral dress for winter – eyeing this as a pretty piece for holiday gatherings or dressing down with boots and a varsity sweater.

Levi’s Jeans | Ballet Loafers

ONE: Is it even a sales report if I’m not trying to track down Levi’s ribcage jeans on sale? Nordstrom has my exact wash, well-stocked, for $64. The key with these (broken record, sorry) is go for any wash that has a cotton/Lyocell composition and size down if you want them to be ideally curve-hugging.

TWO: Found a few sizes of my beloved ballet loafers on sale for under $50. (Also a couple of sizes at Nordstrom.) These are so soft and comfy, easy to wear, and give a polished, current vibe to all the fall outfits. True to size. Also wearing: jeans (TTS) | tank (TTS) | shirt (men’s large)

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

My firstborn just turned 10, and I am in disbelief. In another blink of 10 years, he’ll be a young adult, and I just want to enjoy and be present as much as I can. His birthday coincided with my period, and believe me when I tell you, I cried myself to sleep a few nights this week. It’s not just him who’s grown, I have too (not my legs, ha). He was the catalyst to face all my trauma, heal, and love myself like I had never before. Thank you for making me a Mami mi niño lindo. You changed my life. 

Saleswise, it’s time to get flared jeans. Two of my favorite pairs are on sale, and they are perfect. See them below:

Frame Jeans (27) | Joe’s Jeans (27)

ONE: Frame Le High Two-button Flare Jeans (27) – These give you an amazing waist and bum! Damn. And the wash is perfect for night time and the office. I ended up returning them but I might get them now that they are on sale. 

TWO: Joe’s Flare Trouser Jeans (27) – My most worn jeans right now. They’re stretchy, and flattering, and I love they have minimal distressing. I love them with sneakers, cowboy boots, and high heels. Hemming is required if you’re petite like me (so worth it). 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

I am so excited for Halloween! Last year Jon and I went all out on candy for the neighborhood kids. We were probably every parent’s nightmare because we handed out huge handfuls from our Costco bag of candy just to see the look of complete delight (and shock) at the amount we handed out. Next thing we knew, we had a line of kids all the way down our driveway! I’m hoping we still have the same reputation this year because I am overstocked on candy this year. Yay. 

Sales are starting to look really good. Of course, one of the best sales happening now is over at Gap’s Friends and Family Event, which means 40% off your entire purchase (and an extra 20% off with our code TME20)! This metallic puffer jacket is my top pick. I can’t wait for it to arrive. Also, I can’t NOT talk about my tried-and-true High-Rise Vegan Leather Pants that I wore all winter long last year and I plan on wearing them this winter, too. I just have to dig them out of my closet! 

Bernardo Coat (L, TTS) | Jeans (30, Runs Small)  

ONE: Bernardo Hooded Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket – Sometimes, you just need a really good water-resistant puffer, especially when you live in Michigan and this Bernardo jacket is EXACTLY that! It’s 40% off, fully stocked and comes in 

TWO: Levi’s Ribcage Ripped High-Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans – So I did the hard thing, sizing up. But it made all the difference, they look better and they feel better on. I have been wearing these with everything since I got them last week and they are 30% off for a limited time at Nordstrom. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Anne’s Top Sale Picks

Snow is coming to Colorado this weekend and I’m ready for it! I love winter and I’m getting excited to wear all my coziest apparel. Fortunately, the sales are really good this week and there are plenty of coats and boots marked down to shop if you’re still looking to prepare for winter weather. Nordstrom in particular has quite a few finds like these fleece-lined waterproof boots, this cozy loungewear set, and this chic button up coat. I, for one, can’t wait for my first snowy hike and to curl up with a good book by the fire after. I’m currently reading Our Hideous Progeny by C.E. McGill for my book club and simultaneously working on finishing Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee.

AllSaints Sweater (M) | Gap Sweater (M)

ONE: This gorgeous and cozy AllSaints sweater was mismarked during the Nordstrom Sale – it is actually a cashmere sweater and right now it’s marked way down.

TWO: GAP’s F&F is so, so good. This split hem sweater (a TME team fave) was the sole sweater I packed for my recent trip to Copenhagen and Paris and I had no regrets. My F&F order? This puff sleeved vegan leather dress and this cool denim jacket

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

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