Step Up Your Welcome Game with These Inviting Doormats

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Doormats. Of all the things. That’s what S wants right now: Doormats.

Truth? She has doormats. We all do. The dirty little underfoot secret? We (TME and all those related to TME) all have the same doormats. I have them. I have many, many of them. S has them. L has them. Lauren’s are on order. Greg has them. Don’t worry about who Lauren and Greg are, they have the mats. Our very favorite mats, are the ones that you can both vacuum and hose down, the ones that actually work to protect the floors, collect the ick, look so cute, and last forever. And they feel nice when your bare feet step on them too.  Chilewich. We love the Chilewich Indoor/Outdoor mats. Pick your size (we love the doormats small and large, the utility, and the runners — basically we go as big as a space can handle) and color — the color scheme that you love most. You won’t regret it. These are our collective favorite patterns starting with S’s. She has two of them, runners — front and backdoors — in her favorite color, with skinny stripes. Easy to love. Easy to layer. Perfectly functional.

Chilwich Skinny Stripe

And hot tip: DWR Semiannual Sale includes Chilewich. 15% off. Only for a little while. So there’s that.

Come On In for Some Doormat Fun

It is the season, she’s not wrong. Leaves are falling and sidewalks are intermittently wet. We’re all wearing actual shoes rather than modified flip flops. And we don’t need the stuff we collect on the bottom of our shoes in our homes. Ugh. Ginkos. Gross.

Do you have a shoeless home too? We’re city dwellers so that’s a thing for us. The mats then aren’t just a wipe your feet function. They become the placeholders for what we wear on our feet-outside of the home. They almost look like an art installation, the shoes, all piled up, or sometimes lined-up, or sometimes basketed or binned. Almost. So we at least try to have them be something pleasing to look at — and they need to work.

And then there’s the fun of it. It’s fun to make people giggle. Where NSYNC, Lionel, Brittany, and Adele meet Mat? I mean come on, how do these not get you singing and laughing?

If you are a season-loving, holiday-celebrating, switch-them-out-often kinda person, these are great for Fall, y’all:

And we’re serious about the layering thing. The jute mats are awesome, especially outside of a door. I love their simplicity. But if they aren’t enough pizazz for you, layer them over another of the striped or patterned mats in a larger size. And this is where S is on to something. We probably all do need an outdoor welcome mat refresh. Real soon. So play along, because that’s what we do, and have some fun, because we all need more of that; that, and Mat.

Shop the Most Welcoming Doormats for Home

1/ LOSE THE SHOES  2/Hi,I’m Mat.  3/Offset Stripes

4/Flip Me  5/Hi/Bye  6/All the Dots

7/Super-Bold Stripe  8/FAMILY  9/HOME

10/Dizzy  11/Chilewich  12/Hello/Goodbye

13/Thirsty Dots  14/WELCOME  15/HAPPY FEET

Clear messages, efficiently stated, are often the best!  1/ LOSE THE SHOES

And then there are ALL the other Mats. Can anyone really have just one Mat in their life? I can’t. He is arguably my favorite. But that’s just my deep appreciation for dry, sarcastic, wit. And layering. Hi, Mat. I’m A.  You make me giggle. I like you. 2/Hi,I’m Mat.

This is a super fun way to play with stripes! 3/Offset Stripes

Click through, please?  This guy flips to a different pattern on the other side! Amazing!!! And he’d happen to be an awesome base layer too. 4/Flip Me

Easy on the eyes and the messaging. Super cute, and a great top layer over a patterned base. 5/Hi/Bye 

This is the one that will go at my back door, over slate. He’ll work hard, but look oh-so-cute whilst doing so. I’m kind of obsessed with him. 6/All the DotsThe most simple of super-bold stripes! Love it! 7/Super-Bold Stripe

I’ve never met a Novogratz underfoot I don’t love! This is the doormat version of the FAMILY rug in Shana’s Playroom. It’s just super sweet and the colors are amazing! 8/FAMILY

Love is always the answer. Always. 9/HOME

 This one makes me dizzy in the best of ways! I love him layered over a striped Chilewich. 10/Dizzy 

The team fav. For really good reason. All the sizes and colors here: 11/Chilewich

And many of them, on sale, here:  DWR Semiannual Sale includes ChilewichCecilia’s favorite. She’d like this outside her bedroom. OK, I can go along with that. 12/Hello/Goodbye

This is a fantastic base layer. The brand name is fantastic, but also true, it manages water well. So not only is it great as a mat on its own, it’s a great base layer for something fun over it, and it also comes in a great boot tray which can also double as a placemat for pet bowls. Pure genius!!! 13/Thirsty Dots 

More Novogratz. Can’t get enough of their graphics! 14/WELCOME 

Happy Feet, well-wiped = Happy Home. 15/HAPPY FEET

So many fun mats it’s hard to choose! So layer. It adds to the fun. And we’re all about that. xoxo A

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