Father’s Day Gift Guide (For The Techie, The Beachgoer & Every Dad In-Between)


In so many instances men are considered the “easier” of the two sexes, yet they always seem to be the harder ones to shop for. I’ve always struggled with gifting the men in my life — for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc. I’ve come to dread all of these holidays because, for some reason, I feel like I could never quite get it right. Then one day I had an epiphany…if I can’t gift them the things they WANT, I’m going to gift them the things they really NEED, but won’t buy for themselves! 

To make this easier, I’ve broken up all of my top gifts into categories based on the guy in your life’s personality! My husband would fall into a few of these categories, but this year I decided to really go with the essentials for him. Would he EVER ask me to buy him men’s skin care and beard care kits? Ummm no! BUT if I have to listen to him complain about his under-the-skin pimples that keep popping up (probably due to lack of product), I might scream, so VOILA — gift idea! I ordered him this Kiehl’s Men’s Skincare Starter Kit from Nordstrom. He has also, since shaving his head, grown and (somewhat) maintained a full-time beard, but it sure could use some TLC, so I also bought him the Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit from Nordstrom. To top it off, I went with the Travis Mathew ‘DAD BOD’ Shirt, because I simply could not resist.

I’m feeling fairly confident in my Father’s Day gifts this year and hopefully, this list of my top picks will help you all out as well! Father's Day gifts are tough — #amiright? Our gift guide makes it easy — with cool gifts for all dads, from the beachgoer to the techie. Shop 'em here.

1 // This monogrammed Decanter from Williams Sonoma is the perfect gift for the bourbon lover in your life. and it’s a great looking addition to any bar/bar cart!

2 // My husband recently shaved his head bald (R.I.P hair) and to balance it all out, he now maintains a pretty stacked beard, so I was SO EXCITED when I came across this Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit from Nordstrom! It’s an absolute MUST HAVE for any of the bearded men in your life!

3 // I know Mother’s Day is over, but I DO have an anniversary and a birthday coming up, and THESE are on my list! These Bose Noise Masking Sleep buds will help your guy drown out any distractions and help him get a good night’s rest…. equipped with an array of pre-programmed soothing sounds!

4 // DAD BOD. Need I say more? My husband loves Travis Mathew, so when I saw this Travis Mathew Dad Bod shirt it was a no-brainer purchase! 

5 // The Nike Roshe is one of my favorite men’s sneaker styles, so when I saw that they released a Nike Roshe golf shoe, it was a must-add to the list!

6 // These Bose Frames Alto 52mm Audio Sunglasses are everything you never knew your guy always NEEDED! They contain speakers enhanced by patented acoustic chambers, along with an integrated microphone that connects via Bluetooth, so you can make calls or chat with Siri!

7 // I love these Fair Harbor Jupiter Board Shorts from J.Crew. They are the perfect length (in my opinion) and I love the two-tone!

8 // The perfect summer belt; This Elastic woven belt from J.Crew is sure to please the stylish guy in your life!

9 // This monogrammed 8-in-1 multi-tool from Nordstrom is a great gift for any guy in your life! It features a woodgrain handle and built-in hammer, wire cutters, pliers, bottle opener and more.

10 // This classic Herschel Duffle is the perfect weekend or gym bag. I love the leather handle straps on the navy canvas. So classic, and you’re getting truly amazing quality with this company! 

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xoxo, Tori

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